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Native toEquatorial Guinea
Native speakers
1,000 (2011)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3bxc

The Lengue language, also called Molengue, Balengue, Molendji, is a Bantu language of southern Equatorial Guinea, spoken by the Lengue people between Bata and the Gabon border near the coast. The speakers have come under increasing Fang influence. The Ethnologue describes it as a member of the B subgroup of Northwest Bantu, while Echegaray is more specific, saying that it is linguistically a member of the Sheke group (B21 of Guthrie's Bantu subclassification):

"The Balengues - linguistically at least - are related to the Sheke group in general, and especially to Itemus and Nvikos." (p. 51)

Echegaray lists their main settlements as being located south of Bata between Punta Nguba and the Benito River, as well as three before the Ndote River, and a few further south or inland.


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