List of Farm to Market Roads in Central Texas

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Texas Farm to Market Road and Ranch to Market Road markers
Location of Central Texas counties as described in this list
Highway names
InterstatesInterstate Highway X (IH-X, I-X)
US HighwaysU.S. Highway X (US X)
StateState Highway X (SH X)
Loops:Loop X
Spurs:Spur X
Recreational:Recreational Road X (RE X)
Farm or Ranch
to Market Roads:
Farm to Market Road X (FM X)
Ranch-to-Market Road X (RM X)
Park Roads:Park Road X (PR X)
System links
Texas FM blank.svg Farm to Market Roads in Central Texas Texas FM blank.svg
Bandera County :
RM 187RM 337FM 462FM 470RM 1077FM 1283FM 2107RM 2828FM 3240
Bastrop County : :
FM 20FM 86FM 153FM 535FM 672FM 696FM 713FM 812FM 969FM 1209FM 1296FM 1441FM 1704FM 2104FM 2239FM 2336FM 2430FM 2571FM 3000
Bell County : :
FM 2484
Blanco County :
RM 1
Brazos County :
FM 50FM 60FM 158FM 159FM 974FM 1179FM 1687FM 1688FM 2038FM 2154FM 2223FM 2347FM 2776FM 2818
Brown County : edit
Burleson County : edit
Burnet County :
RM 1431
Caldwell County : edit
Coleman County :
FM 585
Comal County :
RM 32FM 306FM 311FM 482FM 483RM 484FM 725FM 1044FM 1101FM 1102FM 1103FM 1863FM 2252FM 2439FM 2673RM 2722FM 3009FM 3159FM 3351FM 3424
Coryell County : edit
Falls County :
FM 1963
Fayette County : edit
Gillespie County :
RM 1 FM 1376 RM 783
Gonzales County : edit
Guadalupe County :
FM 78FM 465FM 466FM 467FM 477FM 539FM 758FM 775FM 794FM 1101FM 1116FM 1117FM 1339FM 1979FM 2091FM 2623
Hays County :
RM 12RM 32RM 165FM 621RM 967FM 1626RM 1826RM 2325FM 2439RM 3237
Kendall County :

FM 3351RM 474RM 1376FM 1621RM 473

Kerr County :

RM 783FM 1338FM 1341

Lampasas County : edit
Lee County :
FM 111FM 112FM 141FM 180FM 448FM 619FM 696FM 1624FM 2239FM 2440FM 3403
Limestone County : edit
Llano County :
RM 1431
Mason County : edit
McCulloch County : edit
McLennan County :
FM 1637FM 2490FM 185FM 3051FM 3047FM 434FM 1695FM 2113FM 2416FM 317FM 107FM 2837FM 3148FM 2491FM 933FM 308FM 3149FM 2311FM 185
Milam County : edit
Mills County : edit
Robertson County : edit
San Saba County : edit
Travis County :
RM 12RM 620FM 685FM 734FM 812FM 969FM 973FM 1100FM 1325FM 1327RM 1431FM 1625FM 1626FM 1825RM 1826RM 2222RM 2244FM 2304RM 2322RM 2769FM 3177RM 3238
Washington County :
FM 50FM 109FM 332FM 389FM 390FM 577FM 594FM 912FM 1155FM 1370FM 1371FM 1697FM 1935FM 1948FM 2193FM 2447FM 2502FM 2621FM 2679FM 2726FM 2780FM 2935FM 3456
Williamson County:
FM 112RM 243FM 397FM 486FM 487FM 619RM 620FM 685FM 734FM 970FM 971FM 972FM 973RM 1431FM 1460FM 1660RM 2243RM 2338FM 2843FM 3349FM 3405FM 3406