List of crossings of the Saint Lawrence River and the Great Lakes

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This is a list of bridges, ferries, and other crossings of the Saint Lawrence River and the Great Lakes, by order of south shore terminal running from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence upstream to Lake Superior.

Key: Communities linked by individual crossings
  (N) or (E): North- or East-shore terminal (mainland)
  (I): Island served by the crossing
  (S) or (W): South- or West-shore terminal (mainland)



Lower and Middle Saint Lawrence[edit]

Crossing Picture Year built[A] Communities linked Carries Name origin Coordinates
M/V Apollo (N) Blanc-Sablon, Quebec Connections with:
Qc138.svg Route 138
Labrador South Highway (Route 510)
Great Northern Highway (Route 430)
52°25′39″N 57°8′0″W / 52.42750°N 57.13333°W / 52.42750; -57.13333 (Blanc-Sablon)
(S) St. Barbe, Newfoundland and Labrador 51°12′0″N 56°45′11″W / 51.20000°N 56.75306°W / 51.20000; -56.75306 (St. Barbe)
Nordik Express ferry (Route 138)[D] (N) Kegashka
(N) La Romaine
(N) Harrington Harbour
(N) Tête-à-la-Baleine
(N) Saint-Augustin
(N) Gros-Mécatina
(N) Blanc-Sablon
Qc138.svg Route 138
(ferry system bridges a 425 km (264 mi) gap between Kegasha and Old Fort)
50°11′1″N 61°16′21″W / 50.18361°N 61.27250°W / 50.18361; -61.27250 (Kegashka) (Kegashka)
50°13′6″N 60°40′4″W / 50.21833°N 60.66778°W / 50.21833; -60.66778 (La Romaine) (La Romaine)
50°30′0″N 59°28′0″W / 50.50000°N 59.46667°W / 50.50000; -59.46667 (Harrington Harbour) (Harrington Harbour)
50°42′10″N 59°19′23″W / 50.70278°N 59.32306°W / 50.70278; -59.32306 (Tête-à-la-Baleine) (Tête-à-la-Baleine)
50°50′0″N 58°58′0″W / 50.83333°N 58.96667°W / 50.83333; -58.96667 (Gros-Mécatina) (Gros-Mécatina)
51°20′20″N 58°20′30″W / 51.33889°N 58.34167°W / 51.33889; -58.34167 (Saint-Augustin) (Saint-Augustin)
52°25′39″N 57°8′0″W / 52.42750°N 57.13333°W / 52.42750; -57.13333 (Blanc-Sablon) (Blanc-Sablon)
Matane-Baie Comeau-Godbout ferry (N) Baie-Comeau
(N) Godbout
49°13′56″N 68°8′4″W / 49.23222°N 68.13444°W / 49.23222; -68.13444 (Baie-Comeau) (Baie-Comeau)
49°19′19″N 67°35′33″W / 49.32194°N 67.59250°W / 49.32194; -67.59250 (Godbout) (Godbout)
(S) Matane 48°50′23″N 67°34′38″W / 48.83972°N 67.57722°W / 48.83972; -67.57722 (Matane)
Nordik Express ferry (across the Saint Lawrence River)[D] (N) Sept-Îles
(N) Havre-Saint-Pierre
50°11′47″N 66°22′38″W / 50.19639°N 66.37722°W / 50.19639; -66.37722 (Sept-Îles) (Sept-Îles)
50°14′11″N 63°36′19″W / 50.23639°N 63.60528°W / 50.23639; -63.60528 (Havre-Saint-Pierre) (Havre Saint-Pierre)
(I) Port-Menier 49°48′45″N 64°20′47″W / 49.81250°N 64.34639°W / 49.81250; -64.34639 (Port-Menier)
(S) Rimouski 48°28′52″N 68°30′59″W / 48.48111°N 68.51639°W / 48.48111; -68.51639 (Rimouski)
Rimouski-Forestville ferry CNMevolutiontraversier.jpg (N) Forestville 48°44′23″N 69°3′9″W / 48.73972°N 69.05250°W / 48.73972; -69.05250 (Forestville)
(S) Rimouski 48°28′52″N 68°30′59″W / 48.48111°N 68.51639°W / 48.48111; -68.51639 (Rimouski)
Trois Pistoles-Les Escoumins ferry L'heritage I.jpg (N) Les Escoumins 48°21′00″N 69°24′00″W / 48.35000°N 69.40000°W / 48.35000; -69.40000 (Les Escoumins)
(S) Trois-Pistoles 48°07′00″N 69°11′00″W / 48.11667°N 69.18333°W / 48.11667; -69.18333 (Trois-Pistoles)
Rivière-du-Loup-St-Siméon ferry (N) Saint-Siméon Connections with:
Qc170.svg Route 170
47°50′26″N 69°52′27″W / 47.84056°N 69.87417°W / 47.84056; -69.87417 (Saint-Siméon)
(S) Rivière-du-Loup 47°50′45″N 69°34′19″W / 47.84583°N 69.57194°W / 47.84583; -69.57194 (Rivière-du-Loup)
Île d'Orléans Bridge[B] Île d'Orléans Bridge.jpg 1935[1] (N) Quebec City (Beauport) Qc368.svg Route 368 Île d'Orléans 46°52′45″N 71°7′58″W / 46.87917°N 71.13278°W / 46.87917; -71.13278 (Île d'Orléans Bridge)
(I) Île d'Orléans
Quebec-Levis Ferry Alphonse-Desjardins.jpg (N) Quebec City 46°48′42″N 71°12′5″W / 46.81167°N 71.20139°W / 46.81167; -71.20139 (Quebec City)
(S) Lévis 46°48′37″N 71°11′17″W / 46.81028°N 71.18806°W / 46.81028; -71.18806 (Lévis)
Quebec Bridge[E] 125 - Québec - Pont de Québec de nuit - Septembre 2009.jpg 1917[2] (N) Quebec City (Sainte-Foy) Qc175.svg Route 175
Via Rail
Canadian National Railway
Route Verte 6
Quebec City 46°44′46″N 71°17′16″W / 46.74611°N 71.28778°W / 46.74611; -71.28778 (Quebec Bridge)
(S) Lévis (Charny)
Pierre Laporte Bridge Pont pierre laporte.jpg 1970[3] (N) Quebec City (Sainte-Foy) Quebec Autoroute 73.svg Autoroute 73 Pierre Laporte (1921–1970), Vice-Premier of Quebec. 46°44′42″N 71°17′25″W / 46.74500°N 71.29028°W / 46.74500; -71.29028 (Pierre Laporte Bridge)
(S) Lévis (Charny)
Laviolette Bridge Trois-Rivières PontLaviolette.JPG 1967[4] (N) Trois-Rivières Quebec Autoroute 55.svg Autoroute 55 Sieur de Laviolette (real name disputed), widely acknowledged as the founder of Trois-Rivières.[5] 46°18′23″N 72°33′36″W / 46.30639°N 72.56000°W / 46.30639; -72.56000 (Laviolette Bridge)
(S) Bécancour
Sorel-St Ignace de Loyola Ferry (N) Berthierville (Saint Ignace de Loyola) Connecting between:
Qc158.svg Route 158
Qc133.svg Route 133
46°3′34″N 73°7′33″W / 46.05944°N 73.12583°W / 46.05944; -73.12583 (Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola)
(S) Sorel-Tracy 46°2′52″N 73°6′49″W / 46.04778°N 73.11361°W / 46.04778; -73.11361 (Sorel-Tracy)

