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An 1893 publication of The New Orleans Bee

During the 19th and 20th centuries, hundreds of French-language newspapers, many short-lived, were published in the United States by Franco-Americans, immigrants from Canada, France, and other French-speaking countries. In New England alone, more than 250 journals had been established and ceased publication before 1940.[1]:93 In the latter half of the 20th century Americanization, the adoption of mass media and the English only movement resulted in a severe decline in French-language newspapers, with many defunct by the end of the Second World War. Of those extant today, many originate from French-Canadian and Haitian-American communities living in the United States.


This is list of French language newspapers which are presently being published in the United States:

Newspaper   State   Town   Year established   Notes  
Le Courrier de Floride Florida Miami 2013 Reports news with focus on Florida and U.S. issues of interest to French-speaking population of Florida and more generally. Monthly free newspaper distributed in Florida and on-line.
Le Soleil de la Floride Florida Miami 1983 Everything of interest about Florida to French-speaking residents and visitors. Monthly between May and September and weekly from October to April free newspaper distributed in Florida and Canada with a large on-line presence. 350,000 copies are sold in Florida, 100,000 in Quebec, in 35 numbers, giving around 13,000 copies by publication.
France-Amérique New York New York 1943 During 1960s was the weekly, international edition of French daily Le Figaro. Was bi-weekly dirung 1977-78. Became a monthly magazine in 2008. Asserts itself to be "America’s only national French-language publication, serving an audience of French expatriates, Francophones and French-speaking Americans" and to be "America’s largest French-language magazine", with circulation of 30,500 copies and 120,000 readers.[2]
Le Militant New York New York 2012 An international Socialist paper, historically of Trotskyist perspective. Currently a newsweekly that is published in U.S. and distributed in U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Sweden and other countries. Published in English since 1928, also in Spanish since 2005, and also in French since 2012.
Haïti Progrès New York Brooklyn 1983 Focuses on news from Haiti or concerning Haiti; published in French, in English and in Haitian Creole.
Le Forum Maine Orono 1974 Le FORUM is a French bilingual, socio-cultural periodical published by the Franco-American Centre. It is a major voice for Franco Americans both throughout Maine and nationally, and has become a unique vehicle for the dissemination of works and information by and about Franco Americans.[3]
Haïti en Marche Florida Miami 1986 Haiti en Marche is a weekly publication distributed in New York, Miami, Haiti, Boston, Montreal, Chicago, France, Switzerland, and has subscribers around the world.
Haïti Observateur New York Brooklyn 1971 Haïti-Observateur is a leading Haitian weekly appealing to a broad cross-section of the Haitian community as well as the wider Caribbean market. The Haïti-Observateur has offices in New York, Montreal, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and representatives in Paris and most cities on the Eastern Seaboard and as far inland as Chicago. It has a circulation of 75,000 copies weekly.


