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This is a list of airports in the United Arab Emirates, sorted by location. Airports in bold have commercial service.


Location Emirate ICAO[1] IATA[2] Airport name Coordinates
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi OMAA AUH Abu Dhabi International Airport[1] 24°25′59″N 054°39′04″E / 24.43306°N 54.65111°E / 24.43306; 54.65111 (Abu Dhabi International Airport)
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi OMAD AZI Al Bateen Executive Airport[1] 24°25′42″N 054°27′29″E / 24.42833°N 54.45806°E / 24.42833; 54.45806 (Al Bateen Executive Airport)
Al Ain Abu Dhabi OMAL AAN Al Ain International Airport[1] 24°15′42″N 055°36′33″E / 24.26167°N 55.60917°E / 24.26167; 55.60917 (Al Ain International Airport)
Al Dhafra Abu Dhabi OMAM DHF Al Dhafra Air Base[3] 24°14′54″N 054°32′42″E / 24.24833°N 54.54500°E / 24.24833; 54.54500 (Al Dhafra Air Base)
Al Futaisi Abu Dhabi OMAF Futaysi Airport[1] 24°22′44″N 054°18′58″E / 24.37889°N 54.31611°E / 24.37889; 54.31611 (Futaysi Airport)
Al Jazirah Al Hamra Ras al-Khaimah OMRJ Al Jazeirah Airport[1] 25°39′55″N 055°46′27″E / 25.66528°N 55.77417°E / 25.66528; 55.77417 (Al Jazeirah Airport)
Arzanah Abu Dhabi OMAR Arzanah Airport[1] 24°46′51″N 052°33′35″E / 24.78083°N 52.55972°E / 24.78083; 52.55972 (Arzanah Airport)
Buhasa Abu Dhabi OMAB Buhasa Airport[1] 23°35′59″N 053°22′46″E / 23.59972°N 53.37944°E / 23.59972; 53.37944 (Buhasa Airport)
Dalma Island Abu Dhabi OMDL ZDY Dalma Airport[4][5] 24°30′11″N 052°20′09″E / 24.50306°N 52.33583°E / 24.50306; 52.33583 (Dalma Airport)
Das Island Abu Dhabi OMAS Das Island Airport[1] 25°08′30″N 052°52′20″E / 25.14167°N 52.87222°E / 25.14167; 52.87222 (Das Island Airport)
Abu Dhabi OM11 Abu Dhabi Northeast Airport 24°31′08″N 054°58′48″E / 24.51889°N 54.98000°E / 24.51889; 54.98000 (Abu Dhabi Northeast Airport)
Dubai Dubai OMDB DXB Dubai International Airport[1] 25°15′10″N 055°21′52″E / 25.25278°N 55.36444°E / 25.25278; 55.36444 (Dubai International Airport)
Dubai Dubai OMDM NHD Al Minhad Air Base[6] 25°01′37″N 055°21′58″E / 25.02694°N 55.36611°E / 25.02694; 55.36611 (Al Minhad Air Base)
Dubai Dubai OMDW DWC Dubai World Central - Al Maktoum International Airport[1]
(Dubai World Central International Airport)
24°55′06″N 055°10′32″E / 24.91833°N 55.17556°E / 24.91833; 55.17556 (Dubai World Central - Al Maktoum International Airport)
Fujairah Fujairah OMFJ FJR Fujairah International Airport[1] 25°06′44″N 056°19′27″E / 25.11222°N 56.32417°E / 25.11222; 56.32417 (Fujairah International Airport)
Jebel Dhana Abu Dhabi OMAJ Jebel Dhana Airport[1] 24°10′55″N 052°37′25″E / 24.18194°N 52.62361°E / 24.18194; 52.62361 (Jebel Dhana Airport)
Qarnayn Abu Dhabi OMAQ Qarnayn Airport[1] 24°56′00″N 052°51′00″E / 24.93333°N 52.85000°E / 24.93333; 52.85000 (Qarnayn Airport)
Ras al-Khaimah Ras al-Khaimah OMRK RKT Ras Al Khaimah International Airport[1] 25°36′48″N 055°56′20″E / 25.61333°N 55.93889°E / 25.61333; 55.93889 (Ras Al Khaimah International Airport)
Ras al-Khaimah Ras al-Khaimah OMRS Al Saqr Field Airport[1] 25°36′48″N 055°57′34″E / 25.61333°N 55.95944°E / 25.61333; 55.95944 (Al Saqr Field Airport)
Sharjah Sharjah OMSJ SHJ Sharjah International Airport[1] 25°19′43″N 055°31′02″E / 25.32861°N 55.51722°E / 25.32861; 55.51722 (Sharjah International Airport)
Sir Bani Yas Abu Dhabi OMBY XSB Sir Bani Yas Airport[5] 24°16′56″N 052°34′56″E / 24.28222°N 52.58222°E / 24.28222; 52.58222 (Sir Bani Yas Airport)
Zirku Abu Dhabi OMAZ Zirku Airport[1] 24°51′48″N 053°04′33″E / 24.86333°N 53.07583°E / 24.86333; 53.07583 (Sharjah International Airport)

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