Island of Montreal[edit]

Crossing Picture Year built[A] Communities linked Carries Name origin Coordinates
Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine Tunnel An entrance of the Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine tunnel, with a sign telling drivers that they are about to cross the Saint Lawrence. 1967[6][I] (N) Borough of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Quebec Autoroute 25.svgTCH blank.svg
Autoroute 25/Trans-Canada Highway
Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine (1807–1864), Prime Minister of the United Province of Canada 45°35′0″N 73°29′51″W / 45.58333°N 73.49750°W / 45.58333; -73.49750 (Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine Tunnel)
(I) Île Charron (Îles de Boucherville) (exit)
(S) Longueuil, borough of Vieux-Longueuil
Old Port of Montreal–Longueuil Ferry The Old Port of Montreal–Longueuil Ferry at the Old Port of Montreal. (N) Borough of Ville-Marie (Jacques-Cartier Pier, Old Port of Montreal)
45°30′25″N 73°33′1″W / 45.50694°N 73.55028°W / 45.50694; -73.55028 (Old Port of Montreal)
(I) Saint Helen's Island (Parc Jean-Drapeau) 45°30′40.15″N 73°32′15.5″W / 45.5111528°N 73.537639°W / 45.5111528; -73.537639 (Saint Helen's Island ferry terminal)
(S) Longueuil, borough of Le Vieux-Longueuil (Réal-Bouvier Marina) 45°32′23.6″N 73°31′4.5″W / 45.539889°N 73.517917°W / 45.539889; -73.517917 (Réal-Bouvier Marina)
Jacques Cartier Bridge A cantilevered bridge, with a sunset in the background. 1930[7][J] (N) Borough of Ville-Marie Qc134.svg
Route 134

