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1934 Morgan Super Sports with Matchless engine
Ariel 2.25 HP Tricycle

List of motorized trikes is a list of motorized tricycles also called trikes, and are sometimes considered cars. Three main configurations are motorized bicycle with side-car, two wheels in rear one in front, and two in front one in the rear (aka reverse trike). However, language and definitions vary.

One of the most successful trikes of its day was the De Dion-Bouton tricycle; from 1897 until the start of the 20th century about 15,000 copies were sold and was overall the most popular motor vehicle in Europe.[1][2] Trikes have caused tautological confusion and simply defied typical two and four-wheel classifications, especially in the 21st century. Regardless, many popular motorcycles and/or automobiles had three wheels.[3]


17th century[edit]

18th century[edit]

Copeland steam trike in 1888

19th century[edit]

20th century[edit]

Sinclair C5, an electric trike launched in 1985
Scott Sociable of the 1920s, note the "missing" front left wheel
Messerschmitt's KR200, a cabin trike was sold for a nearly a decade in West Germany in the 20th century

21st century[edit]

2012 model year Morgan three-wheeler. This was put back into production with a modern engine in the 2010s, after being out-of-production for over half a century. Previous unrequited demand for this vehicle resulted in the similarly styled Triking
Some Solar cars have been tricycles such as the Tokai Challenger[12]


Another idea is the flike, a sort of flying motorcycle/helicopter.[35]

Whike are sail-powered trikes, which may or may not be motorized depending if one considers a sail to be a type of motorization.[further explanation needed]

There is another arrangement of three-wheel, with the wheels in a line; this is so far pretty rare.[36]

Motorcycles with two sidecars[edit]

Motorcycles with sidecars often have three wheels, but there has been some use of two sidecars (one on each side of a motorcycle, not a sidecar that seats two which is another thing).[37] In one case the use of flexible type sidecars allow the center-line motor bicycle wheels to stay on the ground, and providing adequate handling[37]


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