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The regions and provinces of Belgium

This is a list of aerodromes in Belgium, sorted by location.

Aerodrome names shown in bold indicate airports with scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City (served) / location Province Region ICAO IATA Aerodrome name Type Reference
Aalst East Flanders Flemish Region EBAL Aalst Hospital Heliport Private [1]
Amougies Hainaut Wallonia EBAM Amougies Airfield Private[2] [3]
Anderlecht Brussels-Capital Region Brussels EBUB Erasmus Hospital Heliport Private [4]
Antwerp Antwerp Flemish Region EBDR Antwerp/Commandant Fourcault Heliport Private [5]
Antwerp Antwerp Flemish Region EBAK Antwerp/Kiel Heliport Private [6]
Antwerp Antwerp Flemish Region EBMD Antwerp/Middelheim Hospital Heliport Private [7]
Antwerp / Deurne Antwerp Flemish Region EBAW ANR Antwerp International Airport Public [8]
Arlon Luxembourg Wallonia EBAR Arlon-Sterpenich Aerodrome Private [9]
Assesse Namur Wallonia EBML Maillen ULM field Private[2] [10]
Ath Hainaut Wallonia EBIS Ath/Isieres Airport Private[2] [11]
Balen Antwerp Flemish Region EBKH Balen-Keiheuvel Aerodrome Private [12]
Beauvechain Walloon Brabant Wallonia EBBE Beauvechain Air Base Military, Public [13]
Bertrix Luxembourg Wallonia EBBX Jehonville Air Base Military, Public [14]
Brasschaat Antwerp Flemish Region EBBT Brasschaat Airfield Private [15]
Brecht Antwerp Flemish Region EBBH Brecht/Keysers Heliport Private [16]
Brecht Antwerp Flemish Region EBBC Brecht/Luyckx Heliport Private [17]
Brecht Antwerp Flemish Region EBBV Brecht/Vochten Heliport Private [18]
Bruges / Ostend West Flanders Flemish Region EBOS OST Ostend–Bruges International Airport Public [19]
Bruges West Flanders Flemish Region EBSJ AZ Sint-Jan Heliport Private [20]
Bruges Bruges Flemish Region EBSS Sint-Lucas Hospital Heliport Private [21]
Brussels / Zaventem Flemish Brabant Flemish Region EBMB BRU Melsbroek Air Base Military, Public [22]
Brussels / Zaventem Flemish Brabant Flemish Region EBBR BRU Brussels Airport Public [23]
Brustem / Sint-Truiden Limburg Flemish Region EBST Brustem Airport Private [24]
Büllingen Liège Wallonia EBBN Büllingen Airfield Private[2] [25]
Cerfontaine Namur Wallonia EBCF Cerfontaine Airport Private [26]
Charleroi Hainaut Wallonia EBCI CRL Brussels South Charleroi Airport Public [27]
Chièvres Hainaut Wallonia EBCV Chièvres Air Base Military, Public [28]
Diksmuide West Flanders Flemish Region EBDI Diksmuide Heliport Private [29]
Dilsen-Stokkem Limburg Flemish Region EBDL Dilsen-Stokkem/Lanklaar Heliport Private [30]
Doische Namur Wallonia EBMG Doische Airport Private[2] [31]
Douvrain Hainaut Wallonia EBBA Baudour Heliport Private [32]
Edegem Antwerp Flemish Region EBEU Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen Hospital Heliport Private [33]
Éghezée Namur Wallonia EBLN Liernu Airport Private[2] [34]
Elsenborn Liège Wallonia EBLB Elsenborn-Butgenbach Air Base Military, Public [35]
Evergem East Flanders Flemish Region EBEB Evergem/Belzele Heliport Private [36]
Florennes Namur Wallonia EBFS Florennes Air Base Military [37]
