List of presidents of the Assembly of the Republic (Portugal)

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President of the
Assembly of the Republic
Presidente da Assembleia da República
Coat of arms of the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic.svg
Flag of the Portuguese Assembly of the Republic.svg
Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues smiling at handshaking, Bratislava Informal Parliamentary Summit 2016-10-07.jpg
Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues

since 23 October 2015
StyleHis/Her Excellency
AppointerAssembly of the Republic;
Elected by the majority of the members of the legislature
Term length4 years if the legislature is not dissolved sooner;
No term limits
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Portugal
Inaugural holderVasco da Gama Fernandes
Formation3 June 1976
DeputyJosé de Matos Correia;
Jorge Lacão;
José Manuel Pureza;
Teresa Coelho
Coat of arms of Portugal
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This is a list of presidents of the Assembly of the Republic, the unicameral legislative body of Portugal.[1]


The colors indicate the political affiliation of each President.

  National Union
  Social Democratic
  CDS – People's Party
Term No. Portrait Name
Term of office Party
Took office Left office
President of the National Assembly (1933–1974)
I 1 No image available.svg José Alberto dos Reis
1935 1945 National Union
IV 2 No image available.svg Albino dos Reis 1945 1961 National Union
VIII 3 No image available.svg Mário de Figueiredo 1961 1969 National Union
X 4 No image available.svg Carlos Monteiro do Amaral Neto 1969 1974 National Union

(renamed People's National Action in 1970)

President of the Constituent Assembly (1975–1976)
No image available.svg Henrique de Barros
3 June 1975 2 April 1976 Socialist
President of the Assembly of the Republic (1976–Present)
I 1 No image available.svg Vasco da Gama Fernandes
29 July 1976 29 October 1978 Socialist
2 No image available.svg Teófilo Carvalho dos Santos
30 October 1978 7 January 1980 Socialist
3 No image available.svg Leonardo Ribeiro de Almeida
8 January 1980 21 October 1981 Social Democratic
4 No image available.svg Francisco de Oliveira Dias
22 October 1981 2 November 1982 CDS – People's Party
5 No image available.svg Leonardo Ribeiro de Almeida
3 November 1982 30 May 1983 Social Democratic
III 6 No image available.svg Manuel Tito de Morais
8 June 1983 24 October 1984 Socialist
7 No image available.svg Fernando Amaral
25 October 1984 12 August 1987 Social Democratic
V 8 No image available.svg Victor Crespo
25 August 1987 3 November 1991 Social Democratic
VI 9 No image available.svg António Barbosa de Melo
7 November 1991 26 October 1995 Social Democratic
VII 10 Almeida Santos.png António de Almeida Santos
31 October 1995 4 April 2002 Socialist
IX 11 Helder Antunes e João Bosco Mota Amaral (cropped).jpg Mota Amaral
10 April 2002 16 March 2005 Social Democratic
X 12 Jaime Gama (Brasilia 2008).jpg Jaime Gama
16 March 2005 21 June 2011 Socialist
XII 13 Assunção Esteves - Visita de Estado do Presidente Peña Nieto a Portugal (2014).png Maria da Assunção Esteves
21 June 2011 23 October 2015 Social Democratic
XIII 14 Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, Bratislava Informal Parliamentary Summit 2016-10-07.jpg Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues
23 October 2015 Incumbent Socialist

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