List of second-level administrative divisions of North Korea

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Administrative divisions of North Korea
Provincial level
( to)
Direct-administered city
(직할시 直轄市 chikhalsi)
Special city
(특별시 特別市 t'ŭkpyŏlsi)
Municipal level
Special-level city
(특급시 特級市 t'ŭkkŭpsi)
( si)
( kun)
(구역 區域 kuyŏk)
( ku)
(지구 地區 chigu)
Submunicipal level
( ŭp)
( tong)
( ri)
Workers' District [ko]
(로동자구 勞動者區 rodongjagu)

This is a list of all second-level administrative divisions of North Korea, including cities, counties, workers' districts, districts, and wards, organized by province or directly governed city.

The second-level divisions of North Korea as of 2012

Pyongyang Directly Governed City[edit]

Rason Special City[edit]

Chagang Province[edit]

North Hamgyŏng Province[edit]

South Hamgyŏng Province[edit]

North Hwanghae Province[edit]

South Hwanghae Province[edit]

Kangwon Province[edit]

North P'yŏngan Province[edit]

South P'yŏngan Province[edit]

Ryanggang Province[edit]

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