List of prisons in the Tibet Autonomous Region

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This is a list of prisons within Tibet Autonomous Region province of the People's Republic of China.

Name Enterprise name City/County/District/Prefecture Village/Town Established Notes
Powo Tramo Prison (Ch: Bomi Prison) Nyingtri Prefecture (Ch: Nyingchi) Kongpo, Pomé County Qingduo 1955 In November 2001, all Tibetan political prisoners with heavy sentences were transferred there
Chushur Prison Nitang Brickyard Qüxü County, Lhasa A large prison, hundreds of political prisoners, United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture, M. Nowak, visited the prison in 2005
Delapuxie Prison Lhasa In 2004, Working Group on Arbitrary Detention visited the prison
Lhasa Juvenile Offender Detachment
Lhasa Prison for Special Prisoners
Xizang Autonomous Region Prison Carpet Factory Lhasa Zaji 1960 In 2004, Working Group on Arbitrary Detention visited the prison. About 7% are female, 76% Tibetans and 20% Han Chinese
Trisam Prison 1992 Has three units: the first for male political prisoners, the second for male criminals and the third for women prisoners. Juveniles are included. Trisam conducts hard labor, and at least eight cells are reportedly used for solitary confinement.
Xizang No. 2 Prison Holds political prisoners


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