List of Anglican churches in Melbourne

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This is a list of Anglican churches in Melbourne. It covers all metropolitan and suburban areas which have a postcode, excluding the rural areas added to the city in 2009.

Congregation Image Suburb/
Parish Notes
St George's Ivanhoe East, Victoria
Brimbank Keilor East
Anglican Parish of Brimbank
City on a Hill: Melbourne Melbourne CBD
Holy Trinity Anglican church at Doncaster2.jpg Doncaster
37°47′16.09″S 145°8′17.32″E / 37.7878028°S 145.1381444°E / -37.7878028; 145.1381444 (Holy Trinity Anglican Church)
Holy Trinity East Ringwood
37°48′41.69″S 145°14′55.72″E / 37.8115806°S 145.2488111°E / -37.8115806; 145.2488111 (Holy Trinity Anglican Church)
Holy Trinity Williamstown
37°51′36.57″S 144°54′5.8″E / 37.8601583°S 144.901611°E / -37.8601583; 144.901611 (Holy Trinity Anglican Church)
Erected in 1871.
Saint Andrew's Anglican church at Rosanna7.jpg Rosanna
37°44′30.96″S 145°3′43.74″E / 37.7419333°S 145.0621500°E / -37.7419333; 145.0621500 (Saint Andrew's Anglican Church)
Anglican Parish of Banyule
Saint Augustine's Anglican church at Coburg1.jpg Coburg
37°45′9.45″S 144°57′53.21″E / 37.7526250°S 144.9647806°E / -37.7526250; 144.9647806 (Saint Augustine's Anglican Church)
Erected in 1918.
Saint Bartholomew's Anglican church at Burnley1.jpg Burnley
37°49′23.9″S 145°0′26.2″E / 37.823306°S 145.007278°E / -37.823306; 145.007278 (Saint Bartholomew's Church)
Erected in 1884.
Saint George's Anglican church at Malvern4.jpg Malvern
37°51′19.02″S 145°1′48.28″E / 37.8552833°S 145.0300778°E / -37.8552833; 145.0300778 (Saint George's Church)
Erected in 1865.
Saint Hilary's Kew
37°48′41″S 145°3′9″E / 37.81139°S 145.05250°E / -37.81139; 145.05250 (Saint James' Anglican Church)
Saint James' (Old Cathedral) Oldstjames.JPG Melbourne
37°42′26″S 144°56′18″E / 37.70722°S 144.93833°E / -37.70722; 144.93833 (St James Old Cathedral)
Completed in 1847.
Saint James the Great St James the Great St Kilda East Street Frontage.jpg St Kilda East
37°52′02″S 145°00′12″E / 37.86713°S 145.00333°E / -37.86713; 145.00333Coordinates: 37°52′02″S 145°00′12″E / 37.86713°S 145.00333°E / -37.86713; 145.00333
St Kilda East Erected 1915.
Saint James' Glen Iris
37°51′32.28″S 145°3′3.39″E / 37.8589667°S 145.0509417°E / -37.8589667; 145.0509417 (Saint James' Anglican Church)
Saint John's Anglican church at Frankston2.jpg Frankston North
38°7′8.35″S 145°8′57.07″E / 38.1189861°S 145.1491861°E / -38.1189861; 145.1491861 (Saint John's Anglican Church)
Saint John's Anglican church at Heidelberg3.jpg Heidelberg
37°45′23.95″S 145°4′19.72″E / 37.7566528°S 145.0721444°E / -37.7566528; 145.0721444 (Saint John's Anglican Church)
Erected in 1848.
St Jude's Carlton
37°47′46.5″S 144°58′2.68″E / 37.796250°S 144.9674111°E / -37.796250; 144.9674111 (Saint Jude's Anglican Church)
Erected in 1874.
Saint Mark's Anglican Church Anglican church at Templestowe2.jpg Templestowe
37°45′55.83″S 145°7′12.8″E / 37.7655083°S 145.120222°E / -37.7655083; 145.120222 (Saint Mark's Anglican Church)
Anglican Parish of Templestowe First established as Christ Church in 1900 after operating from a school building from 1854. Moved to current site and name changed in 1975.
Saint Matthew's Glenroy
37°42′13.70″S 144°55′26.16″E / 37.7038056°S 144.9239333°E / -37.7038056; 144.9239333 (Saint Matthew's Anglican Church)
Saint Matthew's Wheelers Hill
37°54′37.44″S 145°10′42.78″E / 37.9104000°S 145.1785500°E / -37.9104000; 145.1785500 (Saint Matthew's Anglican Church)
Saint Michael's Anglican Church Carlton North
37°47′6.23″S 144°58′5.70″E / 37.7850639°S 144.9682500°E / -37.7850639; 144.9682500 (Saint Michael's Anglican Church)
Erected in 1885.
Saint Oswald's Glen Iris
37°51′45.6″S 145°4′14.32″E / 37.862667°S 145.0706444°E / -37.862667; 145.0706444 (Saint Oswald's Anglican Church)
Saint Paul's Cathedral St pauls, melbourne.jpg Melbourne
Saint Paul's Ringwood
37°48′34.81″S 145°13′51.53″E / 37.8096694°S 145.2309806°E / -37.8096694; 145.2309806 (Saint Paul's Anglican Church)
Mullum Mullum Anglican Parish (Ringwood)
Saint Peter's Bundoora
37°41′59.07″S 145°3′35.54″E / 37.6997417°S 145.0598722°E / -37.6997417; 145.0598722 (Saint Peter's Anglican Church)
Saint Peter's Anglican church at Box Hill1.jpg Box Hill
37°49′8.6″S 145°7′38.65″E / 37.819056°S 145.1274028°E / -37.819056; 145.1274028 (Saint Peter's Church)
Saint Philip's Anglican church at Box Hill North2.jpg Box Hill North
37°48′3.03″S 145°7′34.59″E / 37.8008417°S 145.1262750°E / -37.8008417; 145.1262750 (Saint Philip's Anglican Church)
Saint Stephen's Warrandyte
37°44′31.56″S 145°12′34.34″E / 37.7421000°S 145.2095389°E / -37.7421000; 145.2095389 (Saint Stephen's Anglican Church)
Saint Thomas' Werribee
37°54′24.51″S 144°39′17.02″E / 37.9068083°S 144.6547278°E / -37.9068083; 144.6547278 (Saint Thomas' Anglican Church)
Erected in 1900. Extended in the 1940/50s.
Saint Timothy's Bulleen
37°46′20.31″S 145°5′46.74″E / 37.7723083°S 145.0963167°E / -37.7723083; 145.0963167 (Saint Timothy's Anglican Church)
Saint John's Diamond Creek
37°40′24.52″S 145°8′59.00″E / 37.6734778°S 145.1497222°E / -37.6734778; 145.1497222 (Saint John's Anglican Church)
Saint Alfred's Blackburn North
St. Andrew's Brighton
St. John's Camberwell
St. Andrew's Blackburn North
St. John's Camberwell