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A list of medals, prizes, and other awards in the field of sport.

General and miscellaneous[edit]

American football and Canadian football[edit]

Association football[edit]


Australian rules football[edit]

  • AFL Army Award – to players who produce significant acts of bravery or selflessness to promote the cause of their team during a game
  • AFL Rising Star – to a standout young player in the Australian Football League
  • AFL Players Association awards – a group of awards given annually to players in the Australian Football League, voted for by all AFL players
  • All-Australian team – an all-star team of Australian rules footballers selected by a panel at the end of each season
  • Brownlow Medal – to the "fairest and best" player in the Australian Football League during the regular season as determined by votes cast by the officiating field umpires after each game
  • Coleman Medal – to the Australian Football League player who kicks the most goals in regular-season matches in that year
  • Goal of the Year – for the best goal of the season
  • Herald Sun Player of the Year – a media award for the Australian Football League given by Melbourne newspaper the Herald Sun
  • Jock McHale Medal – to the coach of the winning premiership team in the Australian Football League
  • Leigh Matthews Trophy – to the most valuable player in the Australian Football League
  • Lou Richards Medal – to the best player in the Australian Football League as voted on by the Sunday Footy Show panel
  • Mark of the Year – for the best mark of the season. A mark is the action of a player cleanly catching a kicked ball that has travelled more than 15 metres (49 ft) without the ball hitting the ground
  • Michael Tuck Medal – to the "fairest and best" player in the AFL Pre-season Cup Final
  • Norm Smith Medal – given in the AFL Grand Final to the player adjudged by an independent panel of experts to have been the best player in the match

Auto racing[edit]



Beach soccer[edit]




Figure skating[edit]


Horse racing[edit]

Ice hockey[edit]

North America[edit]



Olympic medalists[edit]

Paralympic medalists[edit]

Rugby league[edit]

Rugby union[edit]

Domestic trophies[edit]

International two-team challenge trophies[edit]

IRB Awards[edit]

IRB Awards (includes two awards given by the International Rugby Players' Association as part of the awards program):



Water polo[edit]

Other sports[edit]