List of ports in Albania

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This is a list of ports in Albania.[1]

Main ports[edit]

Main Ports Cargo Handled
Passenger Traffic
tonnes % Increase
(over previous FY)
total % Increase
(over previous FY)
Durrës 3,683,773 +6.01% Green Arrow Up.svg 879,905 +4.58% Green Arrow Up.svg
Vlorë 174,804 +9.21% Green Arrow Up.svg 184,914 -7.11% Red Arrow Down.svg
Sarandë 13,620 +38.42% Green Arrow Up.svg 442,119 +43.72% Green Arrow Up.svg

Petroleum ports[edit]

Petroleum Ports Capacity
(tanker accommodation)
loa depth
Petrolifera 190 m 10 m
Romano Port 250 m 11.7 m

Tourism ports[edit]

Tourism Ports Capacity
(yacht accommodation)
berths loa depth
Orikum Marina 70 15 m 2.5 m
Porto Albania 690 75 m