List of caves in Serbia

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List of caves in Serbia.

Image Name Location Notes
Ceremošnja cave near village Ceremošnja and town Kučevo The length of this small but beautiful cave is 770 m, of which 430 m is suitable for exploration by tourists. Bats can sometimes be seen during visits.
Degurić cave-Gradac.jpg Degurić Cave Near Valjevo
Gradac Cave near Kragujevac Paleonthological site
Mirijevo-spilla.jpg Mirijevska Cave near Beograd Its located in a limestone hill at Belgrade in Mirijevo
Kađenica, pećina-kapela.JPG Kađenica Dljina village near Čačak Cave-church
Lazareva pećina.jpg Lazareva pećina Zlot, 9.4 km (5.84 mi) from Bor
Petnicka pecina 1.jpg Petnica 5 km (3.11 mi) SE of Valjevo
Prekonoška cave Svrljig
Rajkova pecina.JPG Rajko's Cave The cave is located at the spring of Mali Pek,
2 km (1.24 mi) from town Majdanpek in Eastern Serbia
The cave is 2,3 km long (4 km with small side canals) and has an underground river flowing through
Ravništanska cave near Kučevo 540 m long with an underground stream and two exits in two different valleys
Resavska pecina.JPG Resava Cave 20 km (12.43 mi) from Despotovac It is the first cave to be prepared for visits in Serbia.
Risovača Cave Entrance of the town Aranđelovac
Stopica cave entrance.jpg Stopića Cave Zlatibor
Ušačko-ledeni cave system near Uvac Discovered length of canals is 6.2 km, with parts of the cave still unexplored
Potpeće Cave Potpeće, 12 km from Užice towards Požega
Cerje Cave Cerje (Niš) To date discovered 6,025 meters , soon will be officially the longest cave in Serbia

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