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This is a list of the County Governors of Troms county in Norway. The office of County Governor is a government agency of the Kingdom of Norway. The title was Amtmann (before 1919) and then Fylkesmann (after 1919).

In 1844, the Troms area were separated from Vardøhus amt to form the new Tromsø amt (county). For the first 22 years, the Tromsø and Vardøhus counties shared an amtmann. It wasn't until 1866 that Tromsø got its own county governor. In 1919, the name was changed to Troms fylke. On 1 July 2006, the Northern Sami language name for the county was granted co-official (parallel) status along with Troms, so the names became Troms fylke (Norwegian) or Romssa fylka (Northern Sami). From 1 January 2019 the County Governor offices of Troms and Finnmark were merged in anticipation of the merger of the two counties.

The county governor is the government's representative in the county. The governor carries out the resolutions and guidelines of the Storting and Government. This is done first by the county governor performing administrative tasks on behalf of the ministries. Secondly, the county governor also monitors the activities of the municipalities and is the appeal body for many types of municipal decisions.


The name of the county (Tromsø or Troms) and the word for county (amt or fylke) have changed over time. From 1844 until 1918 the title was Amtmann i Tromsø amt. Since 1 Jan 1919, the title was Fylkesmann i Troms fylke.

List of County Governors[edit]

Troms county has had the following governors:

County Governors of Troms[1][2][3]
Start End Name
1844 1853 Anton Theodor Harris
1854 1857 Carl Frederik Motzfeldt
Carl Frederik Motzfeldt (1808 - 1902) (17377226222).jpg
1858 1869 Mathias Bonsach Krogh Nannestad
1869 1889 Christian Collett Kjerschow
1889 1914 Boye Christian Riis Strøm
1915 1920 Klaus Nord Hoel
1921 1928 Otto Backe
1928 1938 Johannes Gerckens Bassøe
Johannes Gerckens Bassøe.jpg
1939 1940 Gunnar Bjørn Nordbye
1940 1941 Hans Gabrielsen[4]
1941 1946 Hans Ougen Skotner
1941 1945 Marcus Bull[5]
(WWII Occupied government)
1946 1953 Arne Aas
1953 1977 Kristian Even Haug
1977 1991 Martin Buvik
1991 2000 Leif Arne Heløe
(born 1932)
2000 2002 Vilgunn Gregusson
(born 1936)
2002 2014 Svein Ludvigsen
(born 1946)
Svein Ludvigsen, fiskeriminister och samarbetsminister, Norge (Bilden ar tagen vid Nordiska radets session i Oslo, 2003).jpg
2002 2006 Vilgunn Gregusson
(born 1936)
(acting for Ludvigsen)
2014 2018 Elisabeth Aspaker
(born 1962)
Elisabeth Aspaker (2017-03-11 bilde01).jpg
2014 2017 Bård Magne Pedersen
(born 1958)
(acting for Aspaker)


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