Pedestrians and bicycles

Jacques Cartier (1491–1557), French explorer 45°31′17″N 73°32′28″W / 45.52139°N 73.54111°W / 45.52139; -73.54111 (Jacques Cartier Bridge)
(I) Île Sainte-Hélène (exit) and Île Notre-Dame
(S) Longueuil, borough of Vieux-Longueuil
Montreal Metro Tunnel The exterior of a subway station entrance. 1966[8] (N) Borough of Ville-Marie (Berri-UQAM station) Montreal Metro Line 4 Yellow
45°30′N 73°32′W / 45.500°N 73.533°W / 45.500; -73.533 (Metro tunnel (line 4))
(I) Île Sainte-Hélène (Jean-Drapeau station) and Île Notre-Dame
(S) Longueuil, borough of Vieux-Longueuil (Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke station)
Pont de la Concorde Bridge[B] A steel box-girder bridge, with part of the city skyline in the background. 1965[9][K] (N) Borough of Ville-Marie Pierre-Dupuy Avenue and Route Verte 1 and 2 Reference to Montreal's motto, Concordia salus[9] 45°30′22″N 73°32′17″W / 45.50611°N 73.53806°W / 45.50611; -73.53806 (Pont de la Concorde)

45°30′28″N 73°31′49″W / 45.50778°N 73.53028°W / 45.50778; -73.53028 (Saint-Lambert) (Pont des Îles)

(I) Île Sainte-Hélène and Île Notre-Dame (Parc Jean-Drapeau), borough of Ville-Marie, Montreal
Victoria Bridge The numerous truss sections of a long bridge across a large body of water. 1898[10][L] (N) Borough of Le Sud-Ouest Qc112.svg
Route 112

Canadian National Railway (CN)

RTM Mont-Saint-Hilaire line commuter train

Via Rail and Amtrak passenger trains

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (1819–1901) 45°29′29″N 73°31′46″W / 45.49139°N 73.52944°W / 45.49139; -73.52944 (Victoria Bridge)
(S) Saint-Lambert
Champlain Bridge A view of the bridge's cantilevered main span. 1962[11][M] (N) Borough of Verdun Quebec Autoroute 10.svg Quebec Autoroute 15.svg Quebec Autoroute 20.svg

Autoroutes 10, 15, and 20

Samuel de Champlain (c. 1580–1635), founder of Quebec City 45°28′7″N 73°31′15″W / 45.46861°N 73.52083°W / 45.46861; -73.52083 (Champlain Bridge)
(I) Île des Sœurs (exit)
(S) Brossard
Champlain Bridge Ice Structure A normal box girder bridge, but with closely spaced pillars. 1964[12][N] (I) Île des Sœurs Route Verte 1 and 2 45°27′57″N 73°31′11″W / 45.46583°N 73.51972°W / 45.46583; -73.51972 (Champlain Bridge Ice Structure)
(S) St. Lawrence Seaway levee
Honoré Mercier Bridge A view of a twinned steel truss bridge, from between the spans. 1934, 1963[13][O] (N) Borough of LaSalle Qc138.svg
Route 138
Honoré Mercier (1840–1894), Premier of Quebec 45°25′0″N 73°39′18″W / 45.41667°N 73.65500°W / 45.41667; -73.65500 (Honoré Mercier Bridge)
(S) Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve
Saint-Laurent Railway Bridge A bridge with two truss sections in the middle. 1886[14] (N) Borough of LaSalle Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)

Réseau de transport métropolitain (RTM) Candiac line (commuter train)