Francorchamps Liège Wallonia EBFR Francorchamps Heliport Private [38]
Genappe Walloon Brabant Wallonia EBBY Genappe Airport Private[2] [39]
Genk Limburg Flemish Region EBZW Zwartberg Airfield Private [40]
Geraardsbergen / Overboelare East Flanders Flemish Region EBGG Overboelare Airfield Private [41]
Ghent East Flanders Flemish Region EBGT Ghent/Industry Zone Heliport Private [42]
Goetsenhoven Flemish Brabant Flemish Region EBTN Goetsenhoven Military Airfield Military, Public [43]
Grimbergen Flemish Brabant Flemish Region EBGB Grimbergen Airfield Private [44]
Halen Limburg Flemish Region EBHL Halen Heliport Private [45]
Ham Limburg Flemish Region EBHA Ham Heliport Private [46]
Hannut Liège Wallonia EBAV Avernas-le-Bauduin Airport Private[2] [47]
Hasselt Limburg Flemish Region EBHM Hasselt/Maasland Heliport Private [48]
Hasselt Limburg Flemish Region EBZH Kiewit Airfield Private [49]
Hoevenen Antwerp Flemish Region EBHN Hoevenen Airfield Private [50]
Holsbeek Flemish Brabant Flemish Region EBHO Holsbeek Heliport Private [51]
Houthalen-Helchteren Limburg Flemish Region EBHT Houthalen Heliport Private [52]
Kasterlee Antwerp Flemish Region EBTK Tielen/Kasterlee Heliport Private [53]
Kleine Brogel Limburg Flemish Region EBBL Kleine Brogel Air Base Military [54]
Knokke-Heist West Flanders Flemish Region EBKW Knokke-Heist/Westkapelle Heliport Private [55]
Koksijde West Flanders Flemish Region EBFN Koksijde Air Base Military, Public [56]
Kortrijk / Wevelgem West Flanders Flemish Region EBKT KJK Flanders International Airport Public [57]
Kruishoutem East Flanders Flemish Region EBKR Kruishoutem/Sons Heliport Private [58]
Nokere East Flanders Flemish Region EBNK Nokere/Suys Heliport Private [59]
Kuurne West Flanders Flemish Region EBKU Kuurne Heliport [60]
Leopoldsburg / Beverlo Limburg Flemish Region EBLE Beverlo Air Base Military, Public [61]
Les Bruyères Hainaut Wallonia EBCH Shape Pad Heliport [62]
Leuven Flemish Brabant Flemish Region EBGA UZ Leuven Hospital Heliport Private [63]
Liège Liège Wallonia EBLC CHR de La Citadelle Hospital Heliport Private [64]
Liège Liège Wallonia EBLS Centre Hospitalier Heliport Private [65]
Liège Liège Wallonia EBLG LGG Liège Airport Public [66]
Lierneux Liège Wallonia EBMS Centre Médical Héliporté ASBL (CMH) Heliport Private [67]
Lint Antwerp Flemish Region EBLT Lint Heliport Private [68]
Lochristi East Flanders Flemish Region EBLZ Zaffelare Heliport [69]
Loverval Hainaut Wallonia EBGE Grand Hôpital de Charleroi (GHDC Asbl) Heliport Private [70]
Lummen Limburg Flemish Region EBLU Lummen Heliport Private [71]
Meerbeek Flemish Brabant Flemish Region EBME Meerbeek Heliport Private [72]
Meise Flemish Brabant Flemish Region EBMW Meise/Wolvertem Heliport Private [73]
Meulebeke West Flanders Flemish Region EBLM Meulebeke Heliport Private [74]
Michelbeke East Flanders Flemish Region EBBM Brakel/Michelbeke Heliport Private [75]
Montigny-le-Tilleul Hainaut Wallonia EBMT Centre Hospitalier Universitaire A. Vésale Heliport Private [76]
Moorsele West Flanders Flemish Region EBMO Moorsele Airfield Private [77]
Namur Namur Wallonia EBNM Namur-Suarlee Airport Private [78]
