Letters from Alou

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Letters from Alou
Directed byMontxo Armendáriz
Produced byElías Querejeta, TVE, Espanya 1990
Screenplay byMontxo Armendáriz
StarringMulie Jarju, Eulalia Ramón, Ahmed El-Maaroufi, Akonio Dolo, Albert Vidal, Rosa Morata, Margarita Calahorra, Mamadou Lamine, Ly Babali, M'Barick Guisse
Music byLuis Mendo, Bernardo Fúster
CinematographyAlfredo F. Mayo
Edited byRori Sainz de Rozas
Release date
  • 1990 (1990)
Running time
92 minutes

Letters from Alou (Spanish: Las cartas de Alou) is 1990 Spanish film directed and written by Montxo Armendáriz.


Alou, a Senegalese man that has entered Spain illegally can only find occasional jobs due to his situation. Thanks to the letters he sends regularly to his parents, we hear of his experiences and feelings as he laboriously tries to be integrated into Spanish society. He starts out on the coast of Almeria, working in the greenhouses. Then he travels to Madrid where he first comes into contact with illegal sales. He then makes his way to Segria to work harvesting fruit and, finally, to Barcelona, where he works in the clothes shop of another African immigrant. His adventure comes to an abrupt end when he’s arrested by the police. But he crosses the Strait again, closing the circle that leaves a door open to hope.

Awards and nominations[edit]



  • Goya Awards
    • Best Director (Montxo Armendáriz)
    • Best Editing (Rosario Sáinz de Rozas)
    • Best Film
    • Best Production Supervision (Primitivo Álvaro)
    • Best Sound (Eduardo Fernández and Pierre Lorrain)
    • Best Special Effects (Reyes Abades and Juan Ramón Molina)


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