List of special elections to the United States House of Representatives

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Below is a list of special elections to the United States House of Representatives. Such elections are called by state governors to fill vacancies that occur when a member of the House of Representatives dies or resigns before the biennial general election. Winners of these elections serve the remainder of the term and are usually candidates in the next general election for their districts.

In the United States, these contests have been called "special elections" because they do not occur on Election Day like regular congressional elections. Despite their name, however, special elections to the U.S. House happen quite often. Furthermore, one published study shows that special elections are explained by the same factors as regular congressional elections.[1] Special elections to the U.S. House of Representatives have occurred at least once in all states except Iowa and Idaho. A few special elections for territorial delegates to Congress have also been held.

A 2016 study of special elections to the United States House of Representatives found "that while candidate characteristics affect special election outcomes, presidential approval is predictive of special election outcomes as well. Furthermore, we find that the effect of presidential approval on special election outcomes has increased in magnitude from 1995 to 2014, with the 2002 midterm representing an important juncture in the nationalization of special elections."[2]

List of special elections[edit]

District Con-
Date[b] Original Winner Cause of vacancy
New Hampshire at-large 1st June 22, 1789[c] Benjamin West[d] (Pro-Admin) Abiel Foster (Pro-Admin) Declined to serve.
Virginia 9 1st July 1790[c] Theodorick Bland (Anti-Admin) William B. Giles (Anti-Admin) Died.
Connecticut at-large 1st December 16, 1790[c] Pierpont Edwards[e] (Pro-Admin) Jeremiah Wadsworth (Pro-Admin) Resigned.
New York 1 2nd April 26–28, 1791[c] James Townsend[e] (Pro-Admin) Thomas Tredwell (Anti-Admin) Died.
Connecticut at-large 2nd September 19, 1791[c] Roger Sherman (Pro-Admin) Amasa Learned (Pro-Admin) Representative-elect resigned to become the United States Senator from Connecticut.
Maryland 3 2nd October 26–29, 1791[c] William Pinkney (Pro-Admin) John Francis Mercer (Anti-Admin) Resigned.
Georgia 1 2nd July 9, 1792[c] Anthony Wayne (Anti-Admin) John Milledge (Anti-Admin) Removed during a debate over his residency qualifications.
Maryland 2 2nd January 7–10, 1793[c] Joshua Seney (Anti-Admin) William Hindman (Pro-Admin) Resigned to take up his new duties as a judge of the state court for the district of Baltimore.
Connecticut at-large 3rd April 8, 1793[c][f] Jonathan Sturges[e] (Pro-Admin) Uriah Tracy (Pro-Admin) Resigned to become Associate Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court.
Connecticut at-large 3rd September 16, 1793[c] Benjamin Huntington (Pro-Admin) Jonathan Ingersoll (Pro-Admin) Representative-elect resigned.
Connecticut at-large 3rd November 11, 1793[c] Stephen M. Mitchell (Pro-Admin)
Jonathan Ingersoll (Pro-Admin)
Joshua Coit (Pro-Admin)
Zephaniah Swift (Pro-Admin)
Representative-elect resigned to become the United States Senator from Connecticut and Ingersoll declined to take his seat.
Maryland 2 3rd May 5, 1794[c] John Francis Mercer (Anti-Admin) Gabriel Duvall (Anti-Admin) Resigned.
South Carolina 5 3rd October 13–14, 1794 Alexander Gillon (Anti-Admin) Robert Goodloe Harper (P) Died October 6, 1794.
Maryland 3 3rd December 8, 1794 Uriah Forrest (P) Benjamin Edwards (P) Resigned.
New Jersey at-large 3rd January 11, 1795 Abraham Clark (Pro-Admin) Aaron Kitchell (Pro-Admin) Died September 15, 1794.
South Carolina 2 4th January 19–20, 1795[c] John Barnwell[e] (F) Wade Hampton (DR) Declined to serve.
Connecticut at-large 4th April 13, 1795[c] Jonathan Trumbull[e] (F) Nathaniel Smith (F) Elected U.S. Senator.
North Carolina 4 4th August 13–14, 1795[c] Alexander Mebane (DR) Absalom Tatom (DR) Representative-elect died July 5, 1795.
Maryland 2 4th April 18, 1796[c] Gabriel Duvall (DR) Richard Sprigg (DR) Resigned March 28, 1796, after election to the Maryland Supreme Court.
Massachusetts 10 4th September 12, 1796[c] Benjamin Goodhue (F) Samuel Sewall (F) Resigned to retire from public life.
Connecticut at-large 4th September 19, 1796[c] James Hillhouse (F) James Davenport (F) Elected U.S. Senator May 12, 1796; resigned in the fall of 1796
Maryland 3 4th October 3, 1796[c] Jeremiah Crabb (F) William Craik (F) Resigned in 1796 after June 1.
Pennsylvania 5 4th October 11, 1796[c] Daniel Hiester (DR) George Ege (F) Resigned and moved to Hagerstown, Maryland.
Rhode Island at-large 4th November 15, 1796[c] Benjamin Bourne (F) Elisha R. Potter (F) Resigned in October 1796.
Massachusetts 1 4th November 21, 1796[c] Theodore Sedgwick (F) Thomson J. Skinner (DR) Resigned in early June 1796 after election as U.S. Senator.
North Carolina 4 4th November 23, 1796[c] Absalom Tatom (DR) William Strudwick (F) Resigned June 1, 1796 (the last day of the 1st Session of the 4th Congress).
Connecticut at-large 4th December 5, 1796[c] Uriah Tracy (F) Samuel W. Dana (F) Resigned October 13, 1796, after election as U.S. Senator.
Rhode Island at-large 5th November 15, 1796[c] Benjamin Bourne (F) Elisha R. Potter (F) Resigned in October 1796.
Connecticut at-large 5th April 10, 1797[c] Uriah Tracy[e] (F)
Zephaniah Swift (F)
John Allen (F)
James Davenport (F)
Representative-elect resigned October 13, 1796, after election as U.S. Senator
Swift declined reelection, retiring from Congress March 3, 1797.
Vermont 2 5th May 23, 1797[c] Daniel Buck (F) Lewis R. Morris (F) Representative-elect declined to serve.
Massachusetts 11 5th August 4, 1797[c] Theophilus Bradbury (F) Bailey Bartlett (F) Resigned July 24, 1797 to become Judge of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.
New Hampshire at-large 5th August 28, 1797 Jeremiah Smith (F) Peleg Sprague (F) Smith was named United States Attorney for the District of New Hampshire.
Rhode Island at-large 5th August 29, 1797[c] Elisha R. Potter (F) Thomas Tillinghast (F) Resigned in July 1797.
South Carolina 1 5th September 4–5, 1797[c] William L. Smith (F) Thomas Pinckney (F) Resigned July 10, 1797 to become Minister to Portugal & Spain.
Connecticut at-large 5th September 18, 1797[c] James Davenport (F) William Edmond (F) Died August 3, 1797.[3]
Pennsylvania 5 5th October 10, 1797[c] George Ege (F) Joseph Hiester (DR) Resigned in October 1797.
New Hampshire at-large 5th October 30, 1797[c] Jeremiah Smith (F) Peleg Sprague (F) Resigned June 26, 1797
North Carolina 10 5th August 2, 1798[c] Nathan Bryan (DR) Richard D. Spaight (DR) Died June 4, 1798.
Pennsylvania 1 5th October 9, 1798[c] John Swanwick (DR) Robert Waln (F) Died August 1, 1798.
Pennsylvania 4 5th October 9, 1798[c] Samuel Sitgreaves (F) Robert Brown (DR) Resigned in 1798.
Connecticut at-large 5th October 22, 1798[c] Joshua Coit (F) Jonathan Brace (F) Died September 5, 1798.
Virginia 9 5th November 1, 1798[c] William B. Giles (DR) Joseph Eggleston (DR) Resigned October 2, 1798, on the grounds of ill health, and in disgust at the Alien and Sedition Acts.
Maryland 7 6th November 29, 1798[c] Joshua Seney[e] (DR) Joseph H. Nicholson (DR) Died October 20, 1798.
Connecticut at-large 6th September 16, 1799[c] John Allen (F) Elizur Goodrich (F) Representative-elect declined to serve.
New Hampshire at-large 6th November 18, 1799[c] Peleg Sprague (F) James Sheafe (F) Representative-elect declined to serve.
New York 1 6th December 27–29, 1799[c] Jonathan N. Havens (DR) John Smith (DR) Representative-elect died October 25, 1799.
Virginia 13 6th June 7, 1800 John Marshall (F) Littleton W. Tazewell (DR) Resigned to become United States Secretary of State.
New Hampshire at-large 6th August 25, 1800 William Gordon (F) Samuel Tenney (F) Resigned to accept appointment as New Hampshire Attorney General.
Connecticut at-large 6th September 15, 1800[c] Jonathan Brace (F) John C. Smith (F) Resigned in May 1800.
Massachusetts 10 6th October 20, 1800[c] Samuel Sewall (F) Nathan Read (F) Resigned January 10, 1800 to serve as a judge of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.
New Hampshire at-large 6th October 27, 1800[c] William Gordon (F) Samuel Tenney (F) Resigned to become New Hampshire Attorney General.
Massachusetts 3 6th December 15, 1800[c] Samuel Lyman (F) Ebenezer Mattoon (F) Resigned November 6, 1800.
Massachusetts 4 6th December 15, 1800[c][f] Dwight Foster (F) Levi Lincoln (DR) Resigned to serve as U.S. Senator.
Pennsylvania 8 6th January 15, 1801[c][f] Thomas Hartley (F) John Stewart (DR) Died December 21, 1800.
Georgia at-large 7th March 23, 1801[c] James Jones[e] (DR) John Milledge (DR) Died January 11, 1801.