Neerpelt Limburg Flemish Region EBNP Neerpelt/Tilburgs Heliport Private [79]
Neerpelt Limburg Flemish Region EBNE Neerpelt Airport Private[2] [80]
Ostend West Flanders Flemish Region EBNH Oostende Heliport Private [81]
Oud-Heverlee Flemish Brabant Flemish Region EBOB Oud-Heverlee/Blanden Heliport Private [82]
Pecq Hainaut Wallonia EBPW Pecq/Warcoing Heliport Private [83]
Pont-à-Celles Hainaut Wallonia EBBZ Pont-à-Celles Airport Private[2] [84]
Ranst Antwerp Flemish Region EBEN Ranst/Engles Heliport Private [85]
Ranst Antwerp Flemish Region EBLY Ranst/Lymar Heliport Private [86]
Ranst Antwerp Flemish Region EBRO Ranst/Van Den Bosch Heliport Private [87]
Reninge West Flanders Flemish Region EBLR Reninge Heliport Private [88]
Rotselaar Flemish Brabant Flemish Region EBVU Rotselaar Heliport Private [89]
Rumbeke West Flanders Flemish Region EBRR Roeselare/Rumbeke Heliport Private [90]
Saint-Ghislain Hainaut Wallonia EBSG Saint-Ghislain Airport Private [91]
Saint-Hubert Luxembourg Wallonia EBSU Saint-Hubert Air Base Military [92]
Saint-Hubert Luxembourg Wallonia EBSH Saint-Hubert Airport Private [93]
Schaffen Flemish Brabant Flemish Region EBDT Schaffen Air Base Military, Public [94]
Schilde Antwerp Flemish Region EBAS Schilde/'s-Gravenwezel Heliport Private [95]
Sint-Pieters West Flanders Flemish Region EBSJ Bruges/Sint-Pieters Hospital Heliport Private [96]
Sint-Pieters-Leeuw Flemish Brabant Flemish Region EBSW Sint-Pieters-Leeuw Heliport Private [97]
Spa Liège Wallonia EBSP Spa-La Sauvenière Airport Private [98]
Theux Liège Wallonia EBTX Verviers-Theux Airfield Private [99]
Tournai Hainaut Wallonia EBTY Maubray Airport Private [100]
Ursel East Flanders Flemish Region EBUL Ursel Air Base Military, Public [101]
Veurne West Flanders Flemish Region EBVS Veurne/Sint-Augustinus Heliport Private [102]
Veurne West Flanders Flemish Region EBVE Oeren Heliport Private [103]
Vresse-sur-Semois Namur Wallonia EBOR Orchimont Airport Private[2] [104]
Waasmunster East Flanders Flemish Region EBWA Waasmunster Heliport Private [105]
Weelde Antwerp Flemish Region EBWE Weelde Air Base Military, Public [106]
Wingene West Flanders Flemish Region EBWI Wingene Heliport Private [107]
Wingene West Flanders Flemish Region EBWZ Wingene/Zwevezele Heliport Private [108]
Woluwe-Saint-Lambert Brussels-Capital Region Brussels EBUC Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc Hospital Heliport Private [109]
Ypres West Flanders Flemish Region EBYP Regionaal Ziekenhuis Jan Yperman VZW Hospital Heliport Private [110]
Zandvoorde West Flanders Flemish Region EBZO Zonnebeke/Zandvoorde Heliport Private [111]
Zingem East Flanders Flemish Region EBZI Zingem Heliport Private [112]
Zoersel / Oostmalle Antwerp Flemish Region EBZR OBL Oostmalle Airfield Military, Public [113]
Zomergem East Flanders Flemish Region EBZM Zomergem Heliport Private [114]
Zuienkerke West Flanders Flemish Region EBZU Zuienkerke Airfield Private[2] [115]
Zutendaal Limburg Flemish Region EBSL Zutendaal Air Base Military, Public [116]
West Flanders Flemish Region EBOO Oostdijckbank Heliport Private [117]

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