Newspaper   State   Town   Year established   Notes  
Le Courrier Français [4] California Los Angeles 1920
Union Nouvelle [4] California Los Angeles
Le Petit Journal [5] California San Francisco
Le Combat [4] Illinois Chicago 1889
Le Bulletin Officiel [5] Illinois Chicago 1894
Le Petit Journal de Chicago [5] Illinois Chicago 1904
Le Courrier de l'Ouest [5] Illinois Chicago 1903
Le Courrier-Canadien [5] Illinois Chicago 1904
L'Echo des Deux Mondes [6] Illinois Chicago 1903
L’Abeille de la Nouvelle-Orléans[7] Louisiana New Orleans 1827–1923
La Guèpe [5] Louisiana New Orleans 1910
Le Propagateur Catholique[8] Louisiana New Orleans 1842
Courrier de la Louisiane Louisiana 1807–1860
Le Messager [4] Maine Lewiston 1880
La Revue Maine Augusta 1911
Le Figaro Maine Biddeford 1895
La Justice de Biddeford Maine Biddeford 1911
Le Courrier du Maine Maine Lewiston 1906
Le Petit Journal Maine Lewiston 1911
Le Messager Maine Lewiston 1880-1966 Unsuccessful relaunch as the Nouveau Messager in 1966–1967
Le Journal de Madawaska Maine Van Buren 1902–1906
Le Maine Français Maine Waterville 1913
Courier de Boston Massachusetts Boston 1789
La République Massachusetts Boston 1876
L'Indépendent Massachusetts Fall River 1884-1963
L'Américain Massachusetts Fall River 1903
Le Petit Courrier Massachusetts Fall River 1907
Le Correspondant Massachusetts Fall River 1909
La Liberté [9] Massachusetts Fall River 1919
Le Citoyen [10] Massachusetts Haverhill 1911
Courrier de Holyoke Massachusetts Holyoke 1874
Le Défenseur Massachusetts Holyoke 1884–1894
La Presse Massachusetts Holyoke 1895–1903
La Justice Massachusetts Holyoke 1903–1964 Bilingual publication during final decade.
Le Courrier National Massachusetts Lawrence 1907
Le Progrès Massachusetts Lawrence 1907
Le Courrier de Lawrence[11] Massachusetts Lawrence 1911–1921
Le Patriote Massachusetts Lawrence 1911
l'Écho du Canada Massachusetts Lowell 1874
La République Massachusetts Lowell 1875
La Sentinelle Massachusetts Lowell 1880
L'Abeille Massachusetts Lowell 1881-1885
Journal du Commerce Massachusetts Lowell 1883-1885
Gazette de Lowell Massachusetts Lowell 1886
Le Courrier des États-Unis Massachusetts Lowell 1886
L'Etoile Massachusetts Lowell 1886–1957
Le Citoyen Massachusetts Lowell 1887
Le Farceur Massachusetts Lowell 1889
L'Union[12] Massachusetts Lowell 1889–1890
L'Indépendance Massachusetts Lowell 1890
Le National Massachusetts Lowell 1890–1895
La Vie Massachusetts Lowell 1892
La République Massachusetts Lowell 1901–1902
Revue de Lowell Massachusetts Lowell 1902–1904
Le Franco-Américain Massachusetts Lowell 1907
Le Réveil Massachusetts Lowell 1908–1909
La Blette Massachusetts Lowell 1909–1910
La Vérité[12] Massachusetts Lowell 1910
Le Clairon[12] Massachusetts Lowell 1911–1915
Le Journal de Lowell Massachusetts Lowell 1975–1995
Le Courrier de Lynn Massachusetts Lynn 1911
Le Lynndis Massachusetts Lynn 1915
L'Estafette Massachusetts Marlborough 1907
Le Petit Journal Massachusetts New Bedford 1909
L'Écho Massachusetts New Bedford 1911
Le journal Massachusetts New Bedford 1911
Courrier de Salem Massachusetts Salem 1911-1921
L'Ouvrier Massachusetts Southbridge 1903
Le Guide du Peuple Massachusetts Spencer 1886
Le Forestier Massachusetts Springfield 1910
Le Journal de Taunton Massachusetts Taunton 1882
Le Travailleur Massachusetts Worcester 1874
Le Courrier de Worcester Massachusetts Worcester 1880
Le Saint-Jean Baptiste Massachusetts Worcester 1883
Le Canadien Américain Massachusetts Worcester 1907–1912
Le Journal Massachusetts Worcester 1907
L'Opinion Publique Massachusetts Worcester 1910
L'Ouest Français [4] Michigan Bay City 1888
Le Moniteur Français [4] Michigan Detroit 1910
L'oeil [4] Minnesota Minneapolis 1893
Echo de L'Ouest [4] Minnesota Minneapolis 1915
Voix du Lac [4] Minnesota Minneapolis 1893
Le Canadien [4] Minnesota St. Paul 1903
Patriote et le phare des Lacs Réunis [4] Missouri St. Louis 1878
La Voix du Peuple New Hampshire Manchester 1869
Courrier du New Hampshire New Hampshire Manchester 1886
L'Avenir National New Hampshire Manchester 1905
La Revue Rose New Hampshire Manchester 1906
La New England New Hampshire Manchester 1907
La Nation New Hampshire Manchester 1908
Le Canado-Américain New Hampshire Manchester 1911
Le Réveil New Hampshire Manchester
L'Impartial New Hampshire Nashua 1911
La Patrie New York Cohoes 1887
Le Drapeau National New York Glen Falls 1881
Courrier des États-Unis [4] New York New York City 1828
La Feuille D'Érable New York New York City 1887
Courrier des États-Unis [9] New York New York City 1909
Gazette Franco-Américaine [9] New York New York City 1920
Amérique [9] New York New York City 1933
France-Amérique [13] New York New York City 1943 Changed to a magazine format after 2008
Le Canadien des États New York Plattsburgh 1884
Le National New York Plattsburgh 1886
Le Messager Canadien New York Plattsburgh 1903
Le Canadien-Français New York Plattsburgh 1905
Le Progrès New York Plattsburgh 1909
L'Union des Travailleurs Pennsylvania Charleroi 1910
Le courier de l'Amerique[14] Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1792
L'Abeille américaine Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1815
La Justice Rhode Island Central Falls 1907
La Vérité Rhode Island Central Falls 1911
Le Jean Baptiste Rhode Island Pawtucket 1907
Liberté Rhode Island Providence 1916
La Voix de la Vallée Rhode Island West Warwick 1909
Le Courrier de Woonsocket Rhode Island Woonsocket 1883
La Tribune [15] Rhode Island Woonsocket 1911
L'Union Rhode Island Woonsocket 1911
Le Devoir Rhode Island Woonsocket 1912
La Révolution Canadienne Vermont Burlington 1838
Le Patriote Canadien Vermont Burlington 1839–1840
L'Idée Nouvelle Vermont Burlington 1869
Le Protecteur Canadien Vermont St. Albans
Le Nord Américain[16] Vermont Swanton 1839
L'Union Canadienne Vermont Vergennes 1870–1920


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