List of special elections to the Minnesota House of Representatives

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This is a list of special elections to the Minnesota House of Representatives. Such elections are called by the governor of Minnesota to fill vacancies that occur when a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives dies or resigns before the biennial general election. Winners of these elections serve the remainder of the term and are usually candidates in the next election for their districts.

General elections are held in November of even numbered years. New Legislatures convene on the first Tuesday following the first Monday of the following year.

List of special elections[edit]

District Legislature Date Predecessor Successor Cause
26A 79th August 1, 1995 Gene Hugoson (R) Bob Gunther (R)
11B 80th November 7, 1997 Ken Otremba (DFL) Mary Ellen Otremba (DFL) Death (cancer).
17A 80th January 6, 1998 LeRoy Koppendrayer (R) Sondra Erickson (R) Resigned to become a member of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.
23A 80th January 20, 1998 Barb Vickerman James Clark (R)
51B 80th January 27, 1998 Doug Swenson (R) Ray Vanderveer (R)
7A 81st November 2, 1999 Willard Munger (DFL) Dale Swapinski (DFL) Death (liver cancer).
12B 82nd November 6, 2001 Steve Wenzel (DFL) Greg Blaine (R) Resigned to become State Director of Rural Development in the United States Department of Agriculture.
47A 82nd March 4, 2002 Darlene Luther (DFL) John Jordan (R) Death (stomach cancer).
40A 83rd February 3, 2003 Dan McElroy (R) Duke Powell (R) Resigned to become Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Finance.
52B 83rd February 11, 2003 Mark Holsten (R) Rebecca Otto (DFL) Resigned to become Deputy Commissioner of Natural Resources.
32B 83rd February 25, 2003 Rich Stanek (R) Kurt Zellers (R) Resigned to become Sheriff of Hennepin County.
18A 83rd December 30, 2003 Tony Kielkucki (R) Scott Newman (R) Resigned following appointment to a position in the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office.[1]
15B 84th December 27, 2005 Joe Opatz (DFL) Larry Haws (DFL) Resigned to become Interim President of Central Lakes College.[2]
28B 85th August 7, 2007 Steve Swiggum (R) Steve Drazkowski (R) Resigned to become Minnesota Commissioner of Labor and Industry.[3]
5B 87th February 15, 2011 Tony Sertich (DFL) Carly Melin (DFL) Resigned following appointment to Commissioner of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board.[4]
61B 87th January 10, 2012 Jeff Hayden (DFL) Susan Allen (DFL) Resigned following election to Minnesota Senate.[5]
14A 88th February 12, 2013 Steve Gottwalt (R) Tama Theis (R) Resigned to become the director of state legislative policy for the Center for Diagnostic Imaging.
19A 88th February 12, 2013 Terry Morrow (DFL) Clark Johnson (DFL) Resigned to become the legislative director for the Uniform Law Commission.
46A 89th November 3, 2015 Ryan Winkler (DFL) Peggy Flanagan (DFL) Resigned to relocate to Belgium.[6]
3A 89th December 8, 2015 David Dill (DFL) Rob Ecklund (DFL) Death (cancer).[7]
50B 89th February 9, 2016 Ann Lenczewski (DFL) Chad Anderson (R) Resigned to join Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P.[8]
32B 90th February 14, 2017 Bob Barrett (R) Anne Neu (R) Ruled ineligible to be a candidate in the 2016 general election by the Minnesota Supreme Court.[9]
23B 90th February 12, 2018 Tony Cornish (R) Jeremy Munson (R) Resigned due to allegations of sexual harassment.[10]
11B 91st March 19, 2019 Jason Rarick (R) Nathan Nelson (R) Resigned after winning a special election to the Minnesota Senate.[11]

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