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This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in Philadelphia. The information is a synthesis of the information contained in the references listed.

Citizens Bank Park
Veterans Stadium
Shibe Park a.k.a. Connie Mack Stadium
Columbia Park
Baker Bowl
"Athletic(s) grounds" or "the grounds at 15th and Columbia"
Occupant: Athletic 1860s–1870 (amateur/professional)
Site of several celebrated matches between the Athletics and the Atlantics of Brooklyn, on Oct 31, 1865; and on Oct 1 and 22, 1866
Location: Columbia Avenue (now Cecil B. Moore Avenue); 15th Street; other boundaries unknown
Currently: part of the Temple University campus
Jefferson Street Grounds a.k.a. Jefferson Park a.k.a. Athletics Park
Amateur clubs, including Olympic, beginning 1864
AthleticNA (1871–1875), NL (1876)
Philadelphia White Stockings – NA (1873–1875)
AthleticAA (1883–1890?)
Location: Jefferson Street (north); 25th Street (east); Master Street (south); 27th Street (west)
1860s-1870s orientation: 25th (first base); Master (third base); Jefferson (right field)
1880s-1890s orientation: 27th (first base); Jefferson (third base); 26th (left field)
Currently: Residential / commercial / elementary School / Athletic Recreation Center
Recreation Park / Centennial Park
Philadelphia Centennials – NA (1875)
Philadelphia Phillies – NL (1883–1886)
Location: Columbia Avenue (now Cecil B. Moore Avenue) (south); 25th Street (west); Montgomery Street (north); Ridge Avenue a.k.a. Ridge Pike (northeast); 24th or 23rd Street (east) – a few blocks east of the future Columbia Park site
Currently: Residential
Oakdale Park
Amateur clubs beginning about 1866
Athletic – AA (1882)
Location: West Kensington – Huntingdon Street (north); 11th Street (east); Cumberland Street (south); 12th Street (west) – a couple of blocks east of the future Baker Bowl site
Currently: Residential / commercial
Keystone Park
Occupant: KeystoneUA (1884)
Location: Broad Street; Wharton Street; 11th Street; Moore[?] Street
Currently: Residential / commercial
Baker Bowl (formally National League Park, originally Philadelphia Base Ball Park)
Occupant: Philadelphia Phillies – NL (1887 – mid-1938)
Location: Lehigh Avenue (north, left field); Broad Street (east, right field); Huntingdon Street (south, first base); 15th Street (west, third base)
Currently: Commercial
University Grounds
Occupant: Philadelphia Phillies – NL (1894 for 6 games)
Location: "37th and Spruce" – Spruce Street (north), 38th Street (east), Pine Street (south), Woodland Avenue and 37th Street T-intersection (northwest) – normally the home of University of Pennsylvania teams, prior to the opening of Franklin Field a few blocks east [1]
Currently: campus buildings and park
Forepaugh Park
Occupant: AthleticPL (1890), AA (1891)
Location: Broad Street; Dauphin Street – a few blocks south of the Baker Bowl and Oakdale Park sites
Currently: Residential / commercial
Columbia Park or Columbia Avenue Grounds
Occupant: Philadelphia Athletics – AL (1901–1908)
Location: Columbia Avenue (now Cecil B. Moore Avenue) (north, left field); North 29th Street (east, right field); Oxford Street (south, first base); North 30th Street (west, third base); Glenwood Avenue (northwest, left field corner), beyond Columbia-30th intersection
Currently: Residential
Shibe Park / Connie Mack Stadium
Philadelphia Athletics – AL (1909–1954)
Philadelphia Phillies – NL (mid-1938 – 1970)
Location: Lehigh Avenue (south, first base); 21st Street (west, third base); Somerset Street (north, left field); 20th Street (east, right field) – a few blocks west of Baker Bowl
Currently: Deliverance Evangelistic Church
Hilldale Park
Occupant: HilldaleNegro Leagues (ca. 1910–1932)
Location: Darby, Pennsylvania – Chester Avenue; Cedar Avenue
Currently: Residential / commercial / athletic fields
44th and Parkside Ballpark
Occupant: Philadelphia Stars (ca. 1935–1950)
Location: Belmont Avenue and Parkside Avenue
Currently: Discovery Charter School and Philadelphia Stars Negro League Memorial Park
Veterans Stadium
Occupant: Philadelphia Phillies – NL (1971–2003)
Location: 3501 South Broad Street – Broad Street (west, third base); South 10th Street (north, left field); Pattison Avenue (south, first base);
Currently: Parking lot just west of Citizens Bank Park
Citizens Bank Park
Occupant: Philadelphia Phillies – NL (2004–present)
Location: 1 Citizens Bank Way – Pattison Avenue (south, home base); South 11th Street (west, third base / left field); South 10th Street (north, center field); South Darian Street (east, first base / right field)

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