Saint Lawrence River 45°25′8″N 73°39′34″W / 45.41889°N 73.65944°W / 45.41889; -73.65944 (Saint-Laurent Railway Bridge)
(S) Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve
Île-Dorval ferry[B] (N) Dorval 45°26′17″N 73°44′22″W / 45.43806°N 73.73944°W / 45.43806; -73.73944 (Dorval ferry terminal)
(I) Dorval Island 45°26′0″N 73°44′32″W / 45.43333°N 73.74222°W / 45.43333; -73.74222 (Île-Dorval ferry terminal)

Upper Saint Lawrence and Beauharnois Canal[edit]

Crossing Picture Year built[A] Communities linked Carries Name origin Coordinates
Boulevard Edgar Hébert Bridge[P] (Beauharnois Canal) Boulevard Edgar Hébert Bridge.jpg (I) Melocheville Qc132.svg Route 132 Edgar Hébert (1911–1984), MNA for Beauharnois (1948–1962).[15] 45°18′57″N 73°54′28″W / 45.31583°N 73.90778°W / 45.31583; -73.90778
(S) Beauharnois
Pied-du-Canal Bridge (Beauharnois Canal) (I) Melocheville CSX Rail Reference to the position of the bridge, close to the canal's downstream end. 45°17′58″N 73°55′13″W / 45.29944°N 73.92028°W / 45.29944; -73.92028
(S) Beauharnois
Serge-Marcil Bridge (main channel) Quebec Autoroute 30 - WB (04).jpg (N) Vaudreuil-Dorion Quebec Autoroute 30.svg Autoroute 30 Serge Marcil (1944-2010), former Member of the National Assembly who served the riding of Beauharnois 45°18′25″N 74°00′53″W / 45.30694°N 74.01472°W / 45.30694; -74.01472
(I) Melocheville
Madeleine-Parent Bridge (Beauharnois Canal) Quebec Autoroute 30 - WB - Beauharnois Canal Bridge (2).jpg Madeleine Parent (1918-2012), former trade union activist 45°17′51″N 73°55′16″W / 45.29750°N 73.92111°W / 45.29750; -73.92111
(S) Beauharnois
St. Louis Bridge (Beauharnois Canal) St. Louis Bridge, St-Louis-de-Gonzague QC.jpg (I) Salaberry-de-Valleyfield (Saint-Timothée) Boulevard Pie-XII (Salaberry)
Rue du Pont (Saint-Louis)
Municipality of Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague.[16] 45°13′50″N 74°0′4″W / 45.23056°N 74.00111°W / 45.23056; -74.00111
(S) Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague
Larocque Bridge (Beauharnois Canal) Larocque Bridge.jpg (I) Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Quebec Autoroute 530.svg Autoroute 530
Qc132.svg Route 132
Qc201.svg Route 201
Larocque Street in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. The origin of the name Larocque is unknown.[17] 45°13′23″N 74°6′57″W / 45.22306°N 74.11583°W / 45.22306; -74.11583
(S) Saint-Stanislas-de-Kostka
Monseigneur Langlois Bridge (main channel) Monseigneur Langlois Bridge.jpg (N) Coteau du Lac Qc201.svg Route 201 Joseph-Alfred Langlois [fr], bishop of Valleyfield[18] 45°16′21″N 74°10′53″W / 45.27250°N 74.18139°W / 45.27250; -74.18139
(I) Salaberry-de-Valleyfield (Grande-Île)
Coteau Railway Bridge (main Channel) Coteau Railway Bridge.jpg (N) Coteau du Lac Canadian National Railway Les Coteaux, Quebec 45°15′30″N 74°10′57″W / 45.25833°N 74.18250°W / 45.25833; -74.18250
(I) Salaberry-de-Valleyfield (Grande-Île)

Ontario and the United States[edit]

Upper Saint Lawrence River[edit]

Crossing Picture Year built[A] Communities linked Carries Name origin Coordinates
Three Nations Crossing (North Channel Bridge) Bridge in Cornwall, Ontario.jpg 1962[19]

2014 (replaced)[20]

