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This list of University of Chicago Law School alumni consists of notable people who graduated or attended the University of Chicago Law School. The school has produced many distinguished alumni in the judiciary, academia, government, politics and business. Its alumni include the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, the President of the Supreme Court of Israel, Chief Judges and Judges of United States courts of appeals, several Attorneys General and Solicitors General of the United States, members of Congress and cabinet officials, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, university Presidents and faculty Deans, and CEOs and chairpersons of multinational corporations.

Classes at the law school started in 1903.[1] All degrees listed below are Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) or Juris Doctor (J.D.), unless noted otherwise.

Law and government[edit]

Attorney General John Ashcroft '65
Attorney General Ramsey Clark '50
Current Solicitor General Noel Francisco '91
Former FBI Director James Comey '85
Senator and Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun '72
Senator Amy Klobuchar '85
Prime Minister of New Zealand Geoffrey Palmer '67
Longest-serving member of Belgian Federal Parliament Herman De Croo '62
27th White House Counsel and Judge Abner Mikva '51
Judge and philosopher Jerome Frank '12
Judge and Solicitor General Robert Bork '53
Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco '97
Ambassador and Professor Mary Ann Glendon '61
Founder and co-executive chairman of The Carlyle Group David Rubenstein '73

United States government[edit]

Executive branch[edit]

U.S. Attorneys General[edit]
U.S. Solicitors General[edit]
Other cabinet and cabinet-level officials[edit]

Legislative branch (U.S. Congress)[edit]


Judicial branch[edit]

Federal courts of appeals[edit]
Federal district courts[edit]
Other federal courts[edit]

State government[edit]

State politicians[edit]
State judges[edit]
City government[edit]

U.S. diplomatic figures[edit]

Other U.S. political figures[edit]

Non-United States government[edit]

Non-United States political figures[edit]

Non-United States judicial figures[edit]

Notable attorneys[edit]


University presidents and faculty deans[edit]


Business and non-profit[edit]

Media, journalism and writing[edit]




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