Connecticut at-large 7th April 9, 1801[c] Elizur Goodrich[e] (F) Calvin Goddard (F) Resigned after appointment as collector of customs for the Port of New Haven.
Massachusetts 14 7th June 22, 1801[c] George Thatcher[d] (F) Richard Cutts (DR) Declined to seek re-election after accepting a judicial appointment.
North Carolina 8 7th August 6–7, 1801[c] David Stone[e] (DR) Charles Johnson (DR) Resigned to return to the North Carolina Superior Court.
Massachusetts 4 7th June 22, 1801[c] Levi Lincoln (DR) Seth Hastings (F) Representative-elect appointed U.S. Attorney General
Massachusetts 14 7th June 22, 1801 George Thatcher (F) Richard Cutts (DR) Thatcher declined to serve in the 7th Congress.
Connecticut at-large 7th September 21, 1801[c] William Edmond[d] (F) Benjamin Tallmadge (F) Declined to seek renomination.
Massachusetts 12 7th September 25, 1801 Silas Lee (F) Vacant Resigned after appointment as U.S. Attorney for the District of Maine.
North Carolina 8 7th August 6, 1801 David Stone (F) Charles Johnson (DR) Resigned before the start of the 7th Congress upon election to the Senate.
New York 5 7th October 6–8, 1801[c] Thomas Tillotson[d] (DR) Theodorus Bailey (DR) Resigned after appointment as Secretary of State of New York.
New York 6 7th October 6–8, 1801[c] John Bird[d] (F) John P. Van Ness (DR) Resigned July 25, 1801.
Pennsylvania 4 7th October 13, 1801[c] Peter Muhlenberg (DR) Isaac Van Horne (DR) Representative-elect resigned March 4, 1801, after election as U.S. Senator.
Pennsylvania 12 7th October 13, 1801[c] Albert Gallatin (DR) William Hoge (DR) Representative-elect resigned in May 1801 to become U.S. Treasury Secretary.
Tennessee at-large 7th October 29–30, 1801[c] William C. C. Claiborne[d] (DR) William Dickson (DR) Resigned to become Governor of Mississippi Territory.
Maryland 2 7th March 2, 1802[c] Richard Sprigg (DR) Walter Bowie (DR) Resigned April 11, 1802.
Georgia at-large 7th April 5, 1802[c] Benjamin Taliaferro (DR) David Meriwether (DR) Resigned.
South Carolina 4 7th April 12–13, 1802[c] Thomas Sumter (DR) Richard Winn (DR) Resigned after being elected U.S. Senator.
Massachusetts 12 7th July 29, 1802[c] None Samuel Thatcher (F) Failure to elect after four ballots when no candidate won 50% of votes required.
New Hampshire at-large 7th August 30, 1802[c] Joseph Peirce (F) Samuel Hunt (F) Resigned.
North Carolina 8 7th October 15, 1802[c] Charles Johnson (DR) Thomas Wynns (DR) Died July 23, 1802.
New York 7 8th April 26–28, 1803[c] John Cantine[e] (F) Josiah Hasbrouck (DR) Representative-elect declined to serve.
Connecticut at-large 8th September 5, 1803[c] Elias Perkins[d] (F) Simeon Baldwin (F) Re-elected, but declined to serve.
New York 6 8th September 14–16, 1803[c] Isaac Bloom[d] (DR) Daniel C. Verplanck (DR) Died.
Georgia at-large 8th October 3, 1803[c] John Milledge[e] (DR) Joseph Bryan (DR) Milledge was elected Governor of Georgia
New York 1 8th April 24–26, 1804[c] John Smith (DR) Samuel Riker (DR) Resigned.
New York 2 9th September 11–13, 1804[c] Daniel D. Tompkins[e] (DR) Gurdon S. Mumford (DR) Representative-elect resigned.
Massachusetts 12 8th September 17, 1804[c] Thomson J. Skinner (DR) Simon Larned (DR) Resigned.
Pennsylvania 10 8th November 2, 1804[c][f] William Hoge (DR) John Hoge (DR) Resigned October 15, 1804.
Virginia 13 8th October 1804[c] John Johns Trigg (DR) Christopher H. Clark (DR) Died.
Maryland 4 8th October 1, 1804[c] Daniel Hiester (DR) Roger Nelson (DR) Died.
Virginia 5 8th November 13, 1804[c] Andrew Moore (DR) Alexander Wilson (DR) Resigned to serve as U.S. Senator.
New York 3 8th January 2–4, 1805[c] Samuel L. Mitchill (DR) George Clinton (DR) Resigned after being elected U.S. Senator.
South Carolina 8 9th September 26–27, 1805[c] John B. Earle[d] (DR) Elias Earle (DR) Retired before the start of the 9th Congress.
North Carolina 5 9th August 8, 1805[c] James Gillespie[e] (DR) Thomas Kenan (DR) Died.
Connecticut at-large 9th September 16, 1805[c][f] Calvin Goddard[d] (F)
Roger Griswold[d] (F)
Timothy Pitkin (F)
Lewis B. Sturges (F)
Resigned before the start of the 9th Congress.
Delaware at-large 9th October 1, 1805[c] James A. Bayard (F) James M. Broom (F) Representative-elect resigned after election as U.S. Senator.
Pennsylvania 4 9th October 8, 1805[c] John A. Hanna (DR) Robert Whitehill (DR) Representative-elect died July 23, 1805.
Pennsylvania 11 9th October 8, 1805[c] John B. Lucas (DR) Samuel Smith (DR) Representative-elect resigned.
North Carolina 10 9th January 23–24, 1806[c] Nathaniel Alexander[d] (DR) Evan S. Alexander (DR) Resigned to serve as Governor of North Carolina.
Georgia at-large 9th September 1, 1806[c][f] Joseph Bryan (DR) Dennis Smelt (DR) Resigned.
Connecticut at-large 9th September 15, 1806[c] John C. Smith (F) Theodore Dwight (F) Resigned.
Maryland 7 9th September 27/October 4, 1806[c] Joseph H. Nicholson (DR) Edward Lloyd (DR) Resigned.
Virginia 13 9th November 1806[c] Christopher H. Clark (DR) William A. Burwell (DR) Resigned.
Pennsylvania 1 9th November 27, 1806[c] Michael Leib (DR) John Porter (DR) Resigned and returned to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
Georgia at-large 9th December 1, 1806[c] Thomas Spalding (DR) William W. Bibb (DR) Resigned.
South Carolina 6 10th June 1–2, 1807[c] Levi Casey[e] (DR) Joseph C. Calhoun (DR) Died.
Massachusetts 12 10th July 13, 1807[c] Barnabas Bidwell[d] (DR) Ezekiel Bacon (DR) Resigned to become Massachusetts Attorney General.
Delaware at-large 10th October 6, 1807[c] James M. Broom (F) Nicholas Van Dyke (F) Representative-elect resigned.
North Carolina 7 10th February 1, 1808[c] John Culpepper (F) John Culpepper (F) Seat declared vacant from January to February 1808.
New Jersey at-large 10th March 8–9, 1808[c] Ezra Darby (DR) Adam Boyd (DR) Died.
New York 12 10th April 26–28, 1808[c] David Thomas (DR) Nathan Wilson (DR) Resigned to become New York State Treasurer.
Massachusetts 2 10th May 4, 1808[c] Jacob Crowninshield (DR) Joseph Story (DR) Died.
Rhode Island at-large 10th August 30, 1808[c] Nehemiah Knight (DR) Richard Jackson Jr. (F) Died.
Vermont 1 10th September 6, 1808[c][f] James Witherell (DR) Samuel Shaw (DR) Resigned to become a judge in the Michigan Territory.
Virginia 17 10th September 8, 12, 26, 1808[c] John Claiborne (DR) Thomas Gholson Jr. (DR) Died.
Pennsylvania 1 10th October 11, 1808[c] Joseph Clay (DR) Benjamin Say (DR) Resigned after March 28, 1808.
Pennsylvania 1 11th October 10, 1809[c][f] Benjamin Say (DR) Adam Seybert (DR) Resigned in June 1809.
Virginia 21 11th December 1809[c] Wilson C. Nicholas (DR) David S. Garland (DR) Resigned.
New York 2 11th April 24–26, 1810[c] William Denning[d] (DR) Samuel L. Mitchill (DR) Resigned.
Kentucky 5 11th August 6, 1810[c] Benjamin Howa (DR) William T. Barry (DR) Resigned, later became Governor of Louisiana Territory.
Connecticut at-large 11th September 17, 1810[c] Samuel W. Dana (F) Ebenezer Huntington (F) Resigned after election as U.S. Senator.
Maryland 4 11th October 1, 1810[c] Roger Nelson (DR) Samuel Ringgold (DR) Resigned.
New Jersey at-large 11th October 30–31, 1810[c] James Cox (DR) John A. Scudder (DR) Died.
Massachusetts 10 11th October 8, 1810[c][f] Jabez Upham (F) Joseph Allen (F) Resigned.
Massachusetts 11 11th October 8, 1810[c][f] William Stedman (F) Abijah Bigelow (F) Resigned.
Virginia 1 11th November 1810[c] John G. Jackson (DR) William McKinley (DR) Resigned after being wounded in a duel.
Maryland 7 11th November 15, 1810[c] John Brown (DR) Robert Wright (DR) Resigned before the close of the 11th Congress to accept a position as clerk of the county court of Queen Anne's County.
South Carolina 1 11th December 31, 1810[c][f] Robert Marion (DR) Langdon Cheves (DR) Resigned.
Maryland 7 12th November 15, 1810[c][g] John Brown[e] (DR) Robert Wright (DR) (Same reason in the entry of Maryland's 7th district for the 11th Congress.)
