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The Boeing B-47 Stratojet is an American jet-engine Strategic Bomber used by the United States Air Force from 1951 until 1977. Of the 2,032 aircraft built, 23 survive today, none of which are airworthy, and all of which are located in the United States.

Surviving aircraft[edit]

Serial Geographic location Institutional location History Photo
46-66 United States Southern California Air Force Flight Test Museum Built at Boeing Seattle as XB-47. The second XB-47 built, after 46-65. First flight 21 July 1948. Test flown at Edwards AFB. In 1954 46-65 was scrapped, making 46-66 the oldest B-47 in existence, and the only surviving XB-47. Previously displayed at the since-closed Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum at the former Chanute AFB, Illinois. Returned to Edwards AFB in 2016. Awaiting funds for restoration.[1]
50-0062 United States Pooler, Georgia Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum Built at Boeing Wichita as B-47B. In 1954 redesignated as TB-47B (test aircraft). Used in 1957 as JTB-47B, and immediately after re-converted to TB-47B. Designated as museum aircraft in 1961 (also redesignated as NTB-47B in 1961[2]). Sent to Florence Air and Missile Museum in 1965. Sent to Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in 1998. Boeing B-47 at Mighty 8th Air Force Museum, Pooler, GA, US.jpg
51-2075 United States Southern California Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB Built as a B-47B. Redesignated EB-47B then JB-47B Jan 1956, TB-47B Feb 1956, and JTB-47B Mar 1956. Subsequently updated and redesignated TB-47B again. Put on display at Air Force Flight Test Center Museum, Edwards, AFB, California. Later put out on bombing range at Edwards AFB to be used a photographic target [3]. Edw-081013-08-r1-8.jpg
51-2120 United States Knob Noster, Missouri Whiteman AFB Built as a B-47B. Operated by SAC's 509 BW.
51-2315 United States Peru, Indiana Grissom Air Museum Built as a B-47B. Observed at Grissom 1996 wearing false serial 20271. However, 51-2315 was in a major accident prior to 1968. 52-0271 was indeed at Bunker Hill AFB (later Grissom AFB), and maybe this plane is actually the real 52-0271? The plane now bears the markings 12135 and a sign says that the plane broke its back on a hard landing at Bunker Hill AFB, which forced its retirement, so it may well be the real 51-2315.[4][5] B-47 Stratobomber P9270541.jpg
51-2360 United States Ogden, Utah Hill Aerospace Museum Built at Boeing Wichita plant as a B-47E. Delivered 10 April 1953. Converted WB-47E. Displayed at New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. Severely damaged during storm. Transferred to Hill AFB in 2002. Currently under restoration.[6] WB-47E.jpg
51-2387 United States Wichita, Kansas Kansas Aviation Museum Built as a B-47E (later converted to a WB-47E). Was on display at Oklahoma City Fair Grounds, Oklahoma City. In 2007 moved to Kansas Aviation Museum.[7] B-47 Stratojet Kansas Aviation Museum Full.jpg
51-7066 United States Seattle, Washington Museum of Flight Built as a B-47E (later converted to a WB-47E). Restored to SAC bomber configuration for display.[8] The Boeing B-47 Stratojet (2131009047).jpg
51-7071 United States Altus, Oklahoma Hightower Park Built as a B-47E. Former 96th Bombardment Wing, Medium aircraft. On display at Hightower Park, Altus, Oklahoma, marked as 520413. Manufacturer's plate shows MSN to be 450595, which may mean that the plane is not 51-7071 but 51-7052.[9]
52-0166 United States Atwater, California Castle Air Museum Built by Douglas-Tulsa as a B-47E. Strategic Air Command operated by the 9th Bombardment Wing, 509th Bombardment Wing, Medium & 40th Bomb Wing, Medium; last used by the United States Navy as a photographic training target at NAWS China Lake, California. Performed the last flight of a B-47 in June 1986 from NAWS China Lake to Castle AFB.[10] Castle Air Museum Boeing B-47.JPG
52-0412 United States Abilene, Texas Dyess AFB Built as a B-47E (later converted to EB-47E); later operated by the US Navy's Fleet Electronic Warfare Support Group(FEWSG) as a Government Owned/Contractor Operated aircraft (with tail # 24120) until retired in 1977. Boeing EB-47E Stratojet, USA - Air Force AN1018959.jpg
