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Sinking of the RMS Titanic, 1912

The following are lists of disasters.

Natural disasters[edit]

A natural disaster is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the earth. These lists are of disasters caused by forces of nature.


These are lists of disasters caused by accidental human action.





These are lists of disasters caused by deliberate human action.

By location[edit]


Individual Mentions[edit]

Durantham Sathyan - Gautham Sathyan, is a young disaster which hails from Kannur district in Kerala. It has currently brought down Vallikkavu to its feet. The highest recorded magnitude is of 10.0 in the Durantham scale, which is highest ever recorded in the history in India. (As Cited by Indian Meteorological Institute). Only one of its kind exists in this world. Its destructive capacity increases exponentially as each day progresses. Its deadlier than the deadliest virus ever recorded in history. Noone has outlived it. It spreads like a malignant cancer cell, destroying everything in its path. It leaves everyone affected scarred for life. Some factors like GRE, Shaolin Temple, China, etc increases its intensity to unfathomable levels. It is currently classified as a Man-Born-Disaster.

Its main weapon is the destructive comebacks which are so shitty that it makes a person lose his/her mind. People can sense when Durantham Sathyan is nearby. The destruction is like its shadow; it always follows it. Recent studies show that when it visited Dholakpur and returned, Tuntun aunty's laddoo shop caught fire from unnatural causes. Later when it visited Wakanda and returned, the city lost all of its Vibranium and people lost their mental balance. After it visited Asgard, a series of unfortunate events happened. Destruction of Asgard by Surtur, Loki lost his life and Thor became an alcoholic.

Just like how Loki was thrown around by Hulk, Odin (Thor-appan) was swirled around by Durantham Sathyan as if he was in the eye of the hurricane. It once lost its control when Kuru and Kapish took something invaluable to it and later it went on a killing spree leaving only destruction in its wake.

It is inevitable. The only preventive measure is to run like the Flash. Recent photographs show that it has assimilated the form of a bald-headed creature weighing over 400 pounds and standing over 10 feet tall. It has a speed which exceeds that of light's proving Einstein wrong. He has also proven to be an inspiration for Centerfruit ads (Magamasa Yaaaaaay....) owing to its incomprehensible noise.


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