Maryland 6 12th October 2, 1811[c] John Montgomery[d] (DR) Stevenson Archer (DR) Resigned to become Attorney General of Maryland.
Massachusetts 4 12th November 4, 1811[c][f] Joseph B. Varnum[d] (DR) William M. Richardson (DR) Resigned after election as U.S. Senator.
Massachusetts 17 12th April 6, 1812[c][f] Barzillai Gannett[d] (DR) Francis Carr (DR) Resigned.
Georgia at-large 12th October 5, 1812[c][f] Howell Cobb (DR) William Barnett (DR) Resigned before October 1812 to accept a captain's commission in the U.S. Army.
New York 6 12th December 15–17, 1812[c] Robert L. Livingston (F) Thomas P. Grosvenor (F) Resigned to accept commission as a lieutenant colonel.
North Carolina 3 12th January 11, 1813[c] Thomas Blount (DR) William Kennedy (DR) Died February 7, 1812.
Pennsylvania 13 13th February 16, 1813[c] John Smilie[e] (DR) Isaac Griffin (DR) Died December 30, 1812.
Ohio 6 13th April 20, 1813[c] John S. Edwards[e] (F) Reasin Beall (DR) Representative-elect died.
New York 15 13th April 27–29, 1813[c] William Dowse[e] (F) John M. Bowers[h] (F) Representative-elect died.
Kentucky 8 13th April 29, 1813[c] John Simpson[e] (DR) Stephen Ormsby (DR) Died January 22, 1813.
Pennsylvania 15 13th May 4, 1813[c][f] Abner Lacock[e] (DR) Thomas Wilson (DR) Resigned March 3, 1813, due to election as U.S. Senator.
Ohio 3 13th May 10, 1813[c] Duncan McArthur[d] (DR) William Creighton (DR) Representative-elect resigned to stay in the state militia.
Pennsylvania 5 13th May 11, 1813[c][f] Robert Whitehill (DR) John Rea (DR) Representative-elect died April 8, 1813.
Pennsylvania 3 13th October 12, 1813[c][f] John Gloninger (F) Edward Crouch (DR) Resigned August 2, 1813.
Pennsylvania 7 13th October 12, 1813[c][f] John M. Hyneman (DR) Daniel Udree (DR) Resigned August 2, 1813.
Georgia at-large 13th December 13, 1813[c][f] William W. Bibb (DR) Alfred Cuthbert (DR) Resigned after election as U.S. Senator.
New York 2 13th December 28–30, 1813[c] Egbert Benson (F) William Irving (DR) Resigned
Kentucky 2 13th February 28, 1814[c] Henry Clay (DR) Joseph H. Hawkins (DR) Resigned and traveled to Europe for the War of 1812 negotiations.
Massachusetts 4 13th May 23, 1814[c] William M. Richardson (DR) Samuel Dana (DR) Resigned.
Virginia 11 13th June 1814[c] John Dawson (DR) Philip P. Barbour (DR) Died.
Massachusetts 12 13th August 4, 1814[c] Daniel Dewey (F) John W. Hulbert (F) Resigned to become associate judge of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.
New Hampshire at-large 13th August 29, 1814[c] Samuel Smith (F) Vacant[i] Failure to elect (see note).
Tennessee 5 13th September 15–16, 1814[c] Felix Grundy (DR) Newton Cannon (DR) Resigned.
New Jersey 3 13th October 10–11, 1814[c] Jacob Hufty [j] (F) Thomas Bines (DR) Died May 20, 1814.
Ohio 6 13th October 11, 1814[c][f] Reasin Beall (DR) David Clendenin (DR) Resigned June 7, 1814.
Pennsylvania 2 13th October 11, 1814[c][f] Jonathan Roberts (DR) Samuel Henderson (F) Resigned February 24, 1814, after election as U.S. Senator.
Pennsylvania 3 13th October 12, 1814[c][f] James Whitehill (DR) Amos Slaymaker (F) Resigned September 1, 1814, to engage in mercantile pursuits.
New York 6 14th April 1815 Jonathan Fisk (DR) James W. Wilkin (DR) Resigned to become U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.
New York 12 14th April 1815 Benjamin Pond (DR) Asa Adgate (DR) Died October 14, 1814.
Virginia 15 14th October 1815 Matthew Clay (DR) John Kerr (DR) Died May 27, 1815.
Pennsylvania 1 14th October 10, 1815 Jonathan Williams (DR) John Sergeant (F) Died May 16, 1815.
Pennsylvania 3 14th October 10, 1815 Amos Ellmaker (DR) James M. Wallace (DR) Resigned July 3, 1815, before qualifying, to become President Judge of the 12th Judicial District.
Pennsylvania 9 14th October 10, 1815 David Bard (DR) Thomas Burnside (DR) Died March 12, 1815.
Tennessee 2 14th December 7–8, 1815 John Sevier (DR) William G. Blount (DR) Died September 24, 1815.
North Carolina 6 14th January 22, 1816 Nathaniel Macon (DR) Weldon N. Edwards (DR) Resigned after being elected to the Senate.
Maryland 5 14th January 27, 1816 Nicholas R. Moore (DR) Samuel Smith (DR) Resigned in 1815 before the start of the 15th Congress.
New York 20 14th September 1816 Enos T. Throop (DR) Daniel Avery (DR) Resigned after losing re-election campaign.
Maryland 5 14th September 3, 1816 William Pinkney (DR) Peter Little (DR) Pinkney was named Minister to Russia
Pennsylvania 9 14th October 8, 1816 Thomas Burnside (DR) William P. Maclay (DR) Resigned in April 1816 to become a judge.
Virginia 18 14th October 10–28, 1816 Thomas Gholson Jr. (DR) Thomas M. Nelson (DR) Died July 4, 1816.
Kentucky 1 14th December 2, 1816 James Clark (DR) Thomas Fletcher (DR) Resigned to become circuit court judge.
Maryland 3 14th December 2, 1816 Alexander C. Hanson (F) George Peter (F) Resigned after being elected to the Senate.
Massachusetts 11 14th December 2, 1816 Elijah Brigham (F) Benjamin Adams (F) Died.
North Carolina 8 14th December 2, 1816 Richard Stanford (DR) Samuel Dickens (DR) Died April 16, 1816.
Ohio 1 14th October 8, 1816 John McLean (DR) William Henry Harrison (DR) Resigned in April 1816 to become Judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio.
Georgia at-large 14th December 1816 Alfred Cuthbert (DR) Zadock Cook (DR) Resigned.
Pennsylvania 10 15th October 14, 1817 David Scott (DR) John Murray (DR) Resigned to become a judge.
Connecticut at-large 15th December 1, 1817 Sylvanus Blackus (F)
Charles Dennison (F)
Ebenezer Huntington (F)
Nathaniel Terry (F)
Died February 15, 1817.
New York 4 15th December 1, 1817 Henry B. Lee (DR) James Tallmadge Jr. (DR) Representative-elect died February 18, 1817
North Carolina 7 15th January 1, 1818 Alexander McMillan (F) James Stewart (F) Representative-elect McMillan died some time before Congress assembled.
South Carolina 6 15th February 9, 1818 John C. Calhoun (DR) Eldred Simkins (DR) Resigned to become U.S. Secretary of War.
Pennsylvania 6 15th March 3, 1818 John Ross (DR) Thomas J. Rogers (DR) Resigned February 24, 1818, to become President Judge of the 7th Judicial District of Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania 6 15th October 13, 1818 Samuel D. Ingham (DR) Samuel Moore (DR) Resigned July 6, 1818.
Massachusetts 20 15th November 4, 1818 Albion Parris (DR) Enoch Lincoln (DR) Resigned to become a judge of the United States District Court for the District of Maine.
North Carolina 11 15th November 7, 1818 Daniel M. Forney (DR) William Davidson (F) Resigned.
Connecticut at-large 15th November 16, 1818 Uriel Holmes (F) Sylvester Gilbert (DR) Resigned.
Pennsylvania 4 15th November 16, 1818 Jacob Spangler (DR) Jacob Hostetter (DR) Resigned April 20, 1818, to become Surveyor General of Pennsylvania.
Louisiana at-large 15th November 16, 1818 Thomas B. Robertson (DR) Thomas Butler (DR) Resigned.
Virginia 19 15th November 16, 1818 Peterson Goodwyn (DR) John Pegram (DR) Died February 21, 1818.
Georgia at-large 15th January 4, 1819 John Forsyth (DR) Robert R. Reid (DR) Resigned upon being elected to the Senate.
Georgia at-large 16th January 4, 1819 John Forsyth (DR) Robert R. Reid (DR) Resigned upon being elected to the Senate.
New Jersey at-large 16th February 1–2, 1820 John Condit (DR) Charles Kinsey (DR) Resigned November 4, 1819 to become Assistant Collector of the Port of New York.
Massachusetts 13 16th August 21, 1820 Edward Dowse (DR) William Eustis (DR) Resigned.
Pennsylvania 5 16th October 10, 1820 David Fullerton (DR) Thomas G. McCullough (F) Resigned May 15, 1820.
Maine 1 16th November 7, 1820 John Holmes (DR) Joseph Dane (F) Holmes was elected as one of the first two Senators from Maine.
Virginia 1 16th November 13, 1820 James Pindall (F) Edward B. Jackson (DR) Resigned.
Virginia 10 16th November 13, 1820 George F. Strother (DR) Thomas L. Moore (DR) Resigned.
Virginia 20 16th November 13, 1820 James Johnson (DR) John C. Gray (DR) Resigned to become collector of customs in Norfolk.
Pennsylvania 7 16th December 26, 1820 Joseph Hiester (DR) Daniel Udree (DR) Resigned in December 1820 after elected Governor of Pennsylvania.
