List of numbered roads in Peterborough County

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This is a list of numbered roads in Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada.

County Road # Local Name(s) Southern/Western Terminus Northern/Eastern Terminus Settlements served Additional Notes
1 Lindsay Road King's Highway 7 County Road 18 Fowlers Corners
2 Carmel Line
Bensfort Road
North Rice Lake Road
Albert Street West
County Road 28 County Road 45 Bailieboro, Bensfort, Keene, Villiers, Birdsalls Station, Hastings
3 Parkhill Road West King's Highway 7 County Road 27 Peterborough minor connecting route
4 Parkhill Road East
Warsaw Road
Water Street
County Road 4
Inverlea Bridge, Peterborough County Road 6 Peterborough, Donwood, Five Corners, Warsaw
5 Lansdowne Road King's Highway 7 Peterborough city limits Murray Hill, Peterborough
6 Stony Lake Road
3rd Line North
County Road 6
Unimin Road
King's Highway 28 County Road 46 Galesburg, Hall Glen, Gilchrist Bay, Clarina, Nephton, Blue Mountain
8 County Road 8
Webster Road
Line Road 5
Dummer-Asphodel Road
County Road 4 County Road 40 Douro, Cottesloe, South Dummer
9 Mount Pleasant Road
Sherbrooke Street
County Road 10 Brealey Drive Mount Pleasant, Peterborough
10 County Road 10
Queen Mary Street
Challice 1st Line Hayes Line Mount Pleasant, Ida, Cavan, Millbrook, Carmel a.k.a. Tupper Street and Duke Street in Millbrook
11 Moncrief Line
Airport Road
County Road 28 Brown Line Peterborough Airport
12 Fife's Bay Road
Lily Lake Road
Fairbairn Street, Peterborough Maryland Drive Peterborough, Fife's Bay, Stewart Heights
15 Monaghan Parkway King's Highway 7 Peterborough city limits none minor connecting route
16 Robinson Road
Ennis Road
Tara Road
Blackpool Road
County Road 14 Anchor Bay Road Youngstown, Ennismore
17 Robinson Road
Listowel Line
Emerald Isle Road
County Road 16 Harrington Line Emerald Isle, Connaught Shore
18 Chemong Road
Ward Street
8th Line
County Road 19 County Road 29 Chemong Park, Bridgenorth, Chemong Heights
19 3rd Line County Road 18 Hilliard Street, Peterborough none minor connecting route
20 Selwyn Road
12th Line
Young's Point Road
County Road 18 King's Highway 28 Selwyn Shores, Selwyn, Young's Point
21 5th Line
Wallace Point Road
Glamorgan Road County Road 39 Millbrook, Wallace Point, Stewarts Hall, Cold Springs
22 Curve Lake Road Westview Road County Road 23 Curve Lake native reserve
23 Buckhorn Road County Road 29 County Road 36 Selwyn, Buckhorn
24 Centre Line Peterborough city limits County Road 18 Terra View Heights
25 Young's Point Road County Road 18 County Road 20 none western shore route along Lake Katchewanooka
27 Ackison Road County Road 3 County Road 12 none minor connecting route
28 County Road 28 Eagleson 1st Line King's Highway 7 Fraserville, South Monaghan, Bailieboro
29 Lakefield Road
Bridge Street
Queen Street
Peterborough city limits King's Highway 28 Lakefield
30 County Road 30 the Trent River Old Norwood Road Trent River
31 Hiawatha Line Paudash Street, Hiawatha County Road 2 Hiawatha native reserve
32 River Road
Water Street
Peterborough city limits County Road 29 Lakefield
33 County Road 33 County Road 32 King's Highway 28 Lakefield
34 Heritage Line
Serpent Mounds Road
Serpent Mounds campground King's Highway 7 Lang, Keene, Serpent Mounds Park
35 Keene Road
Television Road
County Road 2 the Trent Canal Zion, Assumption, Peterborough
36 County Road 36 Kawartha Lakes city (former Victoria County) limits King's Highway 28 Nogies Creek, Flynns, Buckhorn, Burleighs Falls
37 Lakehurst Road Anchor Bay Road County Road 36 Buckhorn
38 2nd Line Road County Road 4 County Road 2 Birdsalls Station, Warsaw
39 Bensfort Road County Road 2 King's Highway 7 Cold Springs
40 Dummer Road
County Road 40
King's Highway 7 County Road 6 Norwood, Centre Dummer
42 County Road 42 County Road 45 County Road 30 Norwood, Trent River
44 South Lake Road County Road 46 County Road 6 none bush route connecting Stony Lake and Havelock
45 Bridge Street North
Albert Street East
County Road 45
Victoria Street
the Trent River King's Highway 7 Hastings, Norwood
46 Concession Street
County Road 46
Old Norwood Road County Road 504 Havelock, Rush Point, Round Lake, Oak Lake, Lasswade
47 County Road 47 County Road 44 County Road 46 none minor connecting route
48 Mary Street
County Road 48
King's Highway 7 Vansickle Road Havelock, Chase Corners, Freeman Corners, Cordova Mines
50 County Road 50 Trent River Road King's Highway 7 Preneveau
52 Jack Lake Road Fire Route #88 County Road 504 Apsley, Jack Lake
54 Balmer Road County Road 620 Pleasant Point Road Chandos Lake, Little Loon Lake
56 Northey's Bay Road King's Highway 28 County Road 6 Woodview, Stonyridge, Petroglyphs Provincial Park
503 Monck Road Reid Street, Kinmount White Boundary Road Furnace Falls, Kinmount
504 County Road 504
Wellington Street
County Road 620A County Road 620 Apsley, Lasswade, Owenbrook
507 County Road 507 County Road 36 Fox Lake Drive Flynns, Rockcroft, Mississauga Landing, Catchacoma
620 County Road 620 County Road 620A County Road 504 Clydesdale Lake, Glen Alda
620A Burleigh Street King's Highway 28 King's Highway 28 Apsley