List of temporary Interstate Highways

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In 1962, during the extensive construction of the Interstate Highway System, Temporary Interstates were marked as a way to connect two completed freeway sections of Interstate highways.

The Temporary Interstates were signed on mostly surface roads that did not meet Interstate standards. The shields were red, white and blue with the word "TEMPORARY" appearing in the top quarter instead of "INTERSTATE." Most of the Temporary Interstates would later be replaced by Business Loops, such as Temporary I-85 southwest of Greensboro, North Carolina (also signed as US 29, US 70 and, at its southern end, US 52).

Future Interstates, such as I-86 in New York, have become more common in recent years. The shields have "FUTURE" in the top quarter, and are placed along what will eventually become the alignments for the mainline.

Temporary Route Endpoints Also Signed as/Replaced by Years Signed
I-5 Stockton to Sacramento, California SR 99 1973–1980
I-5 Davis to Woodland, California SR 113 1969–1982
I-5 Williams to Willows, California I-5 1968–1971
I-5 Grenada to Hilt, California I-5 1968–1974
I-10 Phoenix to Tonopah, Arizona Buckeye Road, SR 85, Old US 80, Salome Highway, 411th Avenue 1975
I-15 San Diego to Miramar, California I-15 1973–1985
I-15 Escondido to Pala, California I-15 1973–1986
I-15 Sedco Hills to Lake Elsinore, California I-15 1981–1982
I-15 Corona to Mira Loma, California I-15, SR 31 and Hamner Avenue 1981–1990
I-15 Tremonton to Plymouth, Utah I-15 Late 1970s–early 1980s
I-15E Murrieta to Riverside, California I-215 1976–1983
I-40 Luther to Old Fort, North Carolina US 70 1964–1973
I-69 Charlotte to Morrice, Michigan US 27, I-96, US 127, I-496 and I-69 Bus. 1975–1992
I-75 Detroit, Michigan Lafayette Boulevard 1971–1973
I-75 Bay City to Grayling, Michigan US 10 and US 27 1962–1974
I-77 Cayce to DentsvilleWoodfield, South Carolina line I-26, I-20 and SC 277 1986–1996
I-80N Declo, Idaho to Snowville, Utah SR-30, SR-42, and SH-81 1960s–1980
I-85 Lexington to Greensboro, North Carolina I-85 Bus. 1962–1983
I-85 Charlotte to China Grove, North Carolina US 29, US 70 and I-85 Bus. 1963–1974
I-90 Seattle to Bellevue, Washington I-90 1973–1978
I-95 Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, Maryland DC 295 and MD 295 1967–1973
I-105 Eugene, Oregon Washington/Willamette/Jefferson Streets 1968–1973
I-196 Holland to Grandville, Michigan I-196 Bus., US 131 1962–1973
I-280 San Jose to Santa Clara, California SR 17 and I-880 1970–1975
I-505 Vacaville to Dunnigan, California I-505 1964–1979
I-680 San Jose to Fremont, California SR 262, SR 17 and I-880 1970–1975