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For representation of Mary, either alone or with her child Jesus, see Madonna (art). For images of the Virgin and Child accompanied by saints, see sacra conversazione. For the treatment in art of incidents in the life of Mary, see Life of the Virgin, and the individual articles linked from there.
A simple Italian Virgin and Child by Carlo Crivelli, c. 1470

Virgin and Child or Madonna and Child or Mary and Child usually refers to artistic depictions of Mary and Child Jesus together, as part of both Catholic and Orthodox church traditions, and very notably in the Marian art in the Catholic Church. The various different names are effectively interchangeable, and any particular work may be given different titles by different sources.

Particular types[edit]

Sacra conversazione or Virgin and Child with saints, in this case in a landscape setting with a donor portrait, Palma Vecchio, c. 1519
Maria Lactans, Circle of Joos van Cleve, 1515-20
Seat of Wisdom, enthroned Virgin with Child, Mosan art, 11th century

List of works[edit]

Images of the Virgin and Child were for centuries the most common subject for Christian religious art. There are many thousands of surviving historical images. The following is a list (probably incomplete) of those with articles, listed by their usual type of title (although other title forms may be found).

Virgin and Child[edit]

Madonna and Child[edit]

Hodegetria type. 12th-century plaque found in Torcello Cathedral; a full-length figure like the original in Constantinople

Madonna of[edit]

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