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This is a list of mockumentaries. Mockumentary or mock documentary is a genre of film and television, a parody presented as a documentary recording real life.




  • 30 minuten (NL, 1995-1997), follows a different fictional character each week, played by Arjan Ederveen
  • All Aussie Adventures (AU, 2001), follows the Australian outback adventures of Russell Coight, who believes he is one with the land but constantly has mishaps that could only happen to him
  • American Vandal, follows an amateur high school filmmaker who believes an expelled senior may be innocent of vandalizing the school with penis drawings.
  • Angry Boys (Australia, 2011), created by Chris Lilley
  • Arrested Development (US, 2003-2006, 2013–present), a fly-on-the-wall series filmed in mockumentary style; follows the story of the dysfunctional Bluth family, primarily Michael, after his father is imprisoned
  • Art Less (USA, 2016), an online web series; follows a group of teenagers who want to be famous, but don't have the drive to succeed.
  • Brass Eye (UK, 1997), series of mockumentaries by Chris Morris
  • Come Fly with Me (UK, 2010), fly-on-the-wall comedy which follows the antics of many characters on a normal day at a UK airport; most characters are played by comedian duo David Walliams and Matt Lucas
  • The Day Today (UK, 1994), spoof news series created by Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci, often featuring documentary-style inserts such as 'The Pool' and 'The Office'
  • Documentary Now! (2015–present) series on IFC, created by Saturday Night Live alumni Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, and director Rhys Thomas, which spoofs celebrated documentary films by parodying the style of each documentary with a similar, but fictitious, subject.
  • Dog Bites Man, parody of local news coverage; follows the misadventures of a struggling news team as they travel around the country producing news segments
  • Dorm Life (US, 2008–2009), webseries following the fictional lives of the inhabitants of the college dorm floor 5 South
  • The Games (Australia, 1998 and 2000), comedy, follows the mayhem and bureaucratic snafu faced by the organisers of the 2000 Sydney Olympics
  • Gerhard Reinke's Wanderlust (US, 2003), travel show following the misadventures of a bumbling German backpacker as he travels the globe in search of reasonably priced culturally enriching experiences
  • Hoff the Record (UK, 2015), fly-on-the wall series starring David Hasselhoff
  • Human Remains (UK, 2000), a bleak series of fly-on-the-wall insights into dysfunctional couples
  • In de gloria (Belgium, 2000-2001), a tragicomical sketch show parodying reality television and human interest shows.
  • Les Invincibles (Canada, 2005–2009), French Canadian dramedy about four thirty-year-old men signing a pact that says they have to break up with their girlfriends and embrace a common routine-free life
  • Jimmy MacDonald's Canada (Canada, 2005), lost episodes of a mid-1960s public affairs show hosted by Jimmy MacDonald who was played by Richard Waugh; combined new segments with authentic news and human interest archive footage.
  • Kreatief met Kurk (Netherlands, 1993-1994), a parody of educational TV documentaries where the hosts invite people at home to create handicraft along with them. It starred Arjan Ederveen and Tosca Niterink.
  • The Life of Rock with Brian Pern (UK, 2014-2017) created by Rhys Thomas stars Simon Day as rock musician Brian Pern, frontman of the progressive rock band Thotch.
  • Look Around You (UK, 2002 and 2005), parody of educational TV (season 1) and documentary about "the world and future of science and technology" (season 2), set roughly 25 years before the actual release dates
  • Marion and Geoff (UK series, 2000–2003), stars Rob Brydon as a cab driver
  • Modern Family (US, 2009–present), about three families living modern American lives
  • My Generation (TV series) (US, 2010), about a group of high school classmates ten years after graduation
  • My Life as Liz (US, 2010–2011), about a seventeen-year-old girl and her senior year in high school
  • Not fit (India, 2015-2016) chronicles the humorous adventures of Neerav Kapoor (Nero), struggling actor extraordinaire and quintessential fool, as he tries to make his mark as an actor in the entertainment industry. It is created by Pocket Aces (company).
  • The Naked Brothers Band (US, 2007–2009), starred two real-life brothers Nat and Alex Wolff and their real life friends; about a teenage fantasy of a world-famous kids' rock band, with cameras following the band members everywhere they go; based around the real-life band which Nat and Alex formed in pre-school; the series was created by their real-life mother, actress Polly Draper, who also wrote and directed the self-titled film that became the pilot for the series
  • The Office (UK/USA, 2001–2013), British satire on white-collar management, later remade for US and other audiences
  • Operation Good Guys, British satire of an incompetent police force (often seen as a precursor to The Office)
  • Parks and Recreation (US, 2009–2015), follows Leslie Knope, head of the Parks and Recreation department in a small town in Indiana
  • Paths to Freedom (Ireland, 2000), fly-on-the-wall spoof about two prisoners leaving prison, both from different backgrounds, one an esteemed gynaecologist and the other an inner-city Dublin rapper
  • People Just Do Nothing, BBC mockumentary following the men who run Kurupt FM, a pirate radio station broadcasting garage and drum and bass in London
  • People Like Us (UK, radio 1995-1997, and television 1999-2001), British comedy featuring an inept interviewer (played by Chris Langham) who interviews people in various jobs
  • Pepito Manaloto: Ang Tunay na Kuwento (Pepito Manaloto: The Real Story) (Philippines, 2010–present), a multi-awarded Filipino comedy series which depicts the adventures of rags-to-riches, lottery millionaire Pepito Manaloto (played by Michael V.), along his family and friends.
  • Prehistoric Park (UK, 2006), six-episode mockumentary that depicts a hypothetical scenario whereby a time machine is used to create a wildlife park
  • Pure Pwnage, an Internet-distributed show about a gamer followed around by his brother; created by Geoff Lapaire and Jarett Cale
  • Real Husbands of Hollywood (US, 2013–2016), created by and starring Kevin Hart, shown on BET
  • Reno 911! (US, 2003–2009), Comedy Central parody of Cops, about an inept police force in Reno, Nevada
  • Review (US, 2014–2017), Comedy Central show starring Andy Daly as fictional professional critic Forrest MacNeil, who reviews real-life experiences
  • Sono 'Okodawari', Watashi ni mo Kure yo!! (Japan, 2016), based on a manga series
  • Southern Fried Stings, depicting a group of mercenaries/private detectives operating in the southern United States
  • Summer Heights High (Australia, 2007), about three characters at a public high school
  • Total Drama (Canada, 2007–2014), animated parody of reality shows, about a group of teens competing for $1,000,000
  • Trailer Park Boys (Canada, 2001–present), follows Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles, as they commit crimes and hatch crackpot schemes to make money, most of which are illegal and often involve growing marijuana
  • Victoria Wood As Seen On TV (UK, 1985–87), two series of sketch shows with regular five-minute mockumentaries, written by and starring Victoria Wood
  • We Can Be Heroes: Finding The Australian of the Year (Australia, 2005), about five fictitious candidates nominated for the prestigious Australian of the Year Award
  • Wildboyz (US, 2003–2006), Jackass spin-off, starring Steve-O and Chris Pontius; mocks nature documentaries
  • Yacht Rock (US, 2005-2010), Channel 101 series following the fictionalized lives and careers of American soft rock stars of the late 1970s and early 1980s.
  • Lunatics (Australia, 2019–present), the series explores the lives of six different and eccentric characters in their own distinctive settings
  • What We Do in the Shadows (TV series) (US, 2019–present), comedy-horror series about a group of vampires living in Staten Island.

