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Sample route sign for an Ontario county road

This is a list of County and Regional (collectively known as divisions) numbered roads in Ontario. These roads are found only in Southern and Southwestern Ontario (with the lone exception being Greater Sudbury, which is in Northern Ontario), and are listed alphabetically by county, because more than one county can sometimes have the same county road number without connecting across county lines.

By their nature, all county roads in Ontario are numbered, unless noted. This page lists all of the county/district/regional roads by their respective county, district, or regional municipality.

Some counties have been merged in the past, and are known as "United Counties". They will be treated and named as one county.

The county road network has been present for many years, but has only been signed with the flowerpot logos since the early 1970s or 1980s (depending on the area). The signs are usually black text on white, or in some counties are multi-coloured. Previously, the roads simply had road names, such as "Essex Road 42" or "Kent County Road 14", and so on, but had no shields to designate them.

County roads within still-extant counties are almost always rural routes that rarely enter towns. However, within regional municipalities, the systems were expanded to follow major streets in the formerly separated cities, or were retained within originally-rural townships that were incorporated as cities following mass suburbanization.

In addition to County Roads, many townships also have Concession roads and Township Roads, such as Colchester South Road 3, and Concession 8. These do not have shields (only names on signs and maps). Some exceptions include former Highway 38 in Eastern Ontario, where the township name appears instead of the county as the township administers the road, or is not signed at all. Former Secondary Highway 620, downloaded to the Peterborough and Hastings County governments, was downloaded further to Wollaston Township (in Hastings County), with a posted sign appearing similar to an Ontario Tertiary Highway.


  • CR = County Road (or City Road, for those counties that have become City of <name> County, such as the City of Prince Edward County, Ontario)
  • DR = District Road (only in Muskoka; similar routes in unincorporated districts are usually provincial Secondary or Tertiary Highways)
  • MR = Municipal Road (for Separated Municipalities and Single-Tier Municipalities)
  • RR = Regional Road (Not Rural Route)
  • CH = County Highway - some counties have the same number designation for two or more County Routes, but some (like Durham RM and the City of Norfolk County) also list routes as County Highways (CR HWY/RR HWY/DR HWY), abbreviated as CH. These are designations for downloaded former provincial highways. A prime example is Durham RR 2, and Durham RR HWY 2.


Bruce County[edit]

Dufferin County[edit]

Elgin County[edit]

Essex County[edit]

Essex County Road 22.png


Grey County[edit]

Grey Road 1 sign.png

Haliburton County[edit]

Hastings County[edit]

Huron County[edit]



Leeds and Grenville[edit]

Lennox and Addington[edit]





Prescott and Russell United Counties[edit]



Simcoe Road 21 sign.png

Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry United Counties[edit]

Wellington County[edit]

Regional/District Municipalities[edit]

Regional Municipality of Durham[edit]

Finch Ave.svg


Regional Municipality of Halton[edit]

District Municipality of Muskoka[edit]

Regional Municipality of Niagara[edit]

Queenston Street sign.png

Oxford County[edit]

Regional Municipality of Peel[edit]

Peel Regional Road 20.png
Queensway East street sign.jpg

Regional Municipality of Waterloo[edit]

Regional Municipality of York[edit]

York Regional Road 49.svg

Single-tier municipalities[edit]



Greater Sudbury[edit]

Greater Sudbury Road 537.png

Haldimand County[edit]


Kawartha Lakes[edit]

Norfolk County[edit]


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