North Carolina 4 16th February 7, 1821 Jesse Slocumb (DR) William S. Blackledge (DR) Died December 20, 1820.
New Jersey at-large 17th October 8–9, 1821 John Linn (DR) Lewis Condict (DR) Died January 5, 1821.
Ohio 4 17th October 9, 1821 John C. Wright (DR) David Chambers (DR) Resigned March 3, 1821.
Pennsylvania 5 17th October 9, 1821 James Duncan (DR) John Findlay (DR) Resigned in April 1821.
Pennsylvania 10 17th October 9, 1821 William Cox Ellis (F) Thomas Murray Jr. (DR) Resigned July 20, 1821.
New York 6 17th November 6–8, 1821 Selah Tuthill (DR) Charles Borland Jr. (DR) Died September 7, 1821.
South Carolina 9 17th December 3, 1821 John S. Richards (DR) James Blair (DR) Representative-elect Richards declined to serve.
Kentucky 8 17th January 2, 1822 Wingfield Bullock (DR) James D. Breckinridge (DR) Died October 13, 1821.
New York 9 17th February 25–27, 1822 Solomon Van Rensselaer (DR) Stephen Van Rensselaer (F) Resigned.
Delaware at-large 17th October 1, 1822 Caesar A. Rodney (DR) Daniel Rodney (F) Resigned January 24, 1822, after election as U.S. Senator.
Pennsylvania 1 17th October 1, 1822 William Milnor (F) Thomas Forrest (F) Resigned May 8, 1822.
Pennsylvania 6 17th October 1, 1822 Samuel Moore (DR) Samuel D. Ingham (DR) Resigned May 20, 1822.
Pennsylvania 14 17th October 1, 1822 Henry Baldwin (DR) Walter Forward (DR) Died May 8, 1822.
Indiana at-large 17th December 2, 1822 William Hendricks (DR) Jonathan Jennings (DR) Resigned to run for Governor of Indiana.
Maine 2 17th December 2, 1822 Ezekiel Whitman (F) Mark Harris (DR) Resigned June 1, 1822.
Pennsylvania 7 17th December 10, 1822 Ludwig Worman (F) Daniel Udree (F) Died October 17, 1822.
South Carolina 9 17th December 11, 1822 James Blair (DR) John Carter (DR) Resigned.
South Carolina 2 17th January 6, 1823 William Lowndes (DR) James Hamilton Jr. (DR) Resigned May 8, 1822, due to ill health.
Maryland 5 17th January 8, 1823 Samuel Smith (DR) Isaac McKim (DR) Resigned December 22, 1822, after being elected to the Senate.
Maryland 5 18th January 8, 1823 Samuel Smith (DR) Isaac McKim (Jackson Republican) Resigned December 22, 1822, after being elected to the Senate.
New York 28 18th December 1, 1823 William B. Rochester (Adams Republican) William Woods (Adams Republican) Resigned to become Judge of New York's Eighth Circuit Court.
Virginia 13 18th April 8, 1824[k] William Lee Ball (Crawford Republican) John Taliaferro (Crawford Republican) Died February 29, 1824.
Pennsylvania 8 18th October 12, 1824 Thomas J. Rogers (Jackson Republican) George Wolf (Jackson Republican) Resigned April 20, 1824.
Pennsylvania 13 18th October 12, 1824 John Tod (Jackson Republican) Alexander Thomson (Jackson Republican) Resigned due to becoming the Presiding Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin County.
Massachusetts 10 18th December 13, 1824 None[l] John Bailey (DR) (See note.)
Vermont at-large 18th December 13, 1824[f] Charles Rich (DR) Henry Olin (DR) Died October 15, 1824.
Indiana 1 18th December 23, 1824[f] William Prince (DR) Jacob Call (Jackson Republican) Died September 8, 1824.
North Carolina 2 18th January 6, 1825 Hutchins Gordon Burton (Crawford Republican) George Outlaw (Crawford Republican) Resigned after being elected Governor of North Carolina.
Georgia at-large 18th February 7, 1825 Thomas W. Cobb (Crawford Republican) Richard Henry Wilde (Crawford Republican) Resigned to become U.S. Senator.
Pennsylvania 16 19th October 11, 1825 James Allison Jr. (J) Robert Orr Jr. (J) Resigned.
Pennsylvania 18 19th March 14, 1826 Patrick Farrelly (J) Thomas H. Sill (Anti-J) Died January 12, 1826.
Maine 5 19th September 11, 1826 Enoch Lincoln (DR) James W. Ripley (J) Resigned.
Ohio 10 19th October 10, 1826 David Jennings (Anti-J) Thomas Shannon (Anti-J) Resigned May 25, 1826.
Pennsylvania 2 19th October 10, 1826 Joseph Hemphill (J) Thomas Kittera (Anti-J) Resigned May 1, 1826.
Pennsylvania 7 19th October 10, 1826 Henry Wilson (J) Jacob Krebs (J) Died August 14, 1826.
Pennsylvania 13 19th October 10, 1826 Alexander Thomson (J) Chauncey Forward (J) Resigned May 1, 1826.
Maine 1 20th September 10, 1827 William Burleigh (Anti-J) Rufus McIntire (J) Died July 2, 1827.
Georgia 1 20th October 1, 1827 Edward Fenwick Tattnall[m] (J) George Rockingham Gilmer (J) (See note.)
Delaware at-large 20th October 2, 1827 Louis McLane (F) Kensey Johns Jr. (F) Resigned after election as U.S. Senator.
Ohio 8 20th October 9, 1827 William Wilson (Anti-J) William Stanbery (J) Died June 6, 1827.
Pennsylvania 2 20th October 9, 1827 None[n] John Sergeant (Anti-J) The vote in the previous general election was tied.
Georgia 2 20th November 17, 1827 John Forsyth (J) Richard Henry Wilde (J) Resigned to serve as Governor of Georgia.
New Jersey at-large 20th November 3–4, 1828 George Holcombe (J) James F. Randolph (Anti-J) Died January 4, 1828.
New Jersey at-large 20th November 3–4, 1828 Hedge Thompson (Anti-J) Thomas Sinnickson (Anti-J) Died July 23, 1828.
Ohio 6 20th December 2, 1828 William Creighton (Anti-J) Francis Swaine Muhlenberg (Anti-J) Resigned.
Maine 4 21st July 20, 1829 Peleg Sprague (Anti-J) George Evans (Anti-J) Resigned after election to U.S. Senate
Pennsylvania 8 21st October 13, 1829 Samuel D. Ingham (J)
George Wolf (J)
Peter Ihrie Jr. (J)
Samuel A. Smith (J)
Ingham became U.S. Treasury Secretary March 6, 1829
Wolf was elected Governor of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania 16 21st December 15, 1829 William Wilkins (J) Harmar Denny (Anti-M) Resigned.
Ohio 11 21st October 11, 1830 John M. Goodenow (J) Humphrey H. Leavitt (J) Resigned April 9, 1830; chosen to be a Judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio.
Maine 5 21st December 6, 1830 James W. Ripley (J) Cornelius Holland (J) Resigned to resume practice of law.
Vermont 2 22nd November 1, 1831 Rollin Carolas Mallary (Anti-J) William Slade (Anti-M) Died April 15, 1831.
Pennsylvania 11 22nd November 22, 1831 William Ramsey (J) Robert McCoy (J) Died September 29, 1831.
Vermont 1 22nd January 1, 1833 Jonathan Hunt (Anti-J) Hiland Hall (Anti-J) Died May 15, 1832.
Pennsylvania 1 23rd October 8, 1833 Joel B. Sutherland (J) Joel B. Sutherland (J)[o] Resigned March 5, 1833, to become Associate Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia.
Ohio 19 23rd October 14, 1834 Humphrey H. Leavitt (J) Daniel Kilgore (J) Resigned July 10, 1834, to become Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.
Ohio 1 23rd November 8, 1834 Robert T. Lytle (J) Robert T. Lytle (J) Resigned March 10, 1834.
Vermont 5 23rd November 10, 1834 Benjamin F. Deming (Anti-M) Henry Fisk Janes (Anti-M) Died July 11, 1834.
Connecticut at-large
Seat A
23rd December 1, 1834 William W. Ellsworth (Anti-J) Joseph Trumbull (Anti-J) Resigned July 8, 1834.
Connecticut at-large
Seat B
23rd December 1, 1834 Jabez W. Huntington (Anti-J) Phineas Miner (Anti-J) Resigned August 16, 1834 to become judge of the Connecticut Supreme Court of Errors.
Connecticut at-large
Seat C
23rd December 1, 1834 Samuel A. Foot (Anti-J) Ebenezer Jackson Jr. (Anti-J) Resigned May 9, 1834 to become Governor of Connecticut.
Pennsylvania 24 24th October 11, 1836 John Banks (Anti-M) John J. Pearson (Anti-J) Resigned April 2, 1836.
Pennsylvania 13 24th November 4, 1836 Jesse Miller (J) James Black (J) Resigned October 30, 1836.
New Jersey at-large 24th November 15–16, 1836 Philemon Dickerson (J) William Chetwood (W) Resigned November 3, 1836 to become Governor of New Jersey.
Pennsylvania 3 25th June 29, 1837 Francis J. Harper (D) Charles Naylor (W) Died March 18, 1837.
Ohio 17 25th November 30, 1837 Andrew W. Loomis (W) Charles D. Coffin (W) Resigned October 20, 1837.
Pennsylvania 9 25th March 8, 1838 Henry A. P. Muhlenberg (D) George M. Keim (D) Resigned February 9, 1838 to become U.S. Minister to Austria.
Maine 3 25th April 28, 1838 Jonathan Cilley (D) Edward Robinson (W) Killed February 24, 1838.
