List of dams and reservoirs in Turkey

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Regions of Turkey

Below is a partial list of dams in Turkey separated by region, of more than 350 dams total.

Aegean Region[edit]

In the Aegean Region, western part of Turkey, there are 45 dams.

Black Sea Region[edit]

54 dams exist in the Black Sea Region, northern part of Turkey.

Central Anatolia Region[edit]

75 dams are in the Central Anatolia Region.

Eastern Anatolia Region[edit]

40 dams are located in the Eastern Anatolia Region.

Marmara Region[edit]

There are 50 dams in the Marmara Region, northwest of Turkey.

Mediterranean Region[edit]

41 dams exist and 1 is under construction in the Mediterranean Region, in southern Turkey.

Southeastern Anatolia Region[edit]

In the Southeastern Anatolia Region, 20 dams are built, 12 under construction and 4 planned.

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