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Portugal's longest tunnels - in use[edit]

Rossio Tunnel, seen from Rossio Railway Station, Lisbon.
The Faial portal of the Cortado Tunnel
Name Name in Portuguese Location Length Type Year Comment
Metro Lisbon - Blue (Seagull) Line Linha Azul ou Linha da Gaivota Lisbon 14,000 m (45,932 ft) Metro 1959–2007
Metro Lisbon - Yellow (Sunflower) Line Linha Amarela ou Linha do Girassol Lisbon 11,000 m (36,089 ft) Metro 1959–2004
Metro Lisbon - Green (Caravel) Line Linha Verde ou Linha da Caravela Lisbon 9,000 m (29,528 ft) Metro 1972–2002
Metro Lisbon - Red (Orient) Line Linha Vermelha ou Linha do Oriente Lisbon 8,200 m (26,903 ft) Metro 1998–2009
Marão Tunnel Túnel do Marão Serra do Marão mountain range 5,665 m (18,586 ft) Road 2016 Longest road tunnel in Portugal and third longest in the Iberian Peninsula.
Cortado Tunnel Túnel do Cortado Madeira 3,168 m (10,394 ft) Road 2004 Longest road tunnel in Madeira.
Ponta do Sol Tunnel Túnel da Ponta do Sol Madeira 3,167 m (10,390 ft) Road 2004
Encumeada Tunnel Túnel da Encumeada Madeira 2,700 m (8,858 ft) Road 2004
Rossio Tunnel Túnel do Rossio Lisbon 2,613 m (8,573 ft)[1] Railway 1890 Longest railway tunnel in Portugal.
Jardim do Mar Tunnel Túnel do Jardim do Mar Madeira 2,511 m (8,238 ft) Road 2001
Curral das Freiras Tunnel Túnel do Curral das Freiras Curral das Freiras, Madeira 2,383 m (7,818 ft) Road 2004
Caniçal Tunnel Túnel do Caniçal Caniçal, Madeira 2,125 m (6,972 ft) Road 2004
North Tunnel Túnel do Norte Madeira 2,097 m (6,880 ft) Road 2001
Ribeira Brava Tunnel Túnel da Ribeira Brava Ribeira Brava, Madeira 1,806 m (5,925 ft) Road
Gardunha Tunnel Túnel da Gardunha Serra da Gardunha, near Fundão 1,580 m (5,184 ft) Road 1997–2003 Road

Tunnels proposed[edit]

  • Serra da Estrela - an 8,600 m tunnel project


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