Leik Munhtaw

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Leik Munhtaw
King of Hanthawaddy
Reignc. June 1453 – January 1454
PredecessorBinnya Kyan
SuccessorShin Sawbu
Bornc. 1432
Pegu (Bago)
Hanthawaddy Kingdom
Diedc. January 1454
Pegu (Bago)
Hanthawaddy Kingdom
FatherBinnya Ran I
MotherSoe Min Wimala Dewi[1]
ReligionTheravada Buddhism

Leik Munhtaw (Burmese: လိပ်မွတ်ထော, pronounced [leiʔ mʊ̀ɴ tʰɔ́]; Mon: မမောဟ်ထာဝ်; c. 1432–1454) was the 14th king of the Hanthawaddy Pegu Kingdom in Burma for seven months in 1453–54. He came to power by assassinating his first cousin King Binnya Kyan. Binnya Kyan himself had come to power in 1451 by murdering his cousin King Binnya Waru, and went on to kill off male descendants of King Razadarit.[2] Leik Munhtaw, son of King Binnya Ran I and a grandson of Razadarit, got to Binnya Kyan, also a grandson of Razadarit, first. Leik Munhtaw went on to kill more rivals. In early 1454, palace ministers killed Leik Munhtaw, leaving no male heir of Razadarit's line. The ministers chose his daughter Shin Sawbu to be the next ruler of Hanthawaddy.[3]


Various Burmese chronicles do not agree on the key dates of the king's life.

Chronicles Birth–Death Age Reign Length of reign Reference
Maha Yazawin c. 1438–1451/52
c. 1438–1453/54
7 months [note 1]
Slapat Rajawan not reported not reported 1463/64 [4]
Hmannan Yazawin c. 1432–1452/53
c. 1432–1453/54
[note 2]
Mon Yazawin (Shwe Naw) not reported not reported c. 1445/46 [note 3]


  1. ^ (Maha Yazawin Vol. 2: 70): He was born after his mother was given to Binnya Ran in 798 ME (1436/37), later corrected by Hmannan as 792 ME (1430/31). The chronicle also reports two different death dates: (Maha Vol. 2 2006: 81) gives 813 ME (1451/52) while the summary section of Hanthawaddy kings (Maha Yazawin Vol. 2 2006: 140) gives 815 ME (1453/54).
  2. ^ (Hmannan Vol. 2: 74): He was born after his mother was given to Binnya Ran in 1430/31. The chronicle also reports two different death dates: (Hmannan Vol. 2 2003: 91) gives 814 ME (1452/53) while its summary of Hanthawaddy kings section (Hmannan Vol. 2 2003: 185) gives 815 ME (1453/54).
  3. ^ (Shwe Naw 1922: 55) says Leik Munhtaw reigned for 7 months but does not provide any other information. (Shwe Naw 1922: 69) says his successor Shin Sawbu reigned for 25 years and died in 832 ME (1470/71), which implies that Leik Munhtaw died c. 807 ME (1445/46).


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Leik Munhtaw
Born: c. 1432 Died: c. January 1454
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Binnya Kyan
King of Hanthawaddy
c. June 1453 – January 1454
Succeeded by
Shin Sawbu