List of numbered roads in Bruce County

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This page lists all of the numbered county roads in Bruce County, Ontario.

Number Names Western/Southern Terminus Eastern/Northern Terminus Major Communities Comments
1 Map Lucknow Line Lucknow, Ontario (Continues into Huron County as CR 1) Paisley, Ontario (Intersection with CR 3 and CR 11) Lucknow, Ontario, Paisley, Ontario
2 Map Durham Road CR 3 CR 4 Walkerton, Ontario Short (4 km/2.5 mile) spur road, connecting CR 4 just north of Walkerton, to CR 3.
3 Map Tower Road, County Road 3, South Street Highway 9 in Mildmay, Ontario Highway 21 just south of Southampton, Ontario, near Port Elgin Mildmay, Ontario, Paisley, Ontario, Southampton, Ontario
4 Map London Road Huron - Bruce Road (County Line with Huron County) Grey County Road 10 in Hanover, Ontario (County Line with Grey County) Teeswater, Ontario, Walkerton, Ontario, Hanover, Ontario Formerly Highway 4. Along its concurrency with Highway 9, maps show the road as "Highway 9/County Road 4.
5 Map Brook Street East County Road 10 Grey - Bruce Line (County Line with Grey County) Tara, Ontario Numbered extension of Grey CR 5
6 Map County Road 6 Bruce Beach Road, 3 km east of Highway 21 Grey County Road 10  2km south of Neustadt, Ontario Ripley, Ontario, Teeswater, Ontario, Mildmay, Ontario
7 Map County Road 7 County Road 86 (Former Highway 86), the Bruce County - Huron County Townline Highway 9 Ripley, Ontario
8 Map Main Street, Tolmie Road, Queen Street CR 13 in Sauble Beach, Ontario Intersection with Highway 6 and CR 10 in Hepworth, Ontario Sauble Beach, Ontario, Tolmie, Ontario, Hepworth, Ontario
9 Map Burma Road, Ferndale Road, Evergreen Road Highway 6, 3 km (1.9 mi) north of Wiarton, Ontario 2 km east of Parker Landing, Ontario, at the interserction of Stokes Bay Road/West Road Ferndale, Ontario
10 Map Bruce Street, Yonge Street, 1st Avenue, 4th Street, County Road 10 Grey - Bruce Line (County Line with Grey County) at Scone, Ontario. Gains Dual Designation of Grey CR 10 and Bruce CR 10 south to Normanby - Minto Townline, where it becomes Huron County Road 35/Wellington County Road 1. Intersection with Highway 6 in Hepworth, Ontario Hepworth, Ontario, Tara, Ontario, Chesley, Ontario, Hanover, Ontario, Neustadt, Ontario Turns from North-South, to East-West in Chesley (Road continues south as short spur road, CR 30), to Scone, Ontario, then North-South down to Normanby - Minto Townline. Section from Hepworth, Ontario to Highway 21 was former route of Highway 6 before it was re-routed along Former Highway 70. When Highway 70 was decommissioned in 1998, Highway 6 was rerouted along that road's path, and this was renumbered as an extension of CR 10. [1]
11 Map County Road 11 County Road 3 in Paisley, Ontario County Road 10, 2 km north of Chesley, Ontario Paisley, Ontario
12 Map County Road 12 Huron - Bruce Road (Huron County Line) at Belmore, Ontario Highway 9/County Road 4, 6 km west of Walkerton, Ontario. Formosa, Ontario
13 Map Turner Street, Bruce Road, Southampton Parkway, Sauble Falls Parkway, Oliphant Road, Jenny Street Highway 21 in Southampton, Ontario Highway 6 in Wiarton, Ontario Southampton, Ontario, Sauble Beach, Ontario, Sauble Falls, Ontario, Wiarton, Ontario
14 Map County Road 14 Highway 21 County Road 8 in Tolmie, Ontario Tolmie, Ontario
15 Map County Road 15 Inverhuron, Ontario, 4 km east of Tiverton, Ontario and Highway 21 County Road 3 in Eden Grove, Ontario Inverhuron, Ontario, Tiverton, Ontario Close to Inverhuron Provincial Park and the Bruce Nuclear Plant
16 Map County Road 16 Highway 9, 4 km north of Mildmay, Ontario Grey/Bruce County Boundary, just east of Neustadt, Ontario (Continues as Grey County Road 9) Mildmay, Ontario, Neustadt, Ontario Former county road, now downgraded to concession 10 as concession road 8 became County Road 6.
17 Map Gustavus Street, Union Street Highway 21 in Port Elgin, Ontario County Road 10, just south of Tara, Ontario Port Elgin, Ontario, Tara, Ontario
19 Map Sideroad 15 County Road 4, just east of Walkerton, Ontario County Road 10 (Bruce-Grey County Boundary) Walkerton, Ontario, Vesta, Ontario, Chesley, Ontario (via CR 30, 2 km away)
20 Map County Road 20, Concession 4 CR 4/Kings' Highway 9 County Road 33 Portal, Ontario
22 Map County Road 22 County Road 4, just west of Hanover, Ontario County Road 10, just north of Hanover, Ontario Hanover, Ontario North-West portion of Hanover, Ontario by-pass
23 E/F Sideroad, County Road 23, Queen Street in Kincardine, Ontario County Road 20
24 Map Concession 8 County Road 12 County Road 28, just south of Mildmay, ON Mildmay, Ontario Former County Road. Road was downgraded to Conession Road 8 after Conession Road 6 was upgraded to County Road 6.
25 Map C.A.W. Road Saugeen Beach Road Highway 21, Saugeen Township Concession 6 Port Elgin, Ontario
28 Map County Road 28, McIntosh Line, Absalom Street Huron - Bruce Road in McIntosh, Ontario (Continues in Huron County as CR 28) Highway 9 in Mildmay, Ontario Mildmay, Ontario
30 1st Avenue CR 10 in Chesley, Ontario CR 19 Chesley, Ontario
31 Concession 6, Concession 4 West Sideroad 5 in Chepstow, Ontario CR 3 in Dunkeld, Ontario
32 Concession 10 Greenock - Brant Townline Road in Cargill, Ontario CR 3 2 km in length
33 Tie Road, County Road 33, B & C Side Road, Bruce-Saugeen Townline, Lake Range Road County Road 20 County Road 25
40 County Road 40 Highway 21 Grey - Bruce Line (Bruce/Grey County Boundary, continues as Grey County Road 40) Williscroft, Ontario
86 Map Amberley Road, Campbell Street Highway 21 in Amberley, Ontario Bruce/Huron County Boundary, continues as Huron County Road 86 Lucknow, Ontario