Specials and one-offs[edit]

  • The Gist, one-off arts review show parody written by John Morton; presented by Robert Webb; featuring Amelia Bulmore, Bill Nighy
  • In Search of the Edge, film by Scott Barrie; a trial to prove that the earth is not round, but flat
  • Introducing Tony Ferrino: Who and Why?: A Quest, Steve Coogan's parody of cheap promotional videos which went alongside the arrival of his Portuguese singer character; written with Peter Baynham, co-writer of Borat, The Day Today, who appears as an interviewer eventually killed by the sinister Ferrino.
  • Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO Special about the making of an HBO special
  • MyMusic (US, 2012), web series about a dysfunctional music company
  • The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie, stars two real-life brothers Nat and Alex Wolff and their real-life friends about a teenage fantasy of a world-famous kids' rock band, with cameras following the band members everywhere they go; based on the real-life band which Nat and Alex formed back in pre-school; written and directed by their real-life mother, actress Polly Draper, who also created the series
  • Norbert Smith - a Life, a personal project by English comedian Harry Enfield, satirising TV arts show biographies, British films of the 20th century, and the British acting fraternity; Enfield later provided two other mockumentaries, Smashie and Nicey: The End of an Era (which took us through the glory days of British radio) and Normal Ormal: A Very Political Turtle (a scatter-gun attack on politics)
  • Oil Gobblers (Ropáci), a film by Jan Svěrák about creatures that live in underground mines and feed on oil, plastic, and rubbish
  • Operación Palace, (Spain, 2013), aired on La Sexta, about the February 23, 1981 (23-F) attempted coup d'état in Spain; featured prominent figures from politics and the media, providing, in perfect sync, invented testimony relating to the events surrounding the 1981 attempted coup, in which a group of civil guards, led by Lieutenant-Colonel Antonio Tejero, violently stormed Congress; this bothered many Spaniards because their constitution, kingdom and democracy are based mostly on these facts
  • Platinum Weird, a band formed by Dave Stewart and Kara DioGuardi, and the subject of a VH1 mockumentary


Television specials[edit]

Individual episodes[edit]

Sometimes an episode of an otherwise non-mockumentary series is presented as a mockumentary.