(N) Cornwall, Ontario Ontario 138.svg Brookdale Avenue/ON 138
Access to NY-37.svg NY 37
Mohawks of Akwesasne[19] 45°0′29″N 74°44′22″W / 45.00806°N 74.73944°W / 45.00806; -74.73944 ("Three Nations Crossing (North Channel)")
(I) Akwesasne (Cornwall Island)
Three Nations Crossing (South Channel Bridge) [1] 1958[19] 44°59′23″N 74°44′22″W / 44.98972°N 74.73944°W / 44.98972; -74.73944 ("Three Nations Crossing (South Channel)")
(S) Massena, New York
Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge Ogdensburg-Prescott Bridge.JPG 1960[21] (N) Johnstown, Ontario Ontario 416.svg ON 416
NY-812.svg NY 812
Ogdensburg, New York
Prescott, Ontario
44°44′7″N 75°27′35″W / 44.73528°N 75.45972°W / 44.73528; -75.45972
(S) Ogdensburg, New York
Thousand Islands Bridge Thousand Islands Bridge 5.jpg 1938[22] (N) Ivy Lea, Ontario Ontario 137.svg ON 137
I-81.svg Interstate 81
Thousand Islands 44°20′51″N 75°59′1″W / 44.34750°N 75.98361°W / 44.34750; -75.98361 (Thousand Islands Bridge)
(I) Wellesley Island
(S) Orleans, New York
Murray Isle Ferry[B] (I) Murray Isle
(S) Mason Point, New York
Grindstone Island Ferry[B] (I) Grindstone Island
(S) Clayton, New York
Howe Island Township Ferry[B] (N) Gananoque, Ontario
(I) Howe Island
Howe Island County Ferry[B] (N) Pitt's Ferry
(I) Howe Island
Carleton Island Ferry[B] (I) Carleton Island
(S) Cape Vincent, New York
Kingston-Wolfe Island Ferry Wolfe Island ferry loading.jpg (N) Kingston, Ontario Frontenac County Road 95 44°13′55″N 76°28′34″W / 44.23194°N 76.47611°W / 44.23194; -76.47611 (Kingston)
(I) Wolfe Island (Ontario) 44°11′38″N 76°26′34″W / 44.19389°N 76.44278°W / 44.19389; -76.44278 (Wolfe Island)
Horne's Ferry 44°8′7″N 76°21′14″W / 44.13528°N 76.35389°W / 44.13528; -76.35389 (Wolfe Island)
(S) Cape Vincent, New York 44°7′48″N 76°20′6″W / 44.13000°N 76.33500°W / 44.13000; -76.33500 (Cape Vincent)

Lake Ontario and Niagara River[edit]

Crossing Picture Year built[A] Communities linked Carries Name origin Coordinates
Burlington Bay James N. Allan Skyway[R] Burlington Bay James N. Allan Skyway 2004.jpg (N) Burlington, Ontario Ontario QEW.svg Queen Elizabeth Way James Noble Allan (1894-1992), Ontario Minister of Highways and Chairman of the Niagara Parks Commission. 43°17′52″N 79°47′48″W / 43.29778°N 79.79667°W / 43.29778; -79.79667
(N) Hamilton, Ontario
Lewiston-Queenston Bridge Lewiston-Queenston Bridge.jpg (N) Queenston, ON Ontario 405.svg Highway 405
I-190.svg I-190
Lewiston, New York
Queenston, Ontario
43°09′11″N 79°02′41″W / 43.15306°N 79.04472°W / 43.15306; -79.04472
(S) Lewiston, NY
Whirlpool Rapids Bridge Whirlpool Rapids Bridge 2.jpg (N) Niagara Falls, Ontario Road (for NEXUS users only) and Amtrak/Via passenger trains Whirlpool Rapids 43°06′33″N 79°03′30″W / 43.10917°N 79.05833°W / 43.10917; -79.05833
(S) Niagara Falls, New York
Michigan Central Railway Bridge Michigan Central Railway Bridge Niagara Falls 1.jpg (N) Niagara Falls, Ontario Disused
(was Canadian Pacific Railway)
Michigan Central Railroad, which originally built the bridge. 43°06′30.80″N 79°03′29.76″W / 43.1085556°N 79.0582667°W / 43.1085556; -79.0582667
(S) Niagara Falls, New York
Rainbow Bridge Rainbow07.JPG (N) Niagara Falls, Ontario Access to
Ontario 420.svg Highway 420
(not open to commercial trucks)
Rainbows forming over Niagara Falls, which can be seen from the bridge. 43°05′25″N 79°04′04″W / 43.09028°N 79.06778°W / 43.09028; -79.06778
(S) Niagara Falls, New York
North Grand Island Bridge Niagara River.jpg (I) Grand Island, New York I-190.svg I-190 Grand Island, New York. 43°04′08″N 78°59′27″W / 43.06889°N 78.99083°W / 43.06889; -78.99083
(S) Niagara Falls, New York
South Grand Island Bridge Between the Grand Island bridges.jpg (I) Grand Island, New York 42°59′55″N 78°56′13″W / 42.99861°N 78.93694°W / 42.99861; -78.93694
(S) Tonawanda, New York
International Railway Bridge International Bridge - south.jpg (N) Fort Erie, Ontario Canadian National Railway 42°55′44″N 78°54′36″W / 42.92889°N 78.91000°W / 42.92889; -78.91000
(S) Buffalo, New York
Peace Bridge Peace Bridge.jpg (N) Fort Erie, Ontario Ontario QEW.svg Queen Elizabeth Way 100 years of peace between the United States and Canada.[citation needed] 42°54′25″N 78°54′21″W / 42.90694°N 78.90583°W / 42.90694; -78.90583
(S) Buffalo, New York