Maine 5 25th May 29, 1838 Timothy J. Carter (D) Virgil D. Parris (D) Died March 14, 1838.
Ohio 16 25th October 9, 1838 Elisha Whittlesey (W) Joshua Reed Giddings (W) Resigned July 9, 1838.
Ohio 19 25th November 5, 1838 Daniel Kilgore (D) Henry Swearingen (D) Resigned July 4, 1838.
Pennsylvania 14 26th November 20, 1839 William W. Potter (D) George McCulloch (D) Died October 28, 1839.
Ohio 4 26th October 13, 1840 Thomas Corwin (W) Jeremiah Morrow (W) Resigned May 30, 1840, to run for Governor of Ohio.
Pennsylvania 22 26th October 13, 1840 Richard Biddle (Anti-M) Henry M. Brackenridge (W) Resigned May 13, 1840.
Pennsylvania 13 26th November 20, 1840 William S. Ramsey (D) Charles McClure (D) Died October 17, 1840.
Pennsylvania 13 27th May 4, 1841 William S. Ramsey (D) Amos Gustine (D) Died October 17, 1840.
Pennsylvania 20 27th May 25, 1841 Enos Hook (D) Henry W. Beeson (D) Resigned April 18, 1841.
Maine 4 27th May 31, 1841 George Evans (W) David Bronson (W) Resigned to serve as U.S. Senator.
Pennsylvania 18 27th June 8, 1841 Charles Ogle (W) Henry Black (W) Died May 10, 1841.
Pennsylvania 2 27th October 12, 1841 John Sergeant (W) Joseph Reed Ingersoll (W) Resigned September 15, 1841.
Pennsylvania 18 27th December 21, 1841 Henry Black (W) James M. Russell (W) Died November 28, 1841.
Pennsylvania 17 27th March 1, 1842 Davis Dimock Jr. (D) Almon Heath Read (D) Died January 13, 1842.
Ohio 16 27th April 26, 1842 Joshua Reed Giddings (W) Joshua Reed Giddings (W) Resigned March 22, 1842, in response to being censured for his work against slavery.
Pennsylvania 21 27th May 20, 1842 Joseph Lawrence (W) Thomas M. T. McKennan (W) Died April 17, 1842.
Massachusetts 1 27th June 3, 1842 Robert C. Winthrop (W) Nathan Appleton (W) Resigned when he was widowed.
November 14, 1842 Robert C. Winthrop (W) Nathan Appleton (W) Resigned September 28, 1842.
Pennsylvania 21 28th March 15, 1844 William Wilkins (D) Cornelius Darragh (W) Resigned February 14, 1844 to become U.S. Secretary of War.
Pennsylvania 13 28th April 9, 1844 Henry Frick (W) James Pollock (W) Died March 1, 1844.
Ohio 10 28th October 8, 1844 Heman A. Moore (D) Alfred P. Stone (D) Died April 3, 1844.
Ohio 21 28th October 8, 1844 Henry R. Brinkerhoff (D) Edward S. Hamlin (D) Died April 30, 1844.
Pennsylvania 12 28th October 8, 1844 Almon Heath Read (D) George Fuller (D) Died June 3, 1844.
New Jersey 2 29th October 7–8, 1845 Samuel G. Wright (W) George Sykes (D) Died July 30, 1845.
Georgia 3 29th January 5, 1846 None[p] George W. Towns (D) (See note.)
Ohio 7 30th November 8, 1847 Thomas L. Hamer (D) Jonathan D. Morris (D) Died December 2, 1846.
Pennsylvania 6 30th February 23, 1848 John W. Hornbeck (W) Samuel A. Bridges (D) Died June 16, 1848.
Ohio 6 31st October 9, 1849 Rodolphus Dickinson (D) Amos E. Wood (D) Died March 20, 1849.
Vermont 3 31st November 7, 1849 George Perkins Marsh (W) James Meacham (W) Resigned to become U.S. Minister Resident to the Ottoman Empire.
Georgia 1 31st February 4, 1850 Thomas Butler King (W) Joseph Webber Jackson (D) Resigned.
Massachusetts 1 31st August 22, 1850 Robert C. Winthrop (W) Samuel A. Eliot (W) Resigned to become U.S. Senator.
New Hampshire 3 31st October 8, 1850 James Wilson II (W) George W. Morrison (D) Resigned September 9, 1850.
Pennsylvania 15 31st October 8, 1850 Henry Nes (W) Joel B. Danner (D) Died September 10, 1850.
Ohio 6 31st December 23, 1850 Amos E. Wood (D) John Bell (D) Died November 19, 1850.
Pennsylvania 11 31st December 31, 1850 Chester P. Butler (W) John Brisbin (W) Died October 5, 1850.
Maine 4 32nd June 25, 1852 Charles Andrews (D) Isaac Reed (W) Died April 30, 1852.
Pennsylvania 8 33rd February 4, 1854 Henry A. Muhlenberg (D) J. Glancy Jones (D) Died January 9, 1854.
Massachusetts 1 33rd April 17, 1854 Zeno Scudder (W) Thomas D. Eliot (W) Retired because of leg injury.
Vermont 1 34th September 2, 1856 James Meacham (O) George Tisdale Hodges (R) Died August 23, 1856.
Pennsylvania 12 35th October 13, 1857 John G. Montgomery (D) Paul Leidy (D) Died April 24, 1857.
Pennsylvania 8 35th November 30, 1858 J. Glancy Jones (D) William H. Keim (R) Resigned October 30, 1858.
Ohio 14 36th October 11, 1859 Cyrus Spink (R) Harrison G. O. Blake (R) Died May 31, 1859.
Pennsylvania 8 36th October 9, 1860 John Schwartz (ALD) Jacob K. McKenty (D) Died June 20, 1860.
Maine 5 36th November 6, 1860 Israel Washburn Jr. (R) Stephen Coburn (R) Resigned January 1, 1861, the day before serving as Governor of Maine.
Ohio 7 37th May 28, 1861 Thomas Corwin (R) Richard A. Harrison (U) Resigned March 12, 1861 to become U.S. Minister to Mexico.
Ohio 13 37th May 28, 1861 John Sherman (R) Samuel T. Worcester (R) Resigned March 21, 1861; elected U.S. Senator.
Pennsylvania 2 37th June 21, 1861 Edward Joy Morris (R) Charles J. Biddle (UD) Resigned June 8, 1861 to become Minister Resident to Turkey.
Pennsylvania 12 37th June 21, 1861 George W. Scranton (R) Hendrick Bradley Wright (UD) Died March 24, 1861.
Pennsylvania 7 37th May 24, 1862 Thomas B. Cooper (D) John D. Stiles (D) Died April 4, 1862.
Maine 2 37th December 1, 1862 Charles W. Walton (R) Thomas Fessenden (R) Resigned to become Associate Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.
Delaware at-large 38th November 19, 1863 William Temple (D) Nathaniel B. Smithers (U) Died May 28, 1863.
Ohio 2 40th October 8, 1867 Rutherford B. Hayes (R) Samuel Fenton Cary (IR) Resigned July 20, 1867, after being nominated for Governor of Ohio.
Pennsylvania 12 40th October 8, 1867 Charles Denison (D) George W. Woodward (D) Died June 27, 1867.
Ohio 8 40th January 27, 1868 Cornelius S. Hamilton (R) John Beatty (R) Killed December 22, 1867
Pennsylvania 9 40th October 13, 1868 Thaddeus Stevens (R) Oliver J. Dickey (R) Died August 11, 1868.
Pennsylvania 20 40th October 13, 1868 Darwin A. Finney (R) Solomon Newton Pettis (R) Died August 25, 1868.
Massachusetts 7 41st November 2, 1869 George S. Boutwell (R) George M. Brooks (R) Resigned to become U.S. Treasury Secretary.
Ohio 10 41st April 5, 1870 Truman H. Hoag (D) Erasmus D. Peck (R) Died February 5, 1870.
North Carolina 4 41st August 4, 1870 John T. Deweese (R) Robert B. Gilliam (D).[q] Resigned following censure for selling military academy appointments.
North Carolina 4 41st November 26, 1870 None John Manning Jr. (D) Representative-elect died (see note above).
South Carolina 1 41st December 12, 1870 Benjamin F. Whittemore (R) Joseph Rainey (R) Resigned before censure for selling military academy appointments.
Georgia 4 41st December 22, 1870 Samuel F. Gove (R) Jefferson F. Long (R) Elected, but not permitted to qualify.
Ohio 1 42nd October 8, 1872 Aaron F. Perry (R) Ozro J. Dodds (D) Resigned.
Georgia 4 42nd October 29, 1872 Thomas J. Speer (R) Erasmus W. Beck (D) Died.
Pennsylvania 13 42nd December 24, 1872 Ulysses Mercur (R) Frank C. Bunnell (R) Resigned December 2, 1872, to accept a judicial position.
Oregon 1 43rd October 13, 1873 Joseph G. Wilson (R) James Nesmith (D) Died July 2, 1873.
Georgia 8 43rd December 1, 1873 None[r] Alexander H. Stephens (D) (See note.)
Oregon at-large 43rd December 1, 1873 Joseph G. Wilson (R) James W. Nesmith (D) Died July 2, 1873.
Ohio 12 43rd October 13, 1874 Hugh J. Jewett (D) William E. Finck (D) Resigned June 23, 1874, to become president of the Erie Railroad Co..
Pennsylvania 23 43rd November 3, 1874 Ebenezer McJunkin (R) John M. Thompson (R) Resigned January 1, 1875.
Georgia 9 44th May 5, 1875 None[s] Benjamin Harvey Hill (D) (See note.)
Maine 4 44th September 13, 1875 Samuel F. Hersey (R) Harris M. Plaisted (R) Died February 3, 1875.
