List of United States colonial possessions

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The following list of U.S. colonial possessions includes territory that the United States has from time to time in its history had under its control in a fashion similar to a colonial possession, ignoring areas that have now become U.S. states and those areas that due to warfare were held under temporary U.S. military command.


Colony/Territory Year Now part of Notes
Commonwealth of Liberia 1821–1847  Liberia


Colony/Territory Year Now part of Notes
Philippine Islands 1898–1902
(Military government)
(Territorial Government)

North America[edit]

Colony/Territory Year Now part of Notes
 Puerto Rico 1898–present N/A
United States Cuba 1899–1902  Cuba
 Panama Canal Zone 1903–79  Panama
  Río Rico, Tamaulipas 1906–72  Mexico
  Corn Islands 1914–71  Nicaragua
 United States Virgin Islands 1917–present N/A
 Dominican Republic 1916–24
 Dominican Republic
 Haiti 1915–34  Haiti


Colony/Territory Year Now part of Notes
 American Samoa 1899–present N/A
 Guam 1898–present N/A
  Phoenix Islands ?–79  Kiribati Canton and Enderbury Islands
under condominium
with the U.K. from 1939
 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands 1947–94  Marshall Islands
 Federated States of Micronesia
 Northern Mariana Islands
Defunct, territory now forms parts of three associated states and one territory
 Northern Mariana Islands 1975–present N/A

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