Loch Derculich

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Loch Derculich
Frozen Loch Derculich - geograph.org.uk - 1748060.jpg
Frozen Loch Derculich
Loch Derculich is located in Perth and Kinross
Loch Derculich
Loch Derculich
Coordinates56°40′22″N 3°51′16″W / 56.6727°N 3.8545°W / 56.6727; -3.8545Coordinates: 56°40′22″N 3°51′16″W / 56.6727°N 3.8545°W / 56.6727; -3.8545
Typefreshwater loch
River sourcesDerculich Burn
Max. length0.804 km (0.500 mi)[1]
Max. width0.402 km (0.250 mi)[1]
Surface area39.9 ha (99 acres)[2]
Average depth25 ft (7.6 m)[1]
Max. depth70 ft (21 m)[1]
Water volume108,333,000 cu ft (3,067,600 m3)[1]
Shore length13.3 km (2.1 mi) [2]
Surface elevation367 m (1,204 ft)[2]
Max. temperature55 °F (13 °C)
Min. temperature47 °F (8 °C)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Loch Derculich is a freshwater loch in central highlands of Scotland, in Perth and Kinross.[1][2] Loch Tummel is located three miles to the north.[3]


Evidence of Shieling huts in two groups are visible from oblique aerial photography, that consist of two groups in either side of a gully on the South of Loch Derculich. A trackway runs to the SW of the huts. What may be a hut-circle lies beside a more modern track to the north-east of the huts.[4]


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