  • 3rd Rock from the Sun
    • "The Loud Solomon Family: a Dickumentary", season 5, an episode presented in an entirely documentary style, taking a look into the lives of the Solomon family
  • Babylon 5
    • "And Now for a Word" (1995), framed as a documentary by the fictional news network ISN for the Babylon 5 station; every act in the episode starts with effects similar to those used by news channels, and ends with the reporter acknowledging the cut to advertisements; there is also a fake advertisement; this is the first documentary-styled episode in the science fiction genre
    • "The Illusion of Truth" and "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars", season 4, partially employ documentary style
  • Blue Mountain State
    • "One Week" (2011), a documentary crew follows the team on and off the field. Episode made to look like a mockumentary and presented as such.
  • The Comic Strip Presents
    • "The Comic Strip Presents... Bad News Tour" and its sequel, "More Bad News", following an incompetent rock group on tour
    • "The Comic Strip Presents... Eddie Monsoon: A Life?", the life story of an offensive talk show host
  • Community
  • Entourage
    • "Welcome to the Jungle" (2007), an episode as a mock "making of" film about Medellín, the film the characters produce
  • ER
    • "Ambush", 1997 live episode, portrayed as a documentary
  • Even Stevens
    • "Band on the Roof", a "rockumentary"-style episode following the band the Twitty-Steven Connection
  • Farscape
    • "A Constellation of Doubt", Season 4, Episode 17, most of the episode comprises a fictional documentary detailing humanity's reaction to Moya's recent visit to Earth; it is occasionally seen that John Crichton is watching the documentary on a television set in his quarters on board the ship; end credits of the episode include a trailer to the next episode of the fictional documentary
  • Grey's Anatomy
    • "These Arms of Mine", a documentary crew visits the hospital six months after a shooting to document the road to recovery for doctors and patients
  • House
    • "Ugly", Season 4, Episode 7, A camera follows a patient around the hospital as Dr. House treats him. Some of the episode is filmed in the standard format (such times include differentials etc.) but scenes including the patient are mostly viewed through the in-show camera. The cameras are differentiated by the official camera being in colour and the in-show camera being in grayscale.
  • Just Shoot Me!
    • "A&E Biography: Nina Van Horn", a faux A&E Biography of the character played by Wendie Malick
  • Night Court
    • "A Closer Look", 1990 episode showing the affairs of the show from a news TV perspective
  • The Simpsons
  • The West Wing
    • "Access" (2004), fake behind-the-scenes documentary about a day in the White House of President Josiah Bartlet, supposedly released after his term in office has ended
  • The X-Files
    • "X-Cops" (2000), episode made to look like an episode of the actual show COPS

Other mock films and television[edit]

Reality shows[edit]

  • The Comeback (US, 2005), a reality show type following the life of former "it" actress Valerie Cherish
  • Double the Fist, fictional version of Jackass
  • Drawn Together, cartoon version of The Surreal Life
  • Series 7: The Contenders, a movie is presented as a marathon of the seventh series of an American reality television show in which six people, picked at random from a national lottery, are each given a gun and forced to hunt and kill each other for the camera
  • Siberia, a horror/drama series about a fictional reality television show in which 16 contestants must survive in the remote Siberian territory of Tunguska for a 500,000 dollar prize; things go horribly wrong and the contestants are left stranded in a dangerous forest full of things they don't understand

News shows[edit]

  • Countdown to Looking Glass (1984), cable-TV docu-drama presented as a series of news reports concerning an escalation in the Middle East between the US and the USSR, that eventually leads to nuclear war (not completely a documentary/mockumentary, as it includes dramatic interludes)
  • Ghostwatch (1992), BBC television special in which a fictitious "live" paranormal investigation goes awry
  • Special Bulletin (1983), NBC made-for-TV movie, portrayed a live broadcast from a fictional American broadcasting network on a nuclear terrorism incident in Charleston, South Carolina as it occurred; its realism caused a minor panic in Charleston at the time of its first airing, despite disclaimers shown after each commercial break
  • Without Warning (1994), TV film in the form of a mock newscast, produced by CBS; covered an apocalyptic alien attack scenario as seen through the eyes of a network TV news crew; like Special Bulletin, reports of panic were also associated with its broadcast

Found footage[edit]

Some films and shows take the form of (fake) raw footage.[2]

  • The Blair Witch Project, 1999 horror film about three student filmmakers who disappear while hiking to film a documentary about a local legend, the Blair Witch.
  • Be My Cat: A Film for Anne, 2015 horror movie about a young man in Romania who goes to shocking extremes to convince Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway to play in his film.[3][4][5][6]
  • Chronicle, 2012 science fiction movie about three high-school seniors who form a bond after gaining telekinetic abilities from an unknown object.
  • Cloverfield, 2008 monster thriller film following six young New Yorkers attending a going-away party on the night a gigantic monster attacks the city.
  • The Devil Inside, 2012 horror movie tracing the purported exorcism of a possessed woman convicted of a triple murder.
  • The Last Exorcism, 2010 horror film about a fictional evangelical minister who participates in a documentary that films his exorcism.
  • Paranormal Activity, 2007 supernatural horror film centered on a young couple who are haunted by a supernatural presence in their home.
  • Project X, 2012 comedy film whose plot follows three friends who plan to gain popularity by throwing a party, a plan which quickly escalates out of their control.
  • September Tapes, 2004 movie about a man who hunts down Osama Bin Laden.
  • The Troll Hunter, 2010 Norwegian comedy-drama film made by a team of film students, documenting the work of a troll hunter with the secret Norwegian Troll Service.
  • Zero Day, 2003 American indie film by Ben Coccio based on the Columbine High School shooting.


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