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This article lists political parties in Mauritania.

Until 2005, Mauritania was a one party dominant state with the Democratic and Social Republican Party, now the Republican Party for Democracy and Renewal, in power. Opposition political parties were allowed, but had no real chance of gaining power. Following the 2005 Coup a transitional junta liberalised the political arena, permitting a level of pluralism and openness that was applauded in the West, and handed power to the winner of a competitive election, the National Pact for Development and Democracy (PNDD-ADIL). This ended with the 2008 Coup, and while the National Assembly continued to meet, its powers were restricted. The Union for the Republic (Union pour la république) was formed as the ruling party. National elections for a new government were scheduled for 2009, with some parties opposed to the candidacy of military ruler Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz boycotting the elections.

The parties[edit]


2009 anti-UPR coalition. Includes PNDD/ADIL, APP, UFP, Tawassoul Party. Joint opposition with RFD.[5][6][7]


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