Lake Erie / Bass Islands[edit]

Crossing Picture Year built[A] Communities linked Carries Name origin Coordinates
Leamington - Pelee Island - Sandusky Ferry The Pelee Island Ferry arriving at the Marina.jpg (N) Leamington, Ontario North end:
Erie Street
Pelee Island Ferry Terminal
South End:
US 6.svg US 6
US 250.svg US 250
OH-4.svg Ohio SR 4
OH-101.svg Ohio SR 101
(I) Pelee Island
(S) Sandusky, Ohio
Marblehead - Kelleys Island Ferry (I) Kelleys Island Connecting:
OH-575.svg Ohio SR 575
OH-163.svg Ohio SR 163
(S) Marblehead, Ohio
Put-In-Bay - Port Clinton Ferry (I) Put-In-Bay, Ohio Connecting:
OH-357.svg Ohio SR 357
OH-53.svg Ohio SR 53
(S) Port Clinton, Ohio

Detroit and St. Clair Rivers[edit]

Crossing Picture Year built[A] Communities linked Carries Name origin Coordinates
Wayne County Bridge WayneCountyBridge.png (I) Trenton, Michigan Grosse Ile Parkway Grosse Ile 42°07′39″N 83°10′31″W / 42.12750°N 83.17528°W / 42.12750; -83.17528
(S) Riverview, Michigan
Grosse Ile Toll Bridge Grosse Ile Toll Bridge in 2006.jpg (I) Riverview, Michigan Bridge Road Grosse Ile 42°10′20″N 83°09′34″W / 42.17222°N 83.15944°W / 42.17222; -83.15944
(S) Riverview, Michigan
Gordie Howe International Bridge (future) (N) Windsor, Ontario Will connect the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway extension of Ontario 401.svg Ontario Highway 401 to I-75.svg Interstate 75 Gordie Howe, famed ice hockey player for the Detroit Red Wings 42°17′17″N 83°05′51″W / 42.2880°N 83.0975°W / 42.2880; -83.0975
(S) Detroit, Michigan
Ambassador Bridge Ambassadorbridgefrombase.jpg 1927 (N) Windsor, Ontario Ontario 3.svg Ontario Highway 3
Access to I-75.svg Interstate 75,
I-96.svg Interstate 96
42°18′43″N 83°04′27″W / 42.31194°N 83.07417°W / 42.31194; -83.07417
(S) Detroit, Michigan
Michigan Central Railway Tunnel Detroit River Train Tunnel.jpg (N) Windsor, Ontario Canadian Pacific Railway Michigan Central Railroad, which originally built the tunnel. 42°19′15″N 83°03′05″W / 42.32083°N 83.05139°W / 42.32083; -83.05139
(S) Detroit, Michigan
Detroit–Windsor Tunnel DWTunnel.JPG (N) Windsor, ON Access to I-375.svgInterstate 375,
M-3.svgM-3, M-10.svgM-10
Detroit, Michigan
Windsor, Ontario
42°19′28″N 83°02′24″W / 42.32444°N 83.04000°W / 42.32444; -83.04000
(S) Detroit, MI
MacArthur Bridge MacArthur Bridge (Detroit).jpg (I) Belle Isle, Michigan Grand Boulevard General Douglas MacArthur, who led American troops in the Philippines Campaign during World War II.[citation needed] 42°20′33″N 82°59′54″W / 42.34250°N 82.99833°W / 42.34250; -82.99833
(S) Detroit, Michigan
Champion Auto Ferry (N) Algonac, Michigan Connecting:
(I) Harsens Island
Algonac - Walpole Island Ferry (W) Algonac, Michigan Connections to:
(I) Walpole Island
Blue Water Ferry (W) Marine City, Michigan Connections to:
St. Clair Parkway / Lambton County Road 33
(E) Sombra, Ontario
St. Clair Tunnel St Clair River Tunnel - Port Huron Michigan.jpg (E) Sarnia, Ontario Canadian National Railway St. Clair River 42°57′30″N 82°24′38″W / 42.95833°N 82.41056°W / 42.95833; -82.41056
(W) Port Huron, Michigan
Blue Water Bridge Bluewater Bridge.JPG (E) Sarnia, Ontario Ontario 402.svg Highway 402
I-69.svgI-94.svgInterstates 69/94
42°59′54″N 82°25′24″W / 42.99833°N 82.42333°W / 42.99833; -82.42333
(W) Port Huron, Michigan

