List of dams and reservoirs in Dominican Republic

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There are numerous dams and reservoirs in the Dominican Republic, which is composed of rivers, lakes, streams, and numerous waterfalls.

The main rivers in the Dominican Republic are the Yaque del Norte, which is the longest in the country at 201 km in length. The second largest and the strongest river is the Yuna River which is 138 km in length and the third largest is the Yaque del Sur which is 136 km in length.

River:** Dam (Hydro-electric plant) Place: Capacity: (millions of m³*) Year Made:
Yaque del Norte Tavera 170 1973
Bao River Bao 280 1984
Bao River López-Angostura 4.4 1985
Jimenoa River Jimenoa 0.3 1950
Maguaca River Maguaca 15.6 1999
Chacuey River Chacuey 13.7 1979
Yuna River Hatillo 375.0 1984
Nizao River Valdesia 137.0 1976
Nizao River Jiguey 167.2 1992
Nizao River Aguacate 4.3 1992
Nizao River Las Barias 1.7 1976
Yaque del Sur Sabana Yegua 354.0 1979
San Juan River Sabaneta 63.0 1981
Blanco River Rio Blanco 1.1 1996
Jima River Rincón 60.0 1978
Las Damas Las Damas 0.4 1967
Mijo River Mijo 1.6 1990
Mao River Monción 369.4 2001
Cabeza De Caballo Cabeza De Caballo 0.6 1988


  • *Actual capacity might vary
  • **Some rivers have the same name as dams or hydro-electric plants.

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