List of numbered roads in Grey County

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This is a list of numbered county roads in Grey County, Ontario.

County Road # Local Name(s) Southern/Western Terminus Northern/Eastern Terminus Settlements served Additional Notes
Grey Road 1 sign.png County Road 1 10th Street, Owen Sound Bruce County line Owen Sound, Balmy Beach, East Linton, Hogg, Big Bay, Oxenden
Grey Road 2 sign.png County Road 2 Melancthon-Osprey Townline Highway 26 Victoria Corners, Ravenna, Kolapore, Feversham, Maxwell
Grey Road 3 sign.png County Road 3 Minto-Normanby Townline Highway 21 Ayton, Lamlash, Louise, Peabody, Keady, Jackson
Grey Road 4 sign.png County Road 4 Bruce County line Simcoe County Road 124 Hanover, Allan Park, Vickers, Durham, Glen, Priceville, Ceylon, Flesherton, Rock Mills, Maxwell a.k.a. 10th Street in Hanover, Bruce Street and Lambton Street in Durham, and Collingwood Street in Flesherton, formerly Ontario Highway 4
Grey Road 5 sign.png 28th Avenue
8th Street
2nd Avenue
County Road 5
Highway 26 Highway 6 Owen Sound
Grey Road 6 sign.png County Road 6 Highway 89 Highway 6 none minor connecting route
Grey Road 7 sign.png County Road 7 County Road 13 Highway 26 Epping, Griersville, Kent, Meaford
Grey Road 8 sign.png County Road 8 Highway 89 County road 9 none minor rural route
Grey Road 9 sign.png Queen Street
County Road 9
Main street
County Road 10 Highway 10 Neustadt, Ayton, Nenagh, Orchardville, Hopeville, Dundalk
Grey Road 10 sign.png County Road 10, Grey-Bruce Line Wellington County limits Highway 6 Hepworth, Park Head, Alvanley, Scone, Elmwood, Hanover, Neustadt, Moltke, Biemans Corners Grey Road 10 from the Wellington County Boundary to Grey Road 28, Jacob Street in Neustadt, 7th Avenue in Hanover, Signed as Bruce Road 10 between Hanover and Scone but under the jurisdiction of Grey County, Grey-Bruce Line between Scone and Alvanley, and Bruce Road 10 between Alvanley and Hepworth.
Grey Road 11 sign.png County Road 11 County Road 18 Highway 26 none minor rural route
Grey Road 12 sign.png County Road 12 Highway 6 Highway 26 Meaford, Oxmead, Temple Hill, Goring, Markdale, Barhead, Waudby a.k.a. Nelson Street in Meaford and Main Street in Markdale
Grey Road 13 sign.png County Road 13 County Road 4 Highway 26 Thornbury, Clarksburg, Slabtown, Heathcote, Kimberley, Eugenia
Grey Road 14 sign.png County Road 14 Highway 89 County Road 4 Hopeville, Gildale, Cedarville, Conn
Grey County Road 15 sign.png County Road 15 Highway 26 Highway 21 Owen Sound, Leith, Annan
Grey Road 16 sign.png County Road 16 Grey-Bruce Line Highway 6 Keady
Grey Road 17 sign.png Gordon Sutherland Parkway
County Road 17
County Road 17B Highway 6 Benallen, Copperkettle, Wolseley, Zion
Grey Road 17A sign.png County Road 17A County Road 17 County Road 1 none minor connecting route
Grey Road 17B sign.png Derby-Sarawak Townline Highway 6 Highway 21 Owen Sound
Grey Road 18 sign.png Concession 5 Derby
Derry Line
1st Concession
Highway 21 Highway 26 Springmount, Squire, Rockford, Woodford
Grey Road 19 sign.png County Road 19 County Road 2 Highway 26 Castle Glen, McMurchy Settlement, Craigleith
Grey Road 21 sign.png Osler Bluff Road County Road 19 Highway 26 Mair Mills
Grey Road 23 sign.png County Road 23 County Road 4 County Road 9 Glen, Dromore
25 County Road 25 County Road 3 Highway 6 Dornoch
27 Durham Road West County Road 4 Highway 6 Durham
28 Concession 2
Drive In Road
Concession 18
County Road 10 County Road 10 none Hanover suburban route
29 County Road 29 County Road 40 County Road 18 Bognor, Walters Falls
30 County Road 30 County Road 12 County Road 13 Hutchisons Corners
31 County Road 31 County Road 2 Simcoe County line Rob Roy
32 County Road 32 Highway 10 County Road 30 Vandeleur
40 County Road 40 Grey-Bruce Line Highway 26 Chatsworth, Desboro, Marmion a.k.a. McNab Street in Chatsworth
109 County Road 109 County Road 6 County Road 9 Holstein
112 9th Line County Road 12 Central Area Army Training Centre none service road to National Defence facility
Grey Road 113 sign.png Alfred Street West County Road 13 Highway 26 Thornbury
119 Grey Road 119, Scenic Caves Road County Road 13 County Road 19 Craigleith
Grey Road 124 sign.png County Road 124 Melancthon-Osprey Townline /
Dufferin County line
Simcoe County Road 124 Maple Valley, Singhampton Formerly Highway 24. Runs concurrently with Simcoe County Road 124
170 County Road 170
Cruikshank Street
Highway 6 County Road 17 Copperkettle, Shouldice, Shallow Lake