List of lighthouses and lightvessels in Belgium

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This is a list of lighthouses and lightvessels in Belgium.


Name Image Region Location
Blankenberge Lighthouse Blankenberge Lighthouse R02.jpg Flanders Blankenberge
51°18′45.3″N 3°06′52.1″E / 51.312583°N 3.114472°E / 51.312583; 3.114472
1952 The tower has a U-shaped cross-section. It is attached to a maritime museum.[1]
Heist Range Rear Light Heist Vuurtoren R01.jpg Flanders Heist, Zeebrugge
51°20′15.2″N 3°13′49.3″E / 51.337556°N 3.230361°E / 51.337556; 3.230361
1907 This tower used to serve in a range of leading lights until 1983.[1]
Heist Range Front Light Heist Klein Licht R02.jpg Flanders Heist, Zeebrugge
51°20′22.2″N 3°13′38.5″E / 51.339500°N 3.227361°E / 51.339500; 3.227361
1912 This tower used to serve in a range of leading lights until 1983.[1]
Lange Nelle Lighthouse Lange Nelle R07.jpg Flanders Oostende
51°14′10.8″N 2°55′49.7″E / 51.236333°N 2.930472°E / 51.236333; 2.930472
1949 In 1994, the tower was painted with two blue waves on white ground.
Nieuwpoort Lighthouse Nieuwpoort vuurtoren.jpg Flanders Nieuwpoort
51°09′16.8″N 2°43′47.9″E / 51.154667°N 2.729972°E / 51.154667; 2.729972
1949 A lighthouse called Vierboet was established in downtown Nieuwpoort already in 1284. It got a lantern in 1863 and was eventually destroyed in World War I. The current lighthouse is the successor to a tower from 1926.[1]
West-Hinder I Offshore 30 kilometres (19 mi) northwest of Nieuwpoort
51°07′28.6″N 4°17′27.2″E / 51.124611°N 4.290889°E / 51.124611; 4.290889
1950 The lightvessel in a series of three used in the West-Hinder shoal off Nieuwpoort. It was decommissioned in 1972 and sold in 1976. While being used as a floating restaurant in Oostende, it sank at its berth in 1978 but could be refloated. In the 1980s, it was sold for scrap but was eventually saved. It was towed to Rupelmonde in 2002 where it can be visited.[1]
West-Hinder II Zeebrugge - West-Hinder 2 - 1.jpg Offshore 30 kilometres (19 mi) northwest of Nieuwpoort
51°20′03.9″N 3°12′29.5″E / 51.334417°N 3.208194°E / 51.334417; 3.208194
1950 This lightvessel was decommissioned in 1994. It is now berthed on dry land in a theme park at the Zeebrugge water front.[1]
West-Hinder III West Hinder III lightship.JPG Offshore 30 kilometres (19 mi) northwest of Nieuwpoort
51°13′46.5″N 4°24′16.3″E / 51.229583°N 4.404528°E / 51.229583; 4.404528
1950 This lightvessel was heavily damaged in 1960 in a collision with the Norwegian tanker Branita. On its way to Oostende for repair, the lightvessel sank, but could be salvaged and resumed duty. It was decommissioned in 1992, and donated to the city of Antwerpen in 1995.[1]
Westhinder Lighthouse Offshore 30 kilometres (19 mi) northwest of Nieuwpoort
51°23′00″N 2°26′00″E / 51.38333°N 2.43333°E / 51.38333; 2.43333
1992 (c.) This fixed installation replaced the Westhinder lightvessels around 1992.[1]
Zeebrugge Old Mole Lighthouse LIGHTHOUSE AT THE ENTRANCE TO ZEEBRUGGE HARBOR - BELGIUM.jpg Flanders Zeebrugge
51°20′51.5″N 3°12′10.8″E / 51.347639°N 3.203000°E / 51.347639; 3.203000
1905 In World War I, the lighthouse was heavily damaged during the British Zeebrugge Raid in 1918.[1]

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