Li Tiefu

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Li Tiefu
Native name
Li Yutian (李玉田)

October 1869
Died16 June 1952(1952-06-16) (aged 82)
EducationWilliam Merritt Chase
John Singer Sargent
Known forOil Painting, Sculpture, Calligraphy
Notable work
Unfinished Portrait of an Old Man
The Revoluntary Cai Tingrui
The Musician
Fish and Aubergine
Li Tiefu
Traditional Chinese李鐵夫
Simplified Chinese李铁夫

Li Tiefu (October 1869 – 16 June 1952) was a Chinese painter, sculptor, calligrapher and revolutionary, known for introducing western oil painting to China and for assisting Sun Yat-sen in funding the Xinhai revolution and overthrowing the Qing Dynasty. During his time in New York, he was a member of the National Academy of Design (now known as the National Academy Museum and School).[1] Li Tiefu was hailed as one of the most important Cantonese artists of the 20th century at the Guangdong Art Centennial Exhibition.[2]



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