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This page lists all forms of grenade launchers around the world, that is to say weapons that launch grenades with more accuracy, a higher velocity and to greater distances than a soldier could.[1]

Below is the list of grenade launchers. The table is sortable for every column.

Name Manufacturer Image Cartridge Country Year
Arsenal 40 mm UBGL-1 Arsenal JSCo. 40 mm caseless grenade  Bulgaria
Arsenal 40 mm UBGL Arsenal JSCo. 40mmUBGL.jpg 40 mm caseless grenade  Bulgaria
Beretta GLX 160 Pietro Beretta S.p.A. Beretta AR with thermal sight and grenade launcher.jpg 40 mm grenade  Italy
ARDE 40 mm under barrel grenade launcher Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli 40 mm grenade  India 2010
BS-1 Tishina TsNIITochMash Tishina automatic grenade launcher.jpg 30 mm grenade  Soviet Union
STK 40 GL ST Kinetics 40 mm grenade  Singapore 1980s
EAGLE grenade launcher Colt Canada 40 mm grenade  Canada
GM-94 KBP Instrument Design Bureau 43 mm grenade  Russia
GP-25 KBP Instrument Design Bureau Georgian under barrel grenade launchers stc delta (3).JPG 40 mm grenade  Soviet Union 1966
Heckler & Koch AG36 Heckler & Koch GewehrAG36.jpg 40 mm grenade  Germany
Heckler & Koch AG-C/EGLM Heckler & Koch HK AGCEGLM.jpg 40 mm grenade  Germany
Heckler & Koch HK69A1 Heckler & Koch HK69A1.jpg 40 mm grenade  West Germany 1960s
Indumil IMC-40 INDUMIL 40 mm grenade  Colombia
M79 grenade launcher Springfield Armory
Action Manufacturing Company
Exotic Metal Products
Kanarr Corporation
M79 Grenade Launcher (7414625716).jpg 40 mm grenade  United States 1953
M203 grenade launcher Colt's Manufacturing Company M203 1.jpg 40 mm grenade  United States 1967
M320 Grenade Launcher Module Heckler & Koch PEO M320 Grenade Launcher.jpg 40 mm grenade  Germany 2008
Milkor 37/38mm and 40mm Stopper Milkor (Pty) Ltd Milkor Stopper riot gun.jpg 37 mm grenade
38 mm grenade
40 mm grenade (All less-lethal rounds)
 South Africa 1981
Pallad wz. 1974 Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów Tantal-Pallad REMOV.jpg 40 mm grenade  Poland 1968
Pallad wz. 1983 Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów Grenade launcher wz.83 Pallad D.jpg 40 mm grenade  Poland 1968
PMR grenade launcher  Transnistria
RGM-40 40 mm grenade  Russia 1997[2]
RWGŁ-3 Łucznik Arms Factory RecznaWyrzytniaGranatowLzawiacych RWGL-3.jpg UGŁ-200 canister  Poland 1970s
S&T Daewoo K11 S&T Motiv Rifle xk11.jpg 20×30mm grenade  South Korea 2000
Type 87 grenade launcher Norinco Type 87 Grenade Launcher.jpg 35x32 mm grenade  China
Type 91 grenade launcher 35 mm grenade (Non-lethal round)  China
XM148 grenade launcher Colt's Manufacturing Company XM148 Grenade Launcher.jpg 40 mm grenade  United States
China Lake Grenade Launcher China Lake Naval Weapons Center China Lake 4x40 REMOV.jpg 40 mm grenade  United States 1967
DP-64 DP-64.png 45 mm grenade  Soviet Union 1989
Hawk MM-1 40 mm grenade  United States
Milkor MGL Milkor (Pty) Ltd M-32 Grenade Launcher.jpg 40 mm grenade  South Africa 1980
Neopup PAW-20 Gemaco Elbree PTY LTD 20mm×42mm  South Africa
RG-6 grenade launcher[3][4] TsKIB SOO RG-6 Interpolitex-2011.jpg 40 mm grenade  Russia 1993
XM25 CDTE Heckler & Koch
Alliant Techsystems
XM25 July 2009.jpg 25 mm grenade  United States 2010
XM29 OICW Heckler & Koch
Alliant Techsystems
XM29.jpg 20 mm grenade  United States
AGS-17 Molot plant 30-мм автоматический гранатомет АГС-17 Пламя.jpg 30 mm grenade  Soviet Union 1967