Oregon at-large 44th October 25, 1875 None[t] Lafayette Lane (D) Died May 1, 1875.
Pennsylvania 12 44th November 7, 1876 Winthrop W. Ketchum (R) William H. Stanton (D) Resigned July 19, 1876.
Maine 3 44th December 4, 1876 James G. Blaine (R) Edwin Flye (R) Resigned July 10, 1876 to become U.S. Senator.
Georgia 9 45th April 13, 1877 None Hiram Parks Bell (D) Benjamin Harvey Hill (D) resigned after being elected U.S. Senator during the preceding Congress.
Nebraska at-large 45th November 5, 1878 Frank Welch (R) Thomas Jefferson Majors (R) Died September 4, 1878.
Georgia 1 46th February 10, 1879 Julian Hartridge (D) William Bennett Fleming (D) Died January 8, 1879.
Ohio 19 46th November 30, 1880 James A. Garfield (R) Ezra B. Taylor (R) Resigned November 8, 1880, after being elected U.S. President.
New Hampshire 3 46th January 8, 1881 Evarts Worcester Farr (R) Ossian Ray (R) Died November 30, 1880.
Maine 2 47th September 12, 1881 William P. Frye (R) Nelson Dingley Jr. (R) Resigned after being elected U.S. Senator.
Rhode Island 1 47th November 22, 1881 Nelson W. Aldrich (R) Henry J. Spooner (R) Resigned to serve as U.S. Senator.
Georgia 8 47th November 8, 1882 Alexander H. Stephens (D) Seaborn Reese (D) Resigned immediately before serving as Governor of Georgia.
Utah Territory at-large 47th November 8, 1882 George Q. Cannon (R) John Thomas Caine (D) Seat declared vacant by the enactment of the anti-Mormon Edmunds Act.
Ohio 16 47th January 2, 1883 Jonathan T. Updegraff (R) Joseph D. Taylor (R) Died November 30, 1882.
Ohio 17 48th January 2, 1883 Jonathan T. Updegraff (R) Joseph D. Taylor (R) Died November 30, 1882.
West Virginia 3 48th May 15, 1883 John E. Kenna (D) Charles P. Snyder (D) Resigned to serve as U.S. Senator.
Pennsylvania 19 48th December 23, 1884 William A. Duncan (D) John A. Swope (D) Died November 14, 1884.
Rhode Island 2 48th February 5, 1885 Jonathan Chace (R) Nathan F. Dixon III (R) Resigned to become U.S. Senator.
Pennsylvania 19 49th November 3, 1885 William A. Duncan (D) John A. Swope (D) Died November 14, 1884.
Rhode Island 2 49th February 21, 1887 None[u] Charles H. Page (D) (See note.)
Nebraska 2 50th November 5, 1889 James Laird (R) Gilbert L. Laws (R) Died August 17, 1889.
Pennsylvania 4 51st February 18, 1890 William D. Kelley (R) John E. Reyburn (R) Died January 9, 1890.
Pennsylvania 3 51st May 20, 1890 Samuel J. Randall (D) Richard Vaux (D) Died April 13, 1890.
Pennsylvania 27 51st November 4, 1890 Lewis F. Watson (R) Charles W. Stone (R) Died August 25, 1890.
South Dakota at-large 52nd November 3, 1891 John Rankin Gamble (R) John L. Jolley (R) Died August 14, 1891.
California 3 52nd November 8, 1892 Joseph McKenna (R) Samuel G. Hilborn (R) Resigned to become U.S. 9th Circuit Judge
Ohio 16 52nd November 8, 1892 John G. Warwick (D) Lewis P. Ohliger (D) Died August 14, 1892.
Pennsylvania 24 52nd November 8, 1892 Alexander K. Craig (D) William A. Sipe (D) Died July 29, 1892.
Rhode Island 2 53rd April 5, 1893 None[v] Charles H. Page (D) (See note.)
Pennsylvania 8 53rd June 23, 1893 William Mutchler (D) Howard Mutchler (D) Died June 23, 1893.
Ohio 10 53rd July 13, 1893 William H. Enochs (R) Hezekiah S. Bundy (R) Died July 13, 1893.
Pennsylvania 8 53rd July 25, 1893 William Mutchler (D) Howard Mutchler (D) Died June 23, 1893.
Michigan 1 53rd August 17, 1893 J. Logan Chipman (D) Levi T. Griffin (D) Died August 17, 1893.
Wisconsin 4 53rd August 27, 1893 None Peter J. Somers (D) John L. Mitchell (D) resigned at the end of the previous Congress after election as U.S. Senator.
Ohio 10 53rd November 5, 1893 William H. Enochs (R) Hezekiah S. Bundy (R) Died July 13, 1893.
Pennsylvania 2 53rd December 19, 1893 Charles O'Neill (R) Robert Adams Jr. (R) Died November 25, 1893.
New York 15 53rd December 26, 1893 Ashbel P. Fitch (D) Isidor Straus (D) Resigned having been elected Comptroller of New York.
New York 14 53rd December 31, 1893 John R. Fellows (D) Lemuel E. Quigg (R) Resigned having been elected New York County D. A.
Virginia 7 53rd December 31, 1893 Charles T. O'Ferrall (D) Smith S. Turner (D) Resigned having been elected Governor of Virginia.
Pennsylvania at-large 53rd January 20 or February 20, 1894 William Lilly (R) Galusha A. Grow (R) Died December 1, 1893.
Ohio 3 53rd May 1, 1894 George W. Houk (D) Paul J. Sorg (D) Died February 9, 1894.
South Carolina 1 53rd February 12, 1894 William H. Brawley (D) James F. Izlar (D) Resigned to become Judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina.
Louisiana 4 53rd March 12, 1894 Newton C. Blanchard (D) Henry W. Ogden (D) Resigned having been elected U.S. Senator.
Missouri 11 53rd April 3, 1894 Charles F. Joy (R) John J. O'Neill (D) Lost contested election.
California 3 53rd April 4, 1894 Samuel G. Hilborn (R) Warren B. English (D) Lost contested election.
Maryland 1 53rd May 10, 1894 Robert F. Bratton (D) W. Laird Henry (D) Died.
Maryland 5 53rd May 15, 1894 Barnes Compton (D) Charles E. Coffin (R) Resigned.
Kentucky 10 53rd July 7, 1894 Marcus C. Lisle (D) William M. Beckner (D) Died July 7, 1894.
Kansas 2 53rd August 2, 1894 Edward H. Funston (R) Horace L. Moore (D) Lost contested election.
Wisconsin 7 53rd August 27, 1894 George B. Shaw (R) Michael Griffin (R) Died August 27, 1894.
Arkansas 2 53rd November 1, 1894 Clifton R. Breckinridge (D) John S. Little (D) Resigned to become Minister to Russia.
Ohio 2 53rd November 6, 1894 John A. Caldwell (R) Jacob H. Bromwell (R) Resigned May 4, 1894, having been elected Mayor of Cincinnati.
Alabama 3 53rd November 30, 1894 William C. Oates (D) George P. Harrison (D) Resigned to become Governor of Alabama.
Kentucky 9 53rd January 5, 1895 Thomas H. Paynter (D) Vacant Resigned having been elected to the Kentucky Court of Appeals.
Illinois 10 53rd December 2, 1895 Philip S. Post (R) George W. Prince (R) Died January 6, 1895.
Michigan 3 53rd January 13, 1895 Julius C. Burrows (R) Vacant Resigned having been elected U.S. Senator.
Pennsylvania 15 53rd February 19, 1895 Myron B. Wright (R) Edwin J. Jorden (R) Died November 13, 1894.
Pennsylvania 15 54th February 19, 1895 Myron B. Wright (R) James H. Codding (R) Died November 13, 1894.
Georgia 10 54th October 2, 1895 James C. C. Black (D) James C. C. Black (D) Succeeded himself to fill a vacancy he caused.[5]
Massachusetts 6 54th November 5, 1895 William Cogswell (R) William Henry Moody (R) Died May 22, 1895.
New York 10 54th November 5, 1895 None Amos J. Cummings (D) Representative-elect Andrew J. Campbell (R) died December 6, 1894.
Illinois 10 54th December 2, 1895 None George W. Prince (R) Philip S. Post (R) died January 6, 1895.
Illinois 18 54th December 2, 1895 Frederick Remann (R) William F. L. Hadley (R) Died July 14, 1895.
Michigan 3 54th December 2, 1895 Julius C. Burrows (R) Alfred Milnes (R) Resigned after being elected U.S. Senator.
Illinois 3 54th December 27, 1895 Lawrence E. McGann (D) Hugh R. Belknap (R) Lost contested election.
Texas 11 54th April 7, 1896 William H. Crain (D) Rudolph Kleberg (D) Died February 10, 1896.
Missouri 5 54th February 27, 1896 John C. Tarsney (D) Robert T. Van Horn (R) Lost contested election.
Alabama 4 54th March 12, 1896 Gaston A. Robbins (D) William F. Aldrich (R) Lost contested election.
Virginia 5 54th May 2, 1896 William R. McKenney (D) Robert T. Thorp (R) Lost contested election.
Alabama 5 54th April 21, 1896 James E. Cobb (D) Albert T. Goodwyn (P) Lost contested election.
South Carolina 7 54th June 1, 1896 None J. William Stokes (D) Seat declared vacant after election was contested because of Democratic fraud.
New York 8 54th June 2, 1896 James J. Walsh (D) John M. Mitchell (R) Lost contested election.
South Carolina 1 54th June 4, 1896 William Elliott (D) George W. Murray (R) Lost contested election.
Illinois 16 54th June 5, 1896 Finis E. Downing (D) John I. Rinaker (R) Lost contested election.