52-0595 United States Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock AFB Built as a B-47E.
52-1412 United States Ashland, Nebraska Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum Built at Douglas-Tulsa as a B-47E (later converted to EB-47E). Assigned to the 301st Bombardment Wing, 97th Bombardment Wing, 384th Bombardment Wing, 321st Bombardment Wing, and 70th Bombardment Wing prior to its retirement in 1964. Currently undergoing gradual restoration.[11]
53-2104 United States Pueblo, Colorado Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum Built as a B-47E. Last role was as a TF34 engine testbed designated a NB-47E. Civil registered for delivery flight to Pueblo Memorial Airport in 1979. Was at one time loaned to the Navy as 532104.[12] Boeing B-47E.NB-47E 0-32104 USN Pueblo CO 17.06.90R edited-2.jpg
53-2135 United States Tucson, Arizona Pima Air and Space Museum Built by Douglas-Tulsa as a B-47E (later converted to EB-47E). Sent to Military Aircraft Storage and Disposal Center (MASDC) Dec 8, 1964; now at Pima Air and Space Museum.[13] Formerly operated by the 376th Bombardment Wing, Medium.[14] 52-2135 B47 PIMA (11653133596).jpg
53-2275 United States Riverside, California March Field Air Museum Built as a B-47E. It was used by the USN and was retired to China Lake, California, from where it was moved to March Field Air Museum sometime after 1986. Was once or still known as "Betty-Boop."[15] [16] B-47 nose.jpg
53-2276 United States Bossier City, Louisiana Barksdale Global Power Museum Built as a B-47E (later converted to JB-47E). Former 303rd Bombardment Wing, Medium aircraft. Barksdale Global Power Museum September 2015 01 (Boeing B-47E Stratojet).jpg
53-2280 United States Albuquerque, New Mexico National Museum of Nuclear Science and History Built as a B-47E. In the 1960s this aircraft was used as a test bed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base under the designation JB-47E. It was the first USAF aircraft with a fly-by-wire control system. Transferred to the NMUSAF in 1969 and displayed until 2003. In 2013 it was transferred to the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History in Albuquerque, New Mexico for permanent display.[17] National Museum of Nuclear Science & History B-47.tif
53-2385 United States Plattsburgh, New York Plattsburgh International Airport Built as a B-47E. Plattsburghb47.jpg
53-4213 United States Wichita, Kansas McConnell AFB Built as a B-47E. Operated by Strategic Air Command's 98th Bombardment Wing, Medium & 308th Bombardment Wing, Medium. One of the last B-47s operated at the former Lincoln AFB, Nebraska before departing on 7 December 1965; 53-4213 participated in Operation "Fast Fly" which was the retirement of the last B-47s in USAF service. Was on display at Wichita, Kansas airport 1965–1988. Moved to McConnell AFB, Kansas in 1988.
53-4257 United States Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Tinker AFB Built as a RB-47E (later converted to JRB-47E, then to NRB-47E).[18] B-47 Tinker Air Force Base.jpg
53-4296 United States Valparaiso, Florida Air Force Armament Museum Built as a RB-47H. Former 55th SRW aircraft; returned to duty from MASDC, Davis-Monthan AFB, for tests of F-111 radar system by the Air Force Avionics Laboratory (July 1968). In 1978, was preserved at US Coast Guard Station, Los Angeles. Now at Air Force Armament Museum, Eglin AFB; RB-47 nose and F-111 radome replaced by standard B-47E nose, making it a bastardized configuration.[19] Boeing B-47 Stratojet (5650565366).jpg
53-4299 United States Dayton, Ohio National Museum of the United States Air Force This RB-47H was delivered to the USAF in October 1955. The aircraft served with the 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing from 1955 until its retirement in 1966. It was deployed to several locations, including Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, and Yokota Air Base, Japan. It also flew missions over the former Soviet Union. The aircraft was delivered to the museum in 1998. After extensive restoration by museum personnel, it went on display in 2003, marked as it appeared in 1960.[20] Boeing RB-47H-1-BW Stratojet AboveNose Cold War NMUSAF 26Sep09 (14598208724).jpg

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