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Virus classification e
(unranked): Virus
Phylum: incertae sedis
Class: incertae sedis
Order: Ligamenvirales

Ligamenvirales is an order of linear viruses that infect archaea of the kingdom Crenarchaeota and have double-stranded DNA genomes.[1] The order was established by David Prangishvili and M. Krupovic in 2012.

The name is derived from the Latin ligamen, meaning string or thread.


There are two families in this order – Lipothrixviridae and Rudiviridae.

The virons are filamentous with a helical nucleocapsid. At either end are attached either fibers or more complex structures involved in host adhesion.

The major coat proteins of both lipothrixviruses and rudiviruses have an unusual four-helix bundle topology.[2] Viruses from the two families share up to ten genes.

The genome is non-segmented linear double stranded DNA.


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