North Carolina 6 54th June 5, 1896 James A. Lockhart (D) Charles H. Martin (P) Lost contested election.
Alabama 9 54th June 9, 1896 Oscar W. Underwood (D) Truman H. Aldrich (R) Lost contested election.
Louisiana 5 54th June 10, 1896 None Charles J. Boatner (D) Seat declared vacant after election on March 11 was contested.
Georgia 3 54th December 19, 1896 Charles Frederick Crisp (D) Charles R. Crisp (D) Died October 23, 1896.
New York 19 54th January 7, 1897 Frank S. Black (R) Vacant Resigned having been elected Governor of New York.
Kentucky 10 54th February 18, 1897 Joseph M. Kendall (D) Nathan T. Hopkins (R) Lost contested election.
Pennsylvania 25 55th April 20, 1897 James J. Davidson (R) Joseph B. Showalter (R) Died January 2, 1897.
Maine 3 55th June 21, 1897 Seth L. Milliken (R) Edwin C. Burleigh (R) Died April 18, 1897.
Indiana 4 55th December 6, 1897 William S. Holman (D) Francis M. Griffith (D) Died April 22, 1896.
South Carolina 6 55th December 6, 1897 John L. McLaurin (D) James Norton (D) Resigned having been elected U.S. Senator.
Missouri 1 55th June 1, 1897 None James T. Lloyd (D) Representative-elect Richard P. Giles (D) died November 17, 1896.
Illinois 6 55th November 23, 1897 Edward D. Cooke (R) Henry S. Boutell (R) Died June 24, 1897.
Massachusetts 1 55th November 2, 1897 Ashley B. Wright (R) George P. Lawrence (R) Died August 14, 1897.
New York 3 55th December 5, 1897 Francis H. Wilson (R) Edmund H. Driggs (D) Resigned to become Postmaster of Brooklyn, New York.
Alabama 4 55th February 9, 1898 Thomas S. Plowman (D) William F. Aldrich (R) Lost contested election.
Pennsylvania 23 55th November 29, 1898 William A. Stone (R) William H. Graham (R) Resigned having been elected Governor of Pennsylvania.
Virginia 4 55th March 23, 1898 Sydney P. Epes (D) Robert T. Thorp (R) Lost contested election.
Massachusetts 13 55th May 31, 1898 John Simpkins (R) William S. Greene (R) Died March 27, 1898.
Virginia 2 55th April 26, 1898 William A. Young (D) Richard A. Wise (R) Lost contested election.
Mississippi 2 55th July 5, 1898 William V. Sullivan (D) Thomas Spight (D) Resigned having been elected U.S. Senator.
Ohio 19 55th November 8, 1898 Stephen A. Northway (R) Charles W. F. Dick (R) Died September 8, 1898.
Mississippi 6 55th December 12, 1898 William F. Love (D) Frank A. McLain (D) Died October 16, 1898.
New York 34 55th November 10, 1898 Warren B. Hooker (R) Vacant Resigned to become Justice of the New York Supreme Court.
Tennessee 4 55th January 6, 1899 Benton McMillin (D) Vacant Resigned having been elected Governor of Tennessee.
New York 2 55th February 26, 1899 Denis M. Hurley (R) Redistricted to New York 7 Died.
Maine 2 56th June 19, 1899 Nelson Dingley Jr. (R) Charles E. Littlefield (R) Died.
Maine 1 56th November 6, 1899 Thomas Brackett Reed (R) Amos L. Allen (R) Resigned due to intra-party feud that saw him at odds with the foreign policy of President McKinley.
Nebraska 6 56th November 7, 1899 William Laury Greene (Pop) William Neville (Pop) Died.
Ohio 16 56th November 7, 1899 Lorenzo Danford (R) Joseph J. Gill (R) Died June 19, 1899.
Pennsylvania 9 56th November 7, 1899 Daniel Ermentrout (D) Henry D. Green (D) Died September 7, 1899.
Utah at-large 56th April 25, 1900 None[w] William H. King (D) Disputed election (see note).
California 2 56th November 6, 1900 Marion De Vries (D) Samuel D. Woods (R) Resigned upon appointment to the Board of General Appraisers.
Delaware at-large 56th November 6, 1900 John H. Hoffecker (R) Walter O. Hoffecker (R) Died June 16, 1900.
New Jersey 7 56th November 6, 1900 William D. Daly (D) Allan L. McDermott (D) Died July 31, 1900.
Pennsylvania 5 56th November 6, 1900 Alfred C. Harmer (R) Edward de Veaux Morrell (R) Died March 6, 1900.
Maine 4 57th April 8, 1901 Charles A. Boutelle (R) Llewellyn Powers (R) Died.
Pennsylvania 10 57th November 5, 1901 Marriott Brosius (R) Henry B. Cassel (R) Died March 16, 1901.
New Jersey 4 57th June 18, 1902 Joshua S. Salmon (D) De Witt C. Flanagan (D) Died May 6, 1902.
Pennsylvania 17 57th November 4, 1902 Rufus King Polk (D) Alexander Billmeyer (D) Died March 5, 1902.
Oregon 1 58th June 1, 1903 Thomas H. Tongue (R) Binger Hermann (R) Died.
Ohio 16 58th November 3, 1903 Joseph J. Gill (R) Capell L. Weems (R) Resigned October 31, 1903.
Pennsylvania 4 58th November 3, 1903 Robert H. Foerderer (R) Reuben Moon (R) Died July 26, 1903.
Pennsylvania 3 58th February 16, 1904 Henry Burk (R) George A. Castor (R) Died December 5, 1903.
Ohio 14 58th May 19, 1904 William W. Skiles (R) Amos R. Webber (R) Died January 9, 1904.
Ohio 19 58th May 19, 1904 Charles W. F. Dick (R) W. Aubrey Thomas (R) Resigned March 23, 1904, after being elected U.S. Senator.
California 3 58th November 8, 1904 Victor H. Metcalf (R) Joseph R. Knowland (R) Resigned to become U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Labor.
New Jersey 4 58th November 8, 1904 William M. Lanning (R) Ira W. Wood (R) Resigned June 6, 1904 to become Judge of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.
West Virginia 2 59th June 6, 1905 Alston G. Dayton (R) Thomas Beall Davis (D) Resigned to become Judge for the United States District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia.
Nebraska 1 59th July 18, 1905 Elmer Burkett (R) Ernest M. Pollard (R) Resigned to become U.S. Senator.
California 1 59th November 6, 1906 James Gillett (R) William F. Englebright (R) Resigned to become Governor of California.
Georgia 1 59th November 6, 1906 Rufus E. Lester (D) James W. Overstreet (D) Died.
Pennsylvania 2 59th November 6, 1906 Robert Adams Jr. (R) John E. Reyburn (R) Died June 1, 1906.
Pennsylvania 3 59th November 6, 1906 George A. Castor (R) J. Hampton Moore (R) Died February 19, 1906.
Pennsylvania 12 59th November 6, 1906 George R. Patterson (R) Charles N. Brumm (R) Died March 21, 1906.
Pennsylvania 2 60th November 5, 1907 John E. Reyburn (R) Joel Cook (R) Resigned March 31, 1907, after being elected Mayor of Philadelphia.
Maine 2 60th November 3, 1908 Charles E. Littlefield (R) John P. Swasey (R) Resigned to open a corporate law firm.
Maine 4 60th November 3, 1908 Llewellyn Powers (R) Frank E. Guernsey (R) Died.
South Dakota at-large 60th November 3, 1908 William H. Parker (R) Eben Martin (R) Died.
Ohio 21 61st April 20, 1909 Theodore E. Burton (R) James H. Cassidy (R) Resigned March 3, 1909.
Georgia 2 61st February 6, 1910 James M. Griggs (D) Seaborn Roddenbery (D) Died.
Pennsylvania 2 62nd May 23, 1911 Joel Cook (R) William S. Reyburn (R) Died December 15, 1910.
Nebraska 3 62nd November 7, 1911 James P. Latta (D) Dan V. Stephens (D) Died.
New Jersey 1 62nd November 7, 1911 Henry C. Loudenslager (R) William J. Browning (R) Died August 12, 1911.
Pennsylvania 14 62nd November 7, 1911 George W. Kipp (D) William D. B. Ainey (R) Died July 24, 1911.
Pennsylvania 1 62nd July 30, 1912 Henry H. Bingham (R) William Scott Vare (R) Died March 22, 1912.
Vermont 1 62nd July 30, 1912 David J. Foster (R) Frank L. Greene (R) Died.
New Jersey 6 62nd November 5, 1912 William Hughes (D) Archibald C. Hart (D) Resigned September 12, 1912 to become judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Passaic County.
New Jersey 6 63rd July 22, 1913 Lewis J. Martin (D) Archibald C. Hart (D) Died May 5, 1913.
Maine 3 63rd September 9, 1913 Forrest Goodwin (R) John A. Peters (R) Died.
West Virginia 1 63rd October 14, 1913 John W. Davis (D) Matthew M. Neely (D) Resigned to become U.S. Solicitor General.
Georgia 2 63rd November 4, 1913 Seaborn Roddenbery (D) Frank Park (D) Died.
New Jersey 7 63rd April 7, 1914 Robert G. Bremner (D) Dow H. Drukker (R) Died February 5, 1914.
Georgia 10 63rd November 3, 1914 Thomas W. Hardwick (D) Carl Vinson (D) Resigned upon election as United States Senator from Georgia.
New Jersey 9 63rd December 1, 1914 Walter I. McCoy (R) Richard W. Parker (R) Resigned October 3, 1914.
Pennsylvania 24 64th November 2, 1915 William M. Brown (R) Henry W. Temple (R) Died January 31, 1915.
West Virginia 2 64th May 9, 1916 William Gay Brown Jr. (D) George Meade Bowers (R) Died.