Straits of Mackinac and Soo Locks area[edit]

Crossing Picture Year built[A] Communities linked Carries Name origin Coordinates
Bois Blanc Island Ferry (I) Pointe Aux Pins, Michigan Connections with:
US 23.svg US 23
County C-66.svg County Road C-66
(S) Cheboygan, Michigan
Mackinaw City - Mackinac Island Ferry MackinacIslandFerry.jpg (I) Mackinac Island Connecting:
M-185 (MISPC).svgM-185
I-75.svg Interstate 75
US 23.svg US 23
(bicycles and pedestrians only)
(S) Mackinaw City, Michigan
St. Ignace - Mackinac Island Ferry (I) Mackinac Island Connecting:
M-185 (MISPC).svgM-185
I-75.svg Interstate 75
US 2.svg US 2
(bicycles and pedestrians only)
(W) St. Ignace, Michigan
Drummond Island Ferry Drummond Island Ferry cropped.jpg (I) Drummond Island M-134.svgM-134
(W) De Tour Village, Michigan
Barbeau - Neebish Island Ferry (I) Neebish Island Ferry Road
(W) Barbeau, Michigan
Sugar Island Ferry (I) Sugar Island Connecting Portage Avenue / Riverside Drive with 1 1/2 Mile Road
(W) Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge Soo Locks International Bridge 2010-04 USACE.jpg (N) Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario I-75.svg Interstate 75 Sault Ste. Marie, twin cities in Ontario and Michigan 46°30′12″N 84°21′45″W / 46.50333°N 84.36250°W / 46.50333; -84.36250
(I) Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Mackinac Bridge Mackinac Bridge.jpg unknown-1957 (I) St. Ignace, Michigan Straits of Mackinac 45°49′02″N 84°43′39″W / 45.81722°N 84.72750°W / 45.81722; -84.72750
(S) Mackinaw City, Michigan

Lake Huron / Georgian Bay, Ontario[edit]

Crossing Picture Year built[A] Communities linked Carries Name origin Coordinates
Bernt Gilbertson Bridge St Joseph Island Bridge.jpg (I) St. Joseph Island Ontario Highway 548.svg Highway 548 Bernt Gilbertson (?-1975), MPP for Algoma, 1967-1975
(N) 2 km south of Ontario 17.svgTCH blank.svg Highway 17/TCH west of Desbarats
Little Current Swing Bridge Little Current Swing Bridge Ontario.jpg (S) Little Current, Ontario Ontario 6.svg Highway 6 Little Current, Ontario
(N) Turner, Ontario
MS Chi-Cheemaun Ferry MS Chi-Cheemaun - 2017.jpg (S) South Baymouth, Ontario Ontario 6.svg Highway 6 "Big canoe" in Ojibwe
(N) Tobermory, Ontario

Lake Superior[edit]

