List of canals in Switzerland

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This is a list of navigable canals that are at least partially located in Switzerland. The canals are listed here in alphabetic order of the name (without generic).

Currently navigable canals[edit]

Canal name (English) Canal name (Local) From To
Hurden Ship Canal Schiffahrtskanal von Hurden Lake Zürich (lower section) Lake Zürich (upper section or Obersee)
Interlaken Ship Canal Interlaken Schiffskanal Lake Thun near Interlaken Interlaken West railway station
Nidau-Büren Canal Nidau-Büren-Kanal / Canal de Nidau-Büren Lake Biel near Nidau Aar River near Büren
Thun Ship Canal Thun Schiffskanal Lake Thun near Thun Thun railway station

Formerly navigable canals[edit]

Canal name (English) Canal name (Local) From To
Entreroches Canal Canal d’Entreroches Yverdon-les-Bains Cossonay

Incomplete navigable canal projects[edit]

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