List of dukes of Gaeta

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This is a list of the hypati, patricians, consuls, and dukes of Gaeta. Many of the dates are uncertain and sometimes the status of the rulership, with co-rulers and suzerain–vassal relations, is vague.

Native rule (839–1032)[edit]

Anatolian dynasty[edit]

Docibilan dynasty[edit]

  • Docibilis I (866-906)
  • John I (867–933 or 934), also patrician from 877
  • Docibilis II (914 or 915–954), co–hypatus from 906
  • John II (954–962 or 963), co–duke from 933 or 934, consul
  • Gregory (962 or 963–978)
  • Marinus II (978–984)
  • John III (984–1008), co–duke from 979
  • John IV (1008–1012), co–duke from 991
  • John V (1012–1032), also consul
    • Emilia, grandmother, regent (1012–1027)
    • Leo I, uncle, regent (1017–1023)

Lombard period (1032–1064)[edit]

In 1041, Guaimar gave direct control and his title to the count of Aversa. In 1058, Gaeta was made subject to the count of Aversa, by then prince of Capua.

Norman period (1064–1140)[edit]

These were vassals of the princes of Capua. Princes Richard I and his son Jordan I used the titles duke and consul from 1058 and 1062 respectively.

In 1140, Gaeta went directly to the king of Sicily, Roger II. Under the Hautevilles and the Hohenstaufen, sovereigns continued issuing coinage as rulers of Gaeta until 1229.

Victory title[edit]

In the mid–19th century, the soldier, politician and diplomat Enrico Cialdini (1811–1892) was created Duca di Gaeta by the King of Italy as a victory title in recognition of his role during the Siege of Gaeta (1860).