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The Tonight Show is an American late-night talk show that premiered on NBC on September 27, 1954. It is the world's longest-running talk show, and the longest running, regularly scheduled entertainment program in the United States. It is the third-longest-running show on NBC, after only the news and talk shows Today and Meet the Press.

Over the course of more than sixty years, The Tonight Show has undergone only minor title changes. It aired under the name Tonight for several of its early years, eventually settling on The Tonight Show after the seating of long-time host Johnny Carson in 1962. In later decades, network programmers, advertisers, and the show's announcers would refer to the show by including the name of the host; for example, it is currently announced as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

It has had six official hosts, beginning with Steve Allen (1954–57), followed by Jack Paar (1957–62), Johnny Carson (1962–92), Jay Leno (1992–2009, 2010–14), Conan O'Brien (2009–10), and Jimmy Fallon (2014–present). It has had several recurring guest hosts, a practice especially common during the Paar and Carson tenures. A total of 12,371 episodes have aired.


Allen's tenure (1954–57)[edit]

Paar's tenure (1957–62)[edit]

Carson's tenure (1962–1992)[edit]

Leno's first tenure (1992–2009)[edit]

O'Brien's tenure (2009–2010)[edit]

Leno's second tenure (2010–14)[edit]

Fallon's tenure (2014–present)[edit]



No. Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
June 10, 2019
Shailene Woodley, Brian Tyree HenryThe National
Shailene Woodley teaches Jimmy how to scream like Meryl Streep at the top of the program; The Roots wish Donald Duck a happy 85th birthday; Timothée Chalamet/Ventriloquist Dummy Quotes; Jimmy Fallon, Jonas Brothers & The Roots sing "Sucker" with classroom instruments; Catchphrase (Shailene Woodley & Jimmy Fallon Vs. Tariq & Brian Tyree Henry); The National performed "Oblivions"
June 11, 2019
Selena Gomez, Elaine WelterothGoldLink featuring Maleek Berry
Tonight Show Face Off: Drake Edition; Tonight Show This Week in Memes; Hot Ones (appearance by Sean Evans; Jimmy Fallon & Selena Gomez); GoldLink featuring Maleek Berry performed "Zulu Screams"
June 12, 2019
Chris Hemsworth, Jonas BrothersJonas Brothers
Tonight Show News & Improved; Tonight Show True Confessions (Chris Hemsworth, Kumail Nanjiani); Know Your Bro (Jonas Brothers); Jonas Brothers performed "Only Human"
June 13, 2019
Sienna Miller, Josh Charles, Ryan TedderOneRepublic
Tonight Show Interesting Polls; Tonight Show #hashtags: #DadQuotes; Josh Charles makes a Baltimore accent sexy; OneRepublic performed "Rescue Me"
June 14, 2019
Stranger Things Cast, Ramy Youssef, Ivan OrkinN/A
Father's Day Cards; Tonight Show You Pick the Joke; Thank You Notes; Jimmy gives audience a puzzle based on one of his books; Stranger Things Cast performed the original song "Chicken Noodle Soup"; Tonight Show Search Party (Stranger Things Cast & Jimmy Fallon Vs. Stranger Things Cast & Tariq)
June 17, 2019
Keegan-Michael Key, Horatio Sanz, Perry FarrellPerry Farrell
Political Polls; The This Guy Gets It Song (appearance by Horatio Sanz); Perry Farrell performed "Pirate Punk Politician"
June 18, 2019
Willie Nelson, Adam DeVineWillie Nelson
Random Object Shootout: NBA Draft Edition (appearance by 2019 NBA Draft All-Stars); Tonight Show Wheel of Freestyle (Lin-Manuel Miranda); Adam DeVine performed "Torn"; Willie Nelson performed "My Favorite Picture of You"
June 19, 2019
Michael Strahan, Nikki & Brie BellaSleater-Kinney
June 20, 2019
Madonna, Guy RazMadonna & Ari Lennox
June 24, 2019
Chrissy TeigenAldous Harding
June 25, 2019
Trevor Noah, Bashir Salahuddin & Diallo RiddlePenn & Teller

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