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This is a list of tank landing ships.

Argentine Navy[edit]

Brazilian Navy[edit]

Chilean Navy[edit]

Ecuadorian Navy[edit]

Hellenic Navy[edit]

Five Jason Class (LST) landing ships:

  • HS Chios (L 173)
  • HS Samos (L 174)
  • HS Ikaria (L 175)
  • HS Lesvos (L 176)
  • HS Rodos (L 177)

Indonesian Navy[edit]

  • 3 of LST 117 Class
  • 4 of LST 512-1152 Class
  • 5 of Tacoma Class
  • 12+1* of Frosch II Class (Type 109) Class

The status of one ship (KRI Teluk Peleng) still undefined due to the sinking incident on 18/11/2013 [1]

Indian Navy[edit]

3 ships of Shardul Class:

2 ships of Magar Class:

8 ships of Kumbhir Class a variant of the Polnocny C and D Class landing ships:

The Indian Navy also previously operated the Gharial class the local name for the Polnocny A class landing ship

Republic of Korea Navy[edit]

Philippine Navy[edit]

Republic of Singapore Navy[edit]

  • RSS Endurance (L201) *Decommissioned*
  • RSS Excellence (L202) *Decommissioned*
  • RSS Intrepid (L203) *Decommissioned*
  • RSS Persistence (L205) *Decommissioned*
  • RSS Endurance (L207)
  • RSS Resolution (L208)
  • RSS Persistence (L209)[2]
  • RSS Endeavour (L210)

Russian Navy/Soviet Navy[edit]

In Russian they are Large Landing Ships, in the U.S. Navy Hull Designation they are LST (Landing Ship, Tank).

Sri Lanka Navy[edit]

  • SLNS Shathi (L880)

Republic of Vietnam Navy[edit]

Royal Thai Navy[edit]

Royal Navy (United Kingdom)[edit]

LST 3535 to LST 3575 were all cancelled.

United States Navy[edit]


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