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This is a list of flags of Indonesia containing images and information about the official Indonesian flags used, and other historical flags.

National flag[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Indonesia.svg 17 August 1945 – national flags and national ensign A horizontal bicolor of red and white
Naval Jack of Indonesia.svg 17 August 1945 – Naval jack of Indonesian Navy Nine equal horizontal alternating stripes of red and white

Provinces flags[edit]

The provincial flags was raised at the opening of the National Paralympic Week event 2016 (XV) in Siliwangi Stadium, Bandung.


Historical flags[edit]

Flags of states of United States of Indonesia[edit]

Former province[edit]

Pre-Colonial Countries/Kingdoms[edit]

Others flags[edit]

Flags of separatism movement[edit]

Islamic State of Indonesia[edit]

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  1. ^ Presidential flag of Indonesia used during Sukarno era to sign the President's presence at the Presidential Palace.