Lise Arsenault

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Lise Arsenault (b. c. 1954) was a gymnast, who competed in team gymnastics at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. Canada made its best ever placing that year.[clarification needed] She failed to qualify for individual competition, though.[1]

She lived in Brampton at the time of competition.


  1. ^ Graham Besant, photographer (20 July 1976). "She bows out -- gracefully". p. C1. Lise Arsenault; 22; performs optional exercises for 17;000 spectators at Montreal Forum yesterday in helping Canada's women's gymnastics team to a ninth-place finish; best ever in Olympics. However; Miss Arsenault; of Brampton; failed to qualify for Individual competition. I'm really happy; though; she said; because this is the last time I'll be competing in Olympics and we did so well. There's terific spirit on this team. Three teammates qualified.