List of bases of the South African Air Force

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The following is a list of bases of the South African Air Force.

Current Bases[edit]

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Base Location
Air Force Base Bloemspruit 29°05′38″S 26°18′14″E / 29.09389°S 26.30389°E / -29.09389; 26.30389 (Air Force Base Bloemspruit)
Air Force Base Durban 29°58′07″S 30°56′52″E / 29.96861°S 30.94778°E / -29.96861; 30.94778 (Air Force Base Durban)
Air Force Base Hoedspruit 24°21′17″S 31°03′01″E / 24.35472°S 31.05028°E / -24.35472; 31.05028 (Air Force Base Hoedspruit)
Air Force Base Langebaanweg 32°58′08″S 18°09′55″E / 32.96889°S 18.16528°E / -32.96889; 18.16528 (Air Force Base Langebaanweg)
Air Force Base Makhado 23°09′36″S 29°41′48″E / 23.16000°S 29.69667°E / -23.16000; 29.69667 (Air Force Base Makhado)
Air Force Base Overberg 34°33′17″S 20°15′02″E / 34.55472°S 20.25056°E / -34.55472; 20.25056 (Air Force Base Overberg)
Air Force Base Swartkop 25°48′25″S 28°09′52″E / 25.80694°S 28.16444°E / -25.80694; 28.16444 (Air Force Base Swartkop)
Air Force Base Waterkloof 25°49′48″S 28°13′21″E / 25.83000°S 28.22250°E / -25.83000; 28.22250 (Air Force Base Waterkloof)
Air Force Base Ysterplaat 33°54′04″S 18°29′00″E / 33.90111°S 18.48333°E / -33.90111; 18.48333 (Air Force Base Ysterplaat)
Air Force Station Port Elizabeth[a] 33°59′24″S 25°36′37″E / 33.99000°S 25.61028°E / -33.99000; 25.61028 (Air Force Station Port Elizabeth)


  1. ^ Designated a "Station" as it is not home to at least one full squadron

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