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This is a List of Serbian inventors and discoverers, working locally or overseas. The list comprises people from Serbia and ethnic Serb people.

Science, Mathematics and Technology[edit]

Mihailo Petrović:

Voja Antonić:

Mihajlo Pupin:

Mihajlo Pupin Institute:

Nikola Tesla:

Slobodan Ćuk:

Ivan Gutman:

Jovan Karamata:

Đuro Kurepa:

Bogdan Maglich:

Milutin Milanković:

  • Milankovitch cycles
  • Revised Julian calendar (second most accurate calender ever written) [16] "(second most accurate calendar ever written)"
  • Calculated temperatures of the upper layers of the earths atmosphere as well as temperature conditions of planets on the inner solar system as well as depth of the atmosphere of the outer planets.[17]

Tihomir Novakov:

Vlatko Verdal:

Vladimir Vukićević:

Jovan Cvijić:

Petar Gburčik:

Pavle Savić:

  • Research on interactions of neutrons in chemical physics of heavy elements. which turned out to be an important step in the discovery of nuclear fission.


Miomir Vukobratovic:

  • Powered exoskeleton
  • Humanoid robot[21] "The beginning of the development of humanoid robotics coincided with the beginning of the development of the world's first active exoskeletons at the Mihailo Pupin Institute in 1969, under the guidance of Prof. Vukobratovic. Legged locomotion systems were developed first. Also, the first theory of these systems was developed in the same institute, in the frame of active exoskeletons. Hence, it can be said that active exoskeletons were the predecessors of the modern high-performance humanoid robots. The present-day active exoskeletons are developed as the systems for enhancing capabilities of the natural human skeletal system. The most successful version of an active exoskeleton for rehabilitation of paraplegics and similar disabled persons, pneumatically powered and electronically programmed was realized and tested at Belgrade Orthopedic Clinic in 1972."
  • Robot locomotion
  • Zero moment point[22]"The zero moment point is a very important concept in the motion planning for biped robots. Since they have only two points of contact with the floor and they are supposed to walk, "run" or "jump" (in the motion context), their motion has to be planned concerning the dynamical stability of their whole body. This is not an easy task, especially because the upper body of the robot (torso) has larger mass and inertia than the legs which are supposed to support and move the robot. This can be compared to the problem of balancing an inverted pendulum."

Rajko Tomović:

  • Prostethic five-fingered hand [23]

Medicine and Pharmacology[edit]

Miodrag Radulovacki:

  • Pioneering pharmalogical studies for the treatment of sleep apnea.


Vuk Karadžić:

Culture, Arts & Architecture[edit]

First Serbian uprising:

A distinctive style of music[24] originating in the Balkan region as a fusion between military music and folk music.[25] In recent years, it has become popular in a techno-synth fusion throughout Europe, and in pop music in the Anglo sphere and throughout the world. American bands such as Fifth Harmony and Gogol Bordello have brought the style to a new audience.

Rambo Amadeus:

Đurađ Branković:

Nemanjić dynasty:

Lazar Hrebeljanović:

Constantine the Great



Nikola Bizumić:

[26] "Manual hair clippers were invented by the Serbian inventor named Nikola Bizumić. Before the advent of the electrically powered Clippers, these clippers were widely used by barbers to chop hair close and fast. The clipper accumulates hair in locks to rapidly depilate your head. This type of haircut is normal in the military in addition to among boys in schools where strict grooming conventions will be in effect."



Miodrag Tomić:

The first aerial dogfight occurred during the Battle of Cer (15–24 August 1914), when Serbian aviator Miodrag Tomić encountered an Austro-Hungarian plane while performing a reconnaissance mission over Austro-Hungarian positions. The Austro-Hungarian pilot initially waved, and Tomić reciprocated. The Austro-Hungarian pilot then fired at Tomić with his revolver. [27] Tomić produced a pistol of his own and fired back. Tomić managed to escape, and within several weeks, all Serbian and Austro-Hungarian planes were fitted with machine-guns. [28][29]

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