AGS-30 Degtyarev plant AGS-30 maks2009.jpg 30 mm grenade  Russia 1995
STK 40 AGL ST Kinetics 40 mm grenade  Singapore 1986
Howa Type 96 Howa Type96 40mm Automatic Grenad Gun.JPG 40 mm grenade  Japan 1996
Daewoo Precision Industries K4 S&T Motiv K-4 Auto Grenade Launcher.jpg 40 mm grenade  South Korea 1985
Heckler & Koch GMG Heckler & Koch HK GMW.jpg 40 mm grenade  Germany 1992
M75 grenade launcher Springfield Armory XM75 Automatic Grenade Launcher.jpg 40 mm grenade  United States 1961
M129 grenade launcher M129.jpg 40 mm grenade  United States 1966
Mk 18 Mod 0 grenade launcher Mk18Vie.JPG 40 mm grenade  United States 1962
Mk 19 grenade launcher Saco Defense Industries
Combined Service Forces
MK19-02.jpg 40 mm grenade  United States 1960s
Mk 20 Mod 0 grenade launcher NOS Louisville Mk 18 Mod 0 & Mk 20 Mod 0 Grenade Launchers at War Remnants Museum (Ho Chi Minh City).jpg 40 mm grenade  United States
Mk 47 Striker General Dynamics 200295103315mk47.jpg 40 mm grenade  United States 2000s
SB LAG 40 Santa Bárbara Sistemas LAG-40 I.M.-1.JPG 40 mm grenade  Spain 1984
Vektor Y3 AGL Denel Y3 AGL.JPG 40 mm grenade  South Africa 1992
XM174 grenade launcher Aerojet Ordnance Manufacturing Company Automatic-grenade-launcher.gif 40 mm grenade  United States 1968
XM307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon General Dynamics Armament
Technical Products
XM307-01.jpg 25 mm grenade  United States
Carl Gustav recoilless rifle Saab Bofors Dynamics Carl Gustav recoilless rifle.jpg 84×246mmR  Sweden 1946
Bazooka Soldier with Bazooka M1.jpg  United States 1942
MRO-A State Research
Tactical exercises of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops units at Shikhani training ground (410-38).jpg 72.5mm warhead  Russia 2003
Northover Projector H 11843-Members of Home Guard using a Northover Projector-July 1941.jpg 63.5mm warhead  United Kingdom 1940
Panzerfaust Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-672-7634-13, Russland, Luftwaffensoldat mit Panzerabwehrwaffe.jpg 149mm warhead  Germany 1942
PIAT Imperial Chemical Industries PIAT cropped.jpg  United Kingdom 1942
Rifleman's Assault Weapon Brunswick Corporation 100mm warhead  United States 1977
RPG-2 State Factories RPG2 and PG2 TBiU 37.jpg 80mm warhead  Soviet Union 1949
RPG-7 Bazalt
Degtyarev plant
RPG-7 detached.jpg 40mm warhead  Soviet Union 1961
RPG-16 58.3mm warhead  Soviet Union 1968
RPG-18 RPG-18-cutaway.JPG 64mm warhead  Soviet Union 1972
RPG-22 RPG-22 rocket launcher.jpg 72.5mm warhead  Soviet Union 1985
RPG-26 State Research
Grenade launchers RPG-26.jpg 72.5mm warhead  Soviet Union 1980s
RPG-27 State Research
Tula State Museum of Weapons (79-58) (cropped) RPG-27.jpg 105mm warhead  Soviet Union 1980s
RPG-28 State Research
RPG-28 grenade launcher at Interpolitex-2016 01.jpg 125mm warhead  Russia 2000s
RPG-29 Bazalt RPG-29 USGov.JPG 65mm warhead
105mm warhead
 Soviet Union 1980s
RPG-30 State Research
РПГ-30-Крюк.jpg 105mm warhead  Russia 2008
RPG-32 JARDANA 72mm warhead
105mm warhead
 Russia 2005
RPG-76 Komar Zakład Sprzętu Precyzyjnego RPG-76.jpg 40mm warhead  Poland 1985
RPO-A Shmel KBP Instrument Design Bureau RPO-A missile and launcher.jpg 93mm warhead  Soviet Union 1980s
Type 69 RPG China North Industries Corporation DN-SD-06-16156.JPG 85mm warhead  China 1970
Yasin (RPG) Hamas 40mm warhead  Palestine 2004

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