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Before the Stanley Cup playoffs, a list of forty on-ice officials are named to work: Twenty referees and twenty linesmen. They are paired up in each round, traveling and working together between the series. Usually, they are never assigned to work two games between two teams they have already seen. This does not apply if a series reaches seven games, or at any point in time beginning in the third round. If a game seven is reached, those who have been assigned to work in the next round will call the series-deciding game. If at any time a referee or linesman is injured or unable to work, there is a standby official; he is there in the event that one of the officials cannot continue in the game.

Throughout the playoffs, the list of officials is minimized.

  • During the second round, twenty-four officials (twelve referees and twelve linesmen) work games.
  • During the third round, sixteen officials (eight referees and eight linesmen) work games.

In the final round of cuts, the list is reduced to eight officials: Four referees and four linesmen. They are named as Stanley Cup Finals officials. They are still in pairs, who will work every other game (even numbered and odd numbered). If the Stanley Cup Final reaches a game seven, the top four will be assigned to officiate the game; they may not have been paired during the finals.


Before the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals, the NHL assigned five referees and four linesmen to the series:[1] Something they hadn't done since 2001. This was done, possibly because one of the referees (Wes McCauley) had sustained a leg injury during game six of the Western Conference Final and left the game. It is not known if McCauley is able to work. If so, there is a chance that a five-man rotation happens; the last time referees were rotated and not paired up for the Stanley Cup Final was 2011.


Beginning with the 2002 Stanley Cup Finals, the NHL assigned two referees and two linesmen for each game. A total of eight on-ice officials are named: Four referees and four linesmen.

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Between the 1999 and 2001 playoff seasons, the National Hockey League implemented a two referee, two linesman system. Five referees and four linesmen were named to work in the finals.

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The National Hockey League used a single referee for each playoff game, with a rotation of three referees for the series.

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