California 10 64th November 7, 1916 William Stephens (R) Henry S. Benedict (R) Resigned to become Lieutenant Governor of California.
West Virginia 4 64th November 7, 1916 Hunter Holmes Moss Jr. (R) Harry C. Woodyard (R) Died.
Georgia 8 64th January 11, 1917 Samuel Joelah Tribble (D) Tinsley W. Rucker Jr. (D) Died.
65th Charles H. Brand (D)
South Carolina 5 64th February 21, 1917 David E. Finley (D) Paul G. McCorkle (D) Died.
65th William F. Stevenson (D)
New Hampshire 1 65th May 29, 1917 Cyrus A. Sulloway (R) Sherman Everett Burroughs (R) Died.
North Dakota 1 65th July 10, 1917 Henry Thomas Helgesen (R) John Miller Baer (R) Died.
Pennsylvania 28 65th November 6, 1917 Orrin D. Bleakley (R) Earl H. Beshlin (D) Resigned April 3, 1917.
Georgia 4 65th January 16, 1918 William C. Adamson (D) William C. Wright (D) Resigned upon appointment to the Board of General Appraisers.
New Jersey 5 65th November 5, 1918 John H. Capstick (R) William F. Birch (R) Died March 17, 1918.
Ohio 14 65th November 5, 1918 Ellsworth Raymond Bathrick (D) Martin L. Davey (D) Died December 23, 1917.
Pennsylvania 22 65th March 4, 1919 Edward E. Robbins (R) John H. Wilson (D) Died January 25, 1919.
Alaska Territory at-large 66th June 5, 1919 Disputed[x] George Barnes Grigsby (D) Died during electoral recount.
Oklahoma 5 66th November 8, 1919 Joseph Bryan Thompson (D) John W. Harreld (R) Died September 18, 1919.
New Jersey 1 66th November 2, 1920 William J. Browning (R) Francis F. Patterson Jr. (R) Died March 24, 1920.
Oklahoma 8 66th November 2, 1920 Dick Thompson Morgan (R) Charles Swindall (R) Died July 4, 1920.
Pennsylvania 3 66th November 2, 1920 J. Hampton Moore (R) Harry C. Ransley (R) Resigned January 4, 1920, to become Mayor of Philadelphia.
California 9 67th February 15, 1921 Charles F. Van de Water (R) Walter F. Lineberger (R) Died.
Pennsylvania at-large 67th September 20, 1921 Mahlon M. Garland (R) Thomas S. Crago (R) Died November 19, 1920.
Maine 3 67th March 20, 1922 John A. Peters (R) John E. Nelson (R) Resigned to become judge for the United States District Court for the District of Maine.
Hawaii Territory at-large 67th March 25, 1922 Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana'ole (R) Henry Alexander Baldwin (R) Died.
California 6 67th November 7, 1922 John A. Elston (R) James H. MacLafferty (R) Died.
Illinois at-large 67th November 7, 1922 William E. Mason (R) Winnifred Huck (R) Died June 16, 1921.
Nebraska 1 67th November 7, 1922 C. Frank Reavis (R) Roy H. Thorpe (R) Resigned to become U.S. Assistant Attorney General.
Nebraska 6 67th November 7, 1922 Moses Kinkaid (R) Augustin Reed Humphrey (R) Died.
California 1 68th January 23, 1923 John I. Nolan (R) Mae Nolan (R) Died.
California 10 68th May 1, 1923 Henry Z. Osborne (R) John D. Fredericks (R) Died.
Vermont 2 68th November 6, 1923 Porter H. Dale (R) Ernest Willard Gibson (R) Resigned upon election as United States Senator from Vermont.
North Dakota 2 68th November 4, 1924 George M. Young (R) Thomas Hall (R) Resigned upon appointment to the Board of General Appraisers.
Massachusetts 5 69th June 30, 1925 John Jacob Rogers (R) Edith Nourse Rogers (R) Died.
New Jersey 3 69th November 3, 1925 T. Frank Appleby (R) Stewart H. Appleby (R) Died December 15, 1924.
Kentucky 10 69th February 13, 1926 John W. Langley (R) Andrew J. Kirk (R) Resigned after being convicted of illegally selling alcohol.
California 2 69th August 31, 1926 John Raker (D) Harry Englebright (R) Died.
California 5 69th August 31, 1926 Lawrence Flaherty (R) Richard Welch (R) Died.
Oregon 3 70th October 18, 1927 Maurice Crumpacker (R) Franklin Korell (R) Died.
Ohio 2 70th November 8, 1927 Ambrose E. B. Stephens (R) Charles Tatgenhorst Jr. (R) Died February 12, 1927.
Pennsylvania 1 70th November 8, 1927 James M. Hazlett (R) James M. Beck (R) Resigned October 20, 1927.
Oregon 2 70th November 6, 1928 Nicholas Sinnott (R) Robert Butler (R) Resigned to become judge for the United States Court of Claims.
Pennsylvania 8 70th November 6, 1928 Thomas S. Butler (R) James Wolfenden (R) Died May 26, 1928.
Alabama 2 71st January 9, 1929 William Allan Oldfield (D) Pearl Oldfield (D) Died November 19, 1928.
Pennsylvania 12 71st June 4, 1929 John J. Casey (D) C. Murray Turpin (R) Died May 5, 1929.
Georgia 5 71st October 2, 1929 Leslie Steele (D) Robert Ramspeck (D) Died.
Arkansas 4 71st November 4, 1930 Otis Wingo (D) Effiegene Wingo (D) Died.
Pennsylvania 32 71st November 4, 1930 Stephen G. Porter (R) Edmund F. Erk (R) Died June 27, 1930.
Rhode Island 3 71st November 4, 1930 Jeremiah O'Connell (D) Francis Condon (D) Resigned to become judge for the Rhode Island Superior Court.
Utah 2 71st November 4, 1930 Elmer Leatherwood (R) Frederick Loofbourow (R) Died.
West Virginia 4 71st November 4, 1930 James Hughes (R) Robert Hogg (R) Died.
New York 7 72nd February 17, 1931 John Quayle (D) Matthew V. O'Malley[y] (D). Died November 27, 1930.
Georgia 1 72nd September 9, 1931 Charles Edwards (D) Homer Parker (D) Died.
New York 7 72nd November 3, 1931 Matthew V. O'Malley (D) John J. Delaney (D) Died May 26, 1931.
Ohio 1 72nd November 3, 1931 Nicholas Longworth (R) John B. Hollister (R) Died April 9, 1931.
Ohio 20 72nd November 3, 1931 Charles A. Mooney (D) Martin L. Sweeney (D) Died May 29, 1931.
Pennsylvania 2 72nd November 3, 1931 George Scott Graham (R) Edward L. Stokes (R) Died July 4, 1931.
New Jersey 5 72nd December 1, 1931 Ernest R. Ackerman (R) Percy Hamilton Stewart (D) Died October 18, 1931.
New Hampshire 1 72nd January 5, 1932 Fletcher Hale (R) William Rogers (D) Died.
Georgia 6 72nd March 2, 1932 Samuel Rutherford (D) Carlton Mobley (D) Died.
Pennsylvania 20 72nd April 26, 1932 J. Russell Leech (R) Howard W. Stull (R) Resigned January 29, 1932, after appointment to the U.S. Board of Tax Appeals.
Tennessee 7 72nd August 14, 1932 Edward E. Eslick (D) Willa Eslick (D) Died June 14, 1932.
Georgia 3 72nd November 8, 1932 Charles Crisp (D) Bryant Castellow (D) Resigned upon appointment to the United States Tariff Commission.
Pennsylvania 6 72nd November 8, 1932 George A. Welsh (R) Robert L. Davis (R) Resigned May 31, 1932, after appointment as Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania 18 72nd November 8, 1932 Edward M. Beers (R) Joseph F. Biddle (R) Died April 21, 1932.
Georgia 10 73rd July 5, 1933 Charles Brand (D) Paul Brown (D) Died.
Arizona at-large 73rd October 3, 1933 Lewis Douglas (D) Isabella Greenway (D) Resigned to become director of the Bureau of the Budget.
Pennsylvania 9 73rd November 7, 1933 Henry W. Watson (R) Oliver W. Frey (D) Died August 27, 1933.
West Virginia 3 73rd November 28, 1933 Lynn Hornor (D) Andrew Edmiston (D) Died.
New York 34 73rd December 28, 1933 John D. Clarke (R) Marian W. Clarke (R) Died November 5, 1933.
Vermont at-large 73rd January 16, 1934 Ernest Gibson (R) Charles Plumley (R) Resigned to become United States Senator from Vermont.
Louisiana 6 73rd May 1, 1934 Bolivar Kemp (D) Jared Sanders (D) Died.
Rhode Island 1 74th August 6, 1935 Francis Condon (D) Charles Risk (R) Resigned to become Judge of the Rhode Island Supreme Court.
Ohio at-large 74th November 3, 1936 Charles V. Truax (D) Daniel S. Earhart (D) Died August 9, 1935.
Ohio 11 74th November 3, 1936 Mell G. Underwood (D) Peter F. Hammond (D) Resigned April 10, 1936 to become a Judge for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.
California 5 75th May 4, 1937 Henry Stubbs (D) Alfred Elliott (D) Died.
Pennsylvania 18 75th May 11, 1937 Benjamin K. Focht (R) Richard M. Simpson (R) Died March 27, 1937.
Oklahoma 5 75th December 10, 1937 Robert P. Hill (D) Gomer Griffith Smith (D) Died October 29, 1937.
South Carolina 6 75th September 13, 1938 Allard H. Gasque (D) Elizabeth Gasque (D) Died June 17, 1938.
Ohio 4 75th November 8, 1938 Frank Kloeb (D) Walte