Crossing Picture Year built[A] Communities linked Carries Name origin Coordinates
Portage Lake Lift Bridge PortageLakeLiftBridge.jpg (N) Hancock, Michigan US 41.svg US 41
Portage Lake, a segment of the Keweenaw Waterway
(S) Houghton, Michigan
Isle Royale ferry Houghton michigan.jpg (N) Isle Royale, Michigan
(S) Houghton, Michigan
Madeline Island Ferry Mad Ferry3.jpg (I) La Pointe, Wisconsin Connecting:
WIS County H.svg County Road H
WIS 13.svgWIS 13
(S) Bayfield, Wisconsin
John A. Blatnik Bridge Blatnick Bridge Central Span P7170125.jpg (E) Superior, Wisconsin I-535.svgInterstate 535
US 53.svg US 53
John Blatnik (1911-1991), Congressional Representative for Minnesota's 8th congressional district, 1947-1975
(W) Duluth, Minnesota
Richard I. Bong Memorial Bridge Bong Bridge.jpg (E) Superior, Wisconsin US 2.svg US 2 Richard Ira Bong (1920-1945), World War II fighter pilot
(W) Duluth, Minnesota

Lake Michigan[edit]

Crossing Picture Year built[A] Communities linked Carries Name origin Coordinates
Beaver Island Ferry (I) Beaver Island, Michigan Connection to:
US 31.svg US 31
(S) Charlevoix, Michigan
North Manitou Island Ferry (E) Leland, Michigan Connection to:
(I) North Manitou Island, Michigan
South Manitou Island Ferry (E) Leland, Michigan Connection to:
(I) South Manitou Island, Michigan
Washington Island Ferry Arni J Richter.jpg (I) Washington Island, Wisconsin Connecting:
WIS County W.svg County Road W
WIS 42.svgWIS 42
(S) Northport, Door County, Wisconsin
SS Badger SSBadger.JPG (E) Ludington, Michigan US 10.svg US 10 "Bucky Badger", athletic mascot for the University of Wisconsin–Madison
(W) Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Lake Express Ferry Lake Express at Slip.jpg (E) Muskegon, Michigan Connections with:
Estes Street to:
US 31.svg US 31
I-96.svgInterstate 96
I-794.svgInterstate 794
WIS 794.svgWIS 794
(W) Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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A The year of construction of the original structure. In the case of ferries, no date is given, as the beginning of a ferry link is often not documented.
B Provides only a partial crossing.
D Nordik Express offers, in addition to links to Rimouski, Sept-Îles, and Havre-Saint-Pierre, a ferry link to several communities along the Basse-Côte-Nord. Its easternmost terminal is in Blanc-Sablon, Quebec.
E Quebec Bridge is the lowermost fixed crossing of the whole river.
I The Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine complex consists of a tunnel from Montreal to Île Charron and a bridge from Île Charron to the South Shore.[6]
J Jacques-Cartier Bridge was originally named Harbour Bridge/Pont du Havre, and renamed after Jacques Cartier in 1934 (400th anniversary of Cartier's first voyage). The section over the St. Lawrence Seaway was lifted to a new height in 1962.[7]
K Pont de la Concorde (Concorde Bridge) and Pont des Îles ("Bridge of the Islands") were built for Expo 67.[9] Pont de la Concorde connects Montreal Island to Saint Helen's Island, while Pont des Îles connects Saint Helen's Island to Notre-Dame Island.
L Victoria Bridge was built as a one-track tubular bridge which opened in 1860, then rebuilt as a two-track truss bridge in 1898. The South Y approach was rebuilt around the Saint-Lambert locks of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1961.[10]
M At the north end of Champlain Bridge, two spans, one north-south (aut. 15 and 20) and one east-west (aut. 10) connect Île des Sœurs to I. of Montreal. These two spans, called Pont Île-des-Sœurs and Pont Clément, are part of the Champlain Bridge complex.[11]
N The Champlain Bridge Ice Structure, known in French as "l'Estacade Champlain," was built to control ice floes coming from the Laprairie Basin.[12]
O The section of Honoré-Mercier bridge spanning over the St. Lawrence Seaway was rebuilt to seaway standards in the 1950s. The bridge was twinned by an identical one, on the downriver side, which opened in 1963.[13]
P The Edgar Hébert Boulevard crossing consists of a suspension bridge over the discharge of the Beauharnois Power Station and a tunnel under the locks of Beauharnois Canal.
Q The South Channel Bridge was demolished in 1958, and the North Channel Bridge in 1965.
R The Burlington Bay Skyway does not cross between both sides of the St. Lawrence/Great Lakes river system, but it is a major thoroughfare crossing the western tip of Lake Ontario, which allows motorists to drive around the city of Hamilton.


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