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The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) operates six rail lines as part of its Metro Rail system. This system includes 4 light rail lines and 2 heavy rail lines.

Metro's heavy rail lines (the Red and Purple Lines) run 75-foot (22.86 m) electric multiple unit cars, powered by electrified third rail. These trains typically run in six-car consists. All of Metro's heavy rail cars are A650's built by AnsaldoBreda in Italy.

Metro's light rail lines (the Blue, Green, Gold, & Expo Lines) utilize 87-foot (26.52 m) articulated double-ended cars, powered by overhead catenary lines. Trains run in sets of 1 to 3 cars, as needed.

Rail vehicles[edit]

Current fleet[edit]

Manufacturer Model Picture Year Built Years in service Fleet Numbers Quantity Purchased Line of Operation Assigned to Division
Breda A650 Ansaldobreda A650.jpg 1991–1992 1993–present 501–530 30 Red/Purple[a] 20
Nippon Sharyo P2020 Expo & Crenshaw Expo Line Station 2.JPG 1994–1995 1995–present 154–168 15 Blue/Expo[b] 11 (Formerly 22)
Siemens P2000 Harbor Fwy Station-11.JPG 1996–1999 1996–present 201–250 50 Green 16/22
Metrorail-go1.jpg Blue/Expo[1][c] 11/14 (Formerly 21)
LACMTA Metro Gold Line at South Pasadena.jpg 301–302 2
Breda A650 Purple Line train on Wilshire-Western line.jpg 1996–2000 1997–present 531–604 74 Red/Purple 20
AnsaldoBreda P2550 Metro Gold Line Breda P2550.jpg 2006–2011 2007–present 701–750 50 Gold[1][d] 21
Kinkisharyo P3010 Kinki Sharyo P3010 1.jpg 2014–2018 2014–present 1001–1235 235 Blue, Expo, Gold, Green & Crenshaw/LAX 11/14, 16/22, 21/24
CRRC Corporation HR4000 2020–2021 future TBA 64 (218 options) Red, Purple[e] 20

Retired fleet[edit]

Manufacturer Model Picture Year Built Years in service Fleet Numbers Quantity Purchased
Nippon Sharyo P865 Jefferson & USC Expo Line Station 2.JPG 1989–1990 1990–2018 100–153 54

Rail facilities[edit]

Current rail facilities[edit]

Rail vehicles are maintained at several facilities across Los Angeles County.

Division Line Location
11 Blue Line[5] North Long Beach, near Santa Fe Avenue and Del Amo Bulevard, alongside the Los Angeles River and I-710
14 Expo Line Santa Monica, on Stewart Street near Olympic Blvd, west of Bundy station
16 Crenshaw/Green Line[6] Westchester, on Arbor Vitae Street northeast of the LAX
20 Red/Purple Lines[7] Downtown Los Angeles, on Santa Fe Avenue near 4th Street, alongside the Los Angeles River
21 Gold Line Downtown Los Angeles, adjacent to Elysian Park, between Lincoln-Cypress and Chinatown stations, alongside the Los Angeles River
22 Crenshaw/Green Line[8] Lawndale, near Aviation Blvd. and Rosecrans Avenue
24 Gold Line Monrovia just south of the I-210 Freeway

Planned rail facilities[edit]

Metro is planning to build new rail facilities over the next few years.

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  1. ^ The A650 vehicles are based on the Universal Transit Vehicle that was manufactured by the Budd Company between 1983 and 1986; some of these vehicles will be replaced by the HR4000 series from 2021 onward.
  2. ^ The P2020 vehicle was originally purchased for the Green Line, and although carrying a different model number than the P865 they are nearly identical, except for the difference in age. These cars were added to the Metro Blue Line in 2000.
  3. ^ Car 243 sustained burns from an accident on September 21, 2007 while operating on the Gold Line but has returned to service onto the Green Line.
  4. ^ As of March 6, 2010, cars 701, 704–731, 736, and 737 have been delivered and are in service.[2][3]
  5. ^ 64 cars ordered in March 2017 at cost of $647 million, with options for up to 282 additional cars. Will be used in Red and Purple Line service, with deliveries taking place in